At the Beginning With You

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Chapter 2: Vamp Attack

Buffy looked at the boy who was staring into the fire. Trying to understand what was going on. She then ignored the boy and stamped out the fire. He protested and went to push Buffy away when Faith pushed him back. He fell over the box and scrapped his arms up. Buffy looked at Faith angrily and she muttered an apology.

When they had smothered the fire, they turned to look at the boy. His eyes were narrowed and angry.

"Why did you put out my fire?" questioned the boy.

"Fires equal bad things. Bad things aren't friends." explained Buffy.

"This one was!"

Harry could not believe that two random women had come and put out his fire. He also couldn't believe the dark-haired one's strength. He had been pushed so hard. He stood up and moved to hit the one who told him fires were bad.

However, his punch never connected because the blond one caught it in her closed palm. "Ok, what's with the violence here?" she asked.

"You bitch. Can't a person burn something in peace?"

The dark-haired one chose that moment to speak. "Listen kid, I know you're angry, right now, but fires are bad. You could have hurt yourself."

"No, I have you to thank for that." Harry spat.

"Faith, your not getting anywhere with this bad ass attitude." prodded Buffy.

"Like your way was working Buffy," retorted Faith.

Buffy glared at Faith and let the boy go. He backed away a couple of feet and looked at the both of them.

"Who are you? I don't think a teenager should be walking around late at night." Buffy continued.

"My name is Harry. I'm 16 years old and I can do whatever the hell I want to do. Which involves talking walks at night."

"Ok, Harry, you may be 16, but regardless of your age there are muggers and rapists out on the streets." Faith explained.

"I'll be fine."

"I doubt that. You never know what is around the corner. Something could hurt you or even kill you. I don't think your family wants you out this late anyway." Buffy reasoned.

"I don't have a family." Harry spat.

"Well you had to come from some house. Normal homeless people don't look as clean as you do."

"Fine, I'll go home. Just don't follow me. You two are really starting to freak me out."

Buffy stared at Harry and then said, "Agreed, just don't start anymore fires ok?"

Harry nodded, eager to get away. He turned on his heel and walked swiftly away from them. As he made a turn towards his street, he heard something behind him. He arched his shoulders and turned around to tell off the person behind him when he was tackled down to the ground. He felt the thing that had tackled him, leave his back, yet darkness overcame him and he passed out.

Buffy and Faith were about to return back to Giles' when they heard a set of heavy footsteps heading in the direction Harry went. They decided that whatever was following him couldn't be very good.

They moved softly after the footsteps. When they rounded a corner, they saw Harry walking down the street. They saw a cluster of strange shapes make their way towards him.

Faith and Buffy shared a look before Faith sprinted ahead and tackled Harry down just before one of the shadow producing things had gotten him. Faith got off and turned back towards them.

Faith and Buffy just laughed. It was a clan of vampires. Faith counted at least 6. They both pulled out stakes and said, "Come and get it boys."

The vamps look at them and laugh. A muscular one steps forward and grunts, "You really think you can take us all on?"

"Well, what do you think? I mean here we are just two helpless girls. But then again…" began Faith.

"We're up to the challenge." finished Buffy.

The group of vamps rushed them, half went to Buffy, and the others attacked Faith.

Faith had to suppress a grin as she took on her vamps at once. As she swung, she sang, "You'd said we'd never get this far, You said your words, we've played our parts, Said your two cents now, It's my turn, So, sit down, shut up, Are you ready, So, you think you know how this story goes, Are you ready for this?"

"Sit down, are you ready for this? Shut up, are you ready for this? Stand up, are you ready for this? This game, Are you ready?" (A/N: imagine with each statement, sit down, stand up, Faith shoves and picks up her vamp.)

As she started the chorus for the last time, she staked two vamps as she pulled them up.

"Sit down, are you ready for this? Shut up, are you ready for this? Stand up, are you ready for this? This game, Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready for this? Sit down, are you ready for this? Shut up, are you ready for this? Stand up, are you ready for this? This game, Are you ready for this?" She looked up at the remaining vamp and smirked. "So are you still confident now?"

The vamp growled and ran at her. Faith just rolled her eyes, as she sidestepped him and thrust her stake into his back, reducing him to dust. She turned to see Buffy had dispatched of two of the vamps on her and the third one had her in a headlock.

Faith looked at Buffy and moved to help her, but Buffy shook her head and snapped her leg around and kicked the vamp in the groin. He released the hold he had on Buffy allowing her to ram the stake back into the vamp.

They both stood and looked at each other. Buffy smiled at her and said, "Well that was extremely easy."

"Are we complaining B? I could have left the three I had to you."

"I doubt that Faith, you enjoy getting off on it to much."

"Too true."

"What should we do about Harry? I mean we can't leave him there all unconscious and stuff."

"I think our best bet would be to take him back with us." Faith opted looking at Harry's still form.

"Yeah, and tell him what exactly? A group of vampires were after you so we knocked you out and brought you here to safety?" Buffy questioned.

"That's absurd. He's not going to believe that." Faith argued.

"Then what are we supposed to do?"

"I have no idea. I guess we have to take him with us."

Faith then moved over to where she had knocked Harry down, bent down and picked him up. Buffy nodded once it was accomplished. They then made their way back towards Giles' flat.

When they got back, they saw everyone had fallen asleep. Willow and Tara were curled up on the patio chair, Dawn and Giles had fallen asleep while watching Dracula: Dead and Loving It, and Xander was just walking in the door.

Faith quickly set Harry down on the lounge chair and walked over to the kitchen to get something to eat. Buffy looked at Xander and held her finger to her lips telling him to be quiet. She then followed Faith into the kitchen, Xander not a minute behind her.

"Who is that? Since when do we bring people back from patrol?" Xander questioned.

"His name is Harry. He was the target for a vamp attack. Faith took the liberty of knocking him to sleepy land." Buffy explained while opening a low-fat yogurt.

"Faith why did you knock him out?"

"He was about to get attacked by massive amounts of vamps. I had to do it to prevent his emanate doom." Faith explained digging into a couple of apples.

"Whatever, what are we going to tell him when he awakens."

"Beats me."

Willow awoke to a soft rain on her face. She shot up and looked at Tara. She moved her hand and woke her gently. They got off the lounge chair and went inside. When they went in, they saw Dawn and Giles getting up off the couch. They also saw a new person sitting on the sofa.

They looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. They bounded into the kitchen for some breakfast. They saw Buffy, Faith, and Xander fast asleep at the kitchen table.

"They must have had a long night. Lets not disturb them."

They set about fixing breakfast, when Buffy awoke to the scent of pancakes. She looked sheepishly and poked Faith and Xander. They awoke and set about setting the table. When they were all sitting down and eating, Giles interrogated the slayers about why they brought home a boy.

As they discussed this, Harry had awoken and made his way into the kitchen. The group quickly fell silent as he looked in and asked, "Where the hell am I?"

Before anyone of the Scoobies could answer, 12 loud pops where heard in the living room followed by a "He's this way."

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