From Slayer to Witch

Summary: Giles and Willow attempt to do a very old spell but due to Buffy's untimely arrival, the spell which was meant for Giles hits Buffy instead and she is sent spiraling off to another place and time. The place: Hogwarts. The time: the Marauder's 7th year.

Timelines: This takes place after Season 3, directly after the episode "Graduation Day Part.2 ". For the Harry Potter characters it takes place in 1978, the Marauder's 7th and final year at Hogwarts. R&R.

Pairings: I'm still deciding so if anybody wants to see Buffy paired up with a special person that they have in mind tell me and I'll certainly consider it.

Disclaimer: I am disclaiming my fic once, and I am not gonna say it again in the other chapters, so listen (or look) closely. I do not own Buffy or any of the characters in the Buffyverse; they belong to their creator Joss Whedon. I also do not own any of the characters in the Harry Potter universe. They belong to their creator, J.K Rowling. Go Joss and J.K! You guys rock my world, though I am disappointed in Joss for ending Buffy. Anybody with me when I say Buffy did not end well? I mean the whole potential slayers becoming real slayers thing is a good idea and with a good idea comes a whole bunch of really good plots and episodes. Just for the record, I'm also disappointed in J.K for not writing fast enough and for planning to write only two more books.

I'm done rambling here so without further rambling I present to you the first chapter of my first Btvs/ Hp fic. Enjoy! (I hope.)

Now You See Her, Now You Don't

Ring. Ring.

Buffy's phone interrupted what had so far proved to be a very sweet dream having something to do with a vacation somewhere on a sunny beach far, far away from Sunnydale and all its problems.

Ring. Ring.

Buffy groaned as she reached for the phone.

"Hello?" she said sleepily.

"Hey Buff. What's up?"

"Oh, hey Willow," said Buffy, immediately recognizing her best friend's voice. " What ever happened to not waking me up till college time?"

" I woke you up?" said Willow incredulously, " Buffy it's nearly noon."

"Shit." Said Buffy, "it's even earlier than I thought. I was planning to snooze all day. After a hard night of slaying I deserve it." That was entirely true. As a slayer Buffy tended to have a slightly different sleep schedule than most others.

" So how'd the slaying go?" asked Willow.

" Okay, some vampires who knew about the whole Ascension thingy were throwing this party to celebrate. Unfortunately for them they didn't hear in time that it was a no go so I crashed the party." Replied Buffy. " Other than that, things were pretty quiet. So what's going on with you?"

" Well" said Willow. Buffy could practically hear Willow grinning on her end of the phone.

"Something's up" said Buffy." Spill."

" Spill what?" asked Willow in mock innocence.

"Whatever you're keeping from me." Said Buffy.

"Oz and I made love a couple of days ago." Said Willow.

"Congratulations!" said Buffy. " How come you didn't tell me sooner?"

" There wasn't a way to bring it up with the Ascension and the whole Angel ordeal." The minute the words were out of Willow's mouth, she regretted it. Buffy had suddenly become quiet. Angel's leaving was a really sore spot with her these days. " I'm sorry Buffy, I forgot-

Buffy took a deep breath. " It's okay. It's not like I didn't know he was planning to leave."

" But it still hurt, huh?" said Willow genuinely.

"Yeah." Admitted Buffy, " but I'm getting over it." She lied. Truth be told, she didn't know if she'd ever be able to get over Angel and move on with her life. She had accepted the fact that she and Angel could never be together but she doubted that she'd ever be able to find somebody that made her feel like Angel did.

Willow knew Buffy too well to be fooled but she sensed that Buffy was reluctant to discuss it and Willow knew better than to push her. When Buffy was ready she'd talk but not a moment sooner. " I guess."

" Anyway, you got any plans for today?" asked Buffy wanting to change the subject.

"Plans? Oh my gosh!" gasped Willow, " I completely forget. That's why I called."

" Really?" asked Buffy excitedly, " is there a shoe sale at the mall?"

Willow chuckled, " No silly. Actually Giles called this morning. He-

" Is there a new demon on the loose?" interrupted Buffy.

" I highly doubt it." Willow responded.

" Then what?" Said Buffy, completely out of ideas.

" Honestly I don't know the whole deal." Said Willow, " but Giles called this morning and said that he wants me and you to meet him at this apartment this afternoon."

" At his apartment?" echoed Buffy.

" Well, we'd usually meet at the school library but there is no school so there is no library to meet at." Explained Willow.

" And do what?" asked Buffy.

" He didn't exactly say." Admitted Willow, " however he was very excited about something. He found an old spellbook he wants us to see. What was it called? It was something really weird. Oh yeah, Libellus ada Priudis or something like that."

" So what does that have to do with us?" asked Buffy cautiously.

" He wants me to do a spell." Said Willow.

"Oh." Said Buffy carefully, Willow was a Wiccaan witch and though she was definitely getting better, her spells usually did not work the way they should. " What's that have to do with me?"

" I'm not sure." Said Willow, " I think he wants you to help."

" What's he gonna be doing?" asked Buffy.

" The spell's supposed to be directed at him so he won't be able to help if I need it." Answered Willow.

" Can't he get somebody else to help?" asked Buffy anxiously.

" Nope. Xander is leaving for his road trip today. Oz is out of town, and Cordelia's too busy fawning over Wesley. So you're the only one's whose left." Said Willow.

" Do I have to?" asked Buffy.

"You got other plans?" countered Willow.

"No," sighed Buffy, "Alright. Come over in a couple of hours and then we'll head over there."

"A couple of hours?" said Willow, "Buff, I told Giles we'd be there in half an hour. An hour tops."

"Fine." Said Buffy, "You head over there now, and I'll meet you there in a couple of hours."

" What are you planning to do?" asked Willow.

"Me?" said Buffy, "I'm going back to sleep."


"Giles, are you sure this is safe?" asked Willow anxiously for the hundredth time.

She was sitting with Giles in his living room. Around her were various magic ingredients and on her lap was a very big, very old, very heavy spellbook.

"Yes, of course Willow." He replied absently. He looked at the clock. "Where is Buffy?"

"On her way, I think." Said Willow.

"You said the same thing half an hour ago!" said Giles glaring at her.

"Well, Buffy's not known for being punctual." Said Willow.

"You can say that again." Muttered Giles as he looked as his watch again. "We'll have to start without her. I was hoping she'd be here to help you out in case anything went wrong. Not that anything is going to go wrong." He added hurriedly when he saw the look on Willow's face. "I just thought it would be interesting for her to be here."

"Right." Said Willow, "Why are you in such a hurry, if I may ask?"

"Because this spell can only be preformed when the planets are aligned. This formation only lasts an hour and happens once every year and according to my watch, we only have thirty eight minutes left of that hour to do the spell and the spell takes over twenty minutes to complete." He said. "So we really need to begin."

"You so owe me for this." said Willow with a sigh," Let's do it. But let it be known that if anything does go wrong, I warned you. Now explain one last time what the spell is supposed to do and then we can start."

Giles took off his glasses and wiped them. Willow had a feeling he was trying to avoid looking her in the eye. "If the spell works properly, which it hopefully will, it will open up a portal that will send me back in time once there I have a few things I need to do."

"Define 'things'." Willow said suspiciously.

"You'll know when I get back." Giles replied mysteriously.

"How are you planning to get back?" she asked.

"The book used to belong to one of my old friends. He'll have it with him. When I'm done doing what I have to do, I'll get him to reverse the spell."

"I have such a bad feeling about this." Said Willow.

"Trust me, nothing's going to go wrong. Now start reciting the first incantation just like I taught you." Insisted Giles.

Willow rolled her eyes and did as she was told. The spell was the most complicated she had ever done yet. It was divided into three parts, the first part being the hardest since it was in Cardeicus; an old extinct language that Willow had never heard of and according to Giles it was a cross between Latin and Gaelic. Thankfully the other two parts were in English and much easier to recite.

Despite of all of Willow's worries everything went smoothly and when she was finished with the spell there was a portal in front of them.

"Wow." Willow said, in an awestruck voice. "It worked."

"I told you it would." Giles said, but the evident relief on his face should that he too had been a bit worried. "Well, I have to get some things and hurry, the portal's not going to stay open forever."

"We're going to miss you Giles." Said Willow.

"With some luck I'll be back before you realize that I'm gone." Said Giles as he went to his room to get his things.

Just then there was a crash that caused Willow to jump but before she could say anything she heard Buffy call, "Sorry about that, Giles!"

"Buffy, what happened?" asked Willow.

Buffy walked into the living room. " That's what I should be asking you. I've been ringing the doorbell for like the past hour. Well ok, about ten minutes really."

"Uh hu, let me guess the rest. You got annoyed so you gave the door a swift kick and with you being the slayer and having super strength you blew it off its hinges." Said Willow with a grin.

" Something like that." Said Buffy looking round the room. " Aww, you guys started without me!"

" No, we finished without you." Said Willow as she began cleaning up the room. " But you can help me clean up."

" As if." Snorted Buffy. " Where's Giles?"

" In his room getting some things he needs for the trip." Answered Willow, not looking up from where she was on the floor packing away the stuff they'd used. If she had looked up she would have seen Buffy start walking towards the portal and she would have seen Buffy get sucked into the vortex. As she didn't, she only turned around when she heard a surprised yelp.

" Buffy?" asked Willow, confused.

But Buffy was nowhere to be seen.


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