Chapter 1

Haley James slammed the door to her apartment in an attempt to release the immense amount of frustration running through her blood.

"Bad day?" Brooke asked peeking her head above the couch.

Haley fell into her best friend and roommate's arms.

"That's the world's biggest understatement. I swear I'm going to go insane before this is all over."

"I already told you how to fix it."

"And I told you I'm not going to call off my wedding just because my future mother in-law is the rudest, most arrogant, self-righteous person I've ever met."

"Then do it because your future husband is a boring dud."

Haley sighed. "The maid of honor is suppose to comfort the bride, not add to her problems."

"I know, but Haley…"


"Fine. You're marrying him, but tell me why again, because I always forget."

"I'm marrying Steven because he's respectable. His father's helped me get where I am today, and he's incredible kind. We never fight, and he's cute."

"You don't fight, because he's boring. No one describes their lover as respectable, or cute, for that matter. Which means that basically, you're marrying him for his money."

"No. I'm marrying him because…"

"You want to lead the world's most boring life?" Haley got up and walked into the kitchen, tired of listening to Brooke. "I'm sorry Hales, but he's so not right for you."

"No, Brooke, he's not right for you. He's perfect for me."

"He's perfect for your career, Haley. Leave him a the office with all the rest of that boring reporter crap you do."

"I wouldn't marry him for that."

"Then why didn't you say you were marrying him because you love him?" Brooke questioned.

"Look, let's not talk about this anymore. There's a reason you're my best friend you know?"

"Of course, I'm amazingly gorgeous, super charming, and the most talented twenty five year old you've ever met."

"No, because you always know how to create a distraction."

Brooke smiled widely. "You're going to let me create a distraction for you?"

"Not if you don't stop making that face. I just, I need one night to let loose, and then I can spend the rest of my life as Mrs. Steven Williamsburg III."

Brooke made a disgusted face. "I'm still not set on the whole wife thing, but the distraction I can handle."


"Now get your butt in the shower, while I figure out what we're doing tonight." Brooke watched with a sly grin as Haley went into her room. 'Maybe I'll get lucky, and find something to make Haley forget about dull dude altogether," Brooke thought.