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            Wilhelmina Harker stood as if in a trance, staring at the empty place on the wall where Dorian Gray's portrait once hung. 'Lust…' she reminded herself for the millionth time. 'I never loved Dorian… I lusted after him… there's a difference…' Still, she couldn't help but miss him. Her thoughts were cut short when someone brushed by her. She turned around and saw no one. "Put some clothes on Skinner," she said almost mechanically. She said that often in the course of the last few months. In fact, those five words had become constants in everyone's vocabulary while they were living aboard the Nautilus. It was Skinner's favorite game to sneak around, pestering the crew and the rest of the League.

            Mina turned her attention back to the empty spot on the wall and sighed. Part of her wished she'd protested when it was suggested the League stay in Dorian's old mansion while they were in London. Sometime during their recent travels, a record was delivered to the Nautilus. After their previous experience with strange records, the last thing Nemo wanted was to put his "Lady" in danger again. They had held a meeting, discussing the record and what to do about it…

*   *   *

            "Don't mess with it 'til we're on land again, and well out of harm's way," Tom Sawyer said, shuddering as he recalled their previous encounter with a strange record and a lot of bombs. "That's my suggestion."

            Nemo agreed readily, as did the rest of the League and the few crewmembers present. "We will put into port as soon as possible."  Nemo said, beckoning one of the crew to him. "What is the nearest port?"

            The man checked a few maps. "London, cap'n," he replied.

            Nemo raised a dark brow. "London?"

            Dr. Jekyll quickly protested. "I can't go back to London. I… well, Hyde," he cringed slightly at the name, "Well, we are wanted men."

            "Certainly there must be some solution," Mina put in.

            "Hey, I got it. What about Gray's old place?"

*   *   *

            Sawyer's suggestion seemed reasonable enough. Dorian had paid off the building years ago, and Skinner could easily pick the lock and get them inside. The mansion was spacious and comfortable, and next to the water – the perfect location really. Mina, however, had gone silent at Sawyer's idea. Jekyll had asked if she had any objections, and she managed a good strong "no." Now that they were here, now that she was here, staring at the blank, dusty wall, she wasn't sure if she could manage. She shook her head harshly. 'Lust… not love…' she told herself again. 'I loved Jonathan, I didn't love Dorian…'


            Mina turned sharply. Dr. Jekyll, clad in his usual neat suit and tie, was standing at the top of the stairs leading to the library.

            "Are you all right?" He asked gently, stepping down a few stairs.

            "I'm fine Henry," she replied shortly. Jekyll had been her self-appointed caretaker since the League left Kenya, and, though she didn't want to admit it, she enjoyed the doctor's company. He reminded her of Jonathan in some ways. Like the way he looked at her… She shook her head again, brushing her feelings aside for the moment.

            "They're getting ready to play that record," he said, offering her a hand, "Shall we?"

            "I can manage, thank you." Mina swept past him. She didn't mean to be rude, but she had so many things on her mind, the last thing she needed right now was a distraction.

            Jekyll slid his hands into his pockets and sighed. Just when he thought he was getting closer, Mina would push him away. He couldn't blame her, though. She had her own demons to deal with, and he had his. He felt someone brush past him, going up the stairs. Jekyll issued another sigh, "Put some clothes on Skinner."

*   *   *

            The library was still somewhat chaotic after their hasty clean up the last time they were there. Papers still lay strewn about the floor, along with the occasional book or random plate of armor, left by M's gunmen. Mina took a seat in the arm of Dorian's old chair, in which Tom was currently sitting. "Ready?" He asked, cautiously placing the needle on the record. There was static for a moment, then a voice, loud and clear.

            "Ah, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. You are a difficult bunch to track down but I've found you…"

            Tom gaped. He knew that voice…

            "… I do wish I were there to see the look on your young American friend's face. Thought I was dead, didn't you?" The voice chuckled, as if the owner of it could see Tom's flabbergasted expression. "Well, obviously I'm not, and now all that was M's is mine! You won't be able to stop me… stop me… stop me… stop me…" The record began skipping furiously, like a badly placed dramatic echo.

            Tom shut off the skipping record; he didn't want to hear another word. Four pairs of eyes stared at him curiously.

            "Well, Tom?" Everyone seemed to ask at once. "Who was it?"

            "Sanderson Reed."

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