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darkstorm5000: Actually, her mental block is an inherited trait- she got it from her mom (more about her later, Juliet's family is pretty messed up, especially her mother). As for the 'alien invaders' thing, well, Juliet isn't from Earth, that's for sure. As for someone looking for her, how'd you guess? Are –you- a telepath or something? But that won't happen for a while, there's plenty more to get sorted out first. Glad you like my fic so much!

Author's Notes: If you think Juliet is a bit too smart for a little kid, take this into account: Juliet is a member of an advanced alien race, one that matures at a different rate than humans. Typical people of her race start their equivalent of grade school at age 2, finishing at age 14, and then they go on to college/ apprenticeship for 2-5 years. Also, her race has no pollution, they have an enormous surplus of food, and they haven't had a civil war in 4,000 years. Back home, Juliet would be considered very uneducated, actually.


Juliet followed Rehana down the hallway. She was feeling a lot better than she had been a few days ago; thanks to the medicines the fuzzy- spirit (she had heard the other spirits call him Hank) had been giving her. She could get up and walk around now, and her lungs didn't hurt as much. She still had to keep the cast on her arm, but she knew that her bones were healing and she could take it off soon. She had learned a lot about healing when she had lived with her Aunt Nadia, that's for sure.

Rehana was taking her to see the man in the metal chair. 'He's so interesting! I've never seen a metal chair like his! And his head, it's so shiny! Why doesn't he have hair? I've never seen anyone like that, either. So strange! But he is very nice. I am starting to think I am not in the spirit-world after all, though. Now that I think more upon it, their language is like that one Elerie and her friends used, what was it called? Oh, yes, English, a human language.' Besides, it didn't feel like the spirit world, not at all. She had been told that the spirit world was full of happiness and joy, and while she sensed these feelings here, she also sensed pain, sadness, and fear, which had no place in the spirit world. 'I think that I am in the world of the humans. Yes, that is where I am. But I will still call the lady who looks like my father's clan- spirit Rehana. After all, it is fine for a person to have more than one name.'

She walked into the office. The metal-chair-man gestured toward an armchair that looked very squishy and comfortable, and Juliet sat down. Rehana also took a seat. Hank and the other blue man, the one Rehana called Kurt, were sitting in chairs on the other side of the room. Juliet liked Kurt, he made Rehana smile and laugh, and he was very nice. The red- eyes man wasn't there, but it was okay because Juliet didn't like him very much. He never smiled. The shaggy-bear-man was there, and Rogue. Juliet waved at Rogue. 'Rogue is nice. I'm so glad Rehana took me to meet her, I like her a lot. She reminds me of Elerie, but sadder. And she has pretty eyes like Zenobia and Aunt Nadia. Too bad that she can't touch people without hurting them. She told me that it will hurt, what we're going to do now, but it can't be worse than what Mata did to me, nuh-uh!'

Everyone spoke. Juliet knew that they were deciding if it was the best choice. It had been her idea, actually. She was frustrated with them not being able to understand her. It wasn't her fault she'd never been to school, so she couldn't speak English or anything but the language of her people. 'I wonder if it will hurt Rogue? I know she gets people's memories, does she feel their pain, too? I don't want her to be hurt because of me; I've caused enough trouble as it is. That's why I had to leave Jeinar, so that Aunt Nadia and Erren wouldn't get hurt, and that's why I couldn't live with Elerie or Zenobia, because then they'd get hurt. That's why I couldn't stay with my family.'


"Hank, are you sure she's well enough to go through with this?" Storm asked.

"Nothing's sure with her, Ororo, you know that. But it was her idea to do this."

"Seems pretty sharp for a kid," Logan commented.

"I believe that the decision is Juliet and Rogue's. Juliet has conveyed to me that she understands the risks, and that she deems it the best way for us to be able to understand her," Xavier said.

"I don't want to hurt her, she's just a little kid," Rogue protested. She turned to Juliet. "Are ya sure this is a good idea?" Juliet looked at her quizzically as she processed the words in her mind, blinked, then nodded vigorously. "All right, then." She took a deep breath, removed her glove, and placed her hand on Juliet's face.


It did hurt, at first. She felt her memories copying themselves and flowing out of her mind into Rogue's. It was the strangest thing she had ever felt, but there wasn't much pain, that is, until the memories hit. It seemed like she was reliving everything that ever happened to her. Mata's curses and blows, Elerie's hugs, Sandra singing to her, the time she had caught Erren and Hisperia kissing in the gardens, the day she had run away from Queen's Citadel, every single thing. The mental anguish was excruciating, her brain raced with trying to keep up with everything until it just gave up, and the flood of memories was replaced with dreams as she passed out.


[i] "Let that be a lesson to you, you good-for-nothing thief!" "Please don't tell anyone you caught us kissing, Juliet, Hisperia would never hear the end of it from her friends." "How could you betray me like that? I should have killed you at birth, like you deserved!" "I'll always be there for you, Juliet, you know that. We're family, and I love you, baby sister." "I thought slavery was illegal in Harpja." "Have mercy! She's just a child, what did she do wrong?" "You were never meant to be born. You were a mistake, the result of too much wine and a festival." "Juliet, save me!" "Two houses, both alike in dignity, in fair Verona where we make our scene..." [/i]

The voices swirled in Rogue's head as she absorbed Juliet's memories. So much pain, so much sadness in so short a life. She pulled away as Juliet passed out, the young girl's head hitting the arm of the chair with a muffled "whump".


Next chapter: Rogue and Juliet sort through the memories, and the X-Men get quite a few surprises.

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