Bleh I'm mad I didn't write this on Valentine's Day. Oh well, r/r, enjoy. Yamato is kinda the main character (WHOA, shocking, usually it's Sora! ). My fics always start out as Yamato and Sora meeting/knowing each other then forward. I can't write fics with them in a relationship already, hah that's my flaw, sorry dude. ;) Work with me here, will you? (psst.. review.. :D!) Everyone is a junior in highschool, 17. I think I made a lot of grammatical errors and it is soo bad.. very rusty at writing stories.. blah... xD Haha forgive me and ignore it.


"Ugh.." Yamato groaned, rummaging through his messy top locker in a hurry to the find music he had written to the song that he and his band were supposed to perform today in the midwinter pep rally. He finally found it and sighed with relief. "I hope this goes well.." He prayed, knowing that his band had not had time to get together and run through the song. His locker was closed suddenly by a pink fingernail-polished hand he recognized.

"Hey.." Mimi (cliche..xD) trailed off, eyeing Yamato and pursing her luscious, gloss-covered lips. 'Even in her school uniform, she still looks sexy.' Yamato thought. Mimi slipped her foot out of her birkenstock shoes and groped a couple of inches up Yamato's calves, not caring who was watching. She returned her foot back into her shoe, giggled innocently, and sauntered down the hallway.

"Yamato, snap out of your daydream and hurry up," complained the bass-guitarist. (I wish I knew their names.)


"She's so toying with you, dude," said the bass-guitarist, as the two strode coolly down the hall toward the gym. "Not to mention playing hard-to-get. If she rejects you each time you ask her out, why does she still flirt with you?"

"Hmm.." Yamato shrugged. "Well, only time will tell. And actually, I don't mind her touching me. "

"Whatever." His friend replied, opening the heavy gym doors. "Jus' watching out for ya. I don't want you to end up doing something you regret." He warned. The bass-guitarist opened his case and took out his shiny, red guitar as Yamato eyed him, with his friend's words going through his head. "Whatever.." Yamato sighed as he opened his own case and copied his friend. People began to file into the gym as Yamato and his band began to warm-up.

"Mmhn..I love the cheers of fans in the morning.." The bass-guitarist chuckled.


" thisss a pop quizz?" slurs Roy. (HAHAHA the Perfect Score.. azn stoner haha).

"No. This is a data match test; it's just for fun. I have been asked to distribute these out. You can take the test, but the results will cost a buck." Replied the Teacher. "It's a fund-raiser."

"Sweeet, I'm gonna pick 'D' for 'Drugs,' " Smirks Roy as he immediately started answering.

Yamato picked up his pencil and thought about which answers he would pick. Some questions were random, some dealt with romance. Whatever he picked, Yamato hoped to get Mimi as a person he is compatible with; he still believes that they were destined for each other. Maybe this would motivate Mimi into dating him. Naive, yes, but one can still hope. The teacher collected their papers and dismissed the students.

As Yamato picked up his stuff and walked down the building toward the parking lot, he past couples that stood in the middle of the hall displaying public affection. (Oh no, that's against the rules.) Yamato was angry and envied them at the same time. He was angry that they were blocking "traffic" in the already crowded school, and he was envious that they had someone to share their lives with. Oh well. A couple more days until the results come in!