Title: Of Monsters and the Defeat of Glorfindel

Author: Alex

Rating: PG

Summary: What could possibly defeat the Glorfindel, the famous balrog slayer, when the twins are away?

Author's Notes: Hello everyone! J A really big thank you to Bill the Pony for beta-ing this story for me and for thinking of the title, and as well to Rhonda for making this story possible with the story she told me. THANKS!! I hope you all enjoy! 

It was close to the time of night in which all little elf-lings were getting tired and retiring to their beds – but was it time as well for elf lords? As little elves began to rub their eyes and yawn, an adult Elf many millennia old had already reached the bed, a bed much too small for his figure.

Glorfindel eyed the sky once more before getting down on his knees. Ah, yes, he would be just in time. He reached his hands out in front of him and began to pull his upper body underneath the bed. Almost instantaneously, he paused as a sneezing fit overcame him, surrounded in the dust under the bed. Unfortunately for the Elf Lord, this sudden motion stopped his forward momentum and caused him to smack his head hard against the bottom of the bed.

Cursing softly, Glorfindel thought back to how it had come to this. It had been several weeks before when he had been passing through the corridors by this very room and had heard soft talking. Slightly curious, he quietly peered into the room only to see the powerful Lord of Rivendell on his knees looking underneath this very bed with a worried Estel looking on.

Chuckling softly, he had walked away, intrigued by what he had just seen transpire. Many times in the last few weeks he had walked past this room to see the exact same thing happen. 

The twins had left on a hunting trip several days earlier, and, while he would admit it to no one, he missed their endless jokes and pranks. It was that reason that Glorfindel found himself half under a bed.

He stretched his right hand out in front of him in hopes of gaining some leverage to pull himself the remaining distance under the bed. However, he had forgotten that this was not the bed of an adult elf and that it was a frequent occurrence to put things under the bed that one did not want others to see. Instead of his hand touching the floor like he had expected, his hand landed in a sticky substance.

Immediately, he tried to pull his hand away from the offending goop, but it would not let its pray go. A fierce battle commenced, hand vs. unknown material. Briefly, the Elf Lord wondered how it was possible that a tacky matter could defeat the infamous Glorfindel the Balrog slayer.

Sighing, he reached his other hand forward to the side of the previous hand, determined to pull off his prank now that he had come this far. Unfortunately, the fierce gooey substance had anticipated this move and the Elf Lord's other hand was glued to the floor as well.

Wondering how he got himself into this mess, the Balrog Slayer began pushing with his legs, squiggling to try to hide himself under the bed before his friend and the young boy entered the room.

Alas, it was not meant to be. Estel and Elrond walked into the room to find the famous Elf's head, upper body and arms under the bed, his legs desperately wiggling.

Unaware of their entrance, Glorfindel was startled to feel little hands on his legs attempting to pull him from his current location. He heard a frightened Estel yell, "Oh, no Ada! A monster has Glorfindel!" before Elrond's loud laughter filled the room.

~ The End ~

Author's Notes: Once again, I hope you liked it!