"Yamato, please tell us and explain to us how you got the answer to question number 40." The teacher smiled evilly at the daydreaming Yamato.

"Huh?" Yamato shook his head. "Oh.. um.." He glanced down at his homework only to find it blank with his first name scribbled messily on the top right-hand corner. And to his luck, the bell rang, signaling the end of the school day. Yamato beamed. "Maybe tomorrow.." He got up, thinking he was off the hook.

"Yes.. tomorrow. You'll be the first one to tell me your answer..for a grade. Don't worry, it's not on accuracy, as long as you can explain how you got it. I just want to check if you have been paying attention in my class.. Have a great afternoon." The teacher chuckled.

"Dammit.." Yamato murmured under his breath as he walked out of the classroom. "Oh.. Maybe Sora.." Yamato secretly took a glance behind him, watching the still a little red Sora stuffing her things into her book bag gruffly. "Man oh man.. I'm going to fail this class. And what's worse, now I have to think up another way to talk to Sora.. Ugh.."

Sora sighed, picking up her duffel bag from the Lit teacher's room where she usually kept it and started making her way toward the tennis court for the afternoon tennis practice. To her luck, it started to rain and thunder and lightning decided to join the party.

An announcement came over the intercom. "Due to today's weather, all after school sports practices has been canceled." Sora sighed annoyed. "Thanks Mrs. Informative.." She said to herself. "God, now I have no way to get home.. Ugh.. mom doesn't get off work until after five."

Yamato, who was eavesdropping in the corner of the hallway, chuckled to himself. "Now I have a way to ask for Sora's forgiveness and get my math homework done." 'This moment couldn't be more perfect.' He grinned to himself and made his way towards Sora.

Sora heard the hollow sounds of footsteps echoing down the hallway and she curiously turned around, shocked at who appeared in front of her. 'Great...'

"Hey.." Yamato began. "I couldn't help overhear that you needed a ride.. and.. uh.." He closed his eyes and pointed sheepishly to himself. "I'd be happy to give you one.."

Sora quirked an eyebrow. 'And what does this bozo want from me now? There has to be a catch to this. Why does he start noticing me all of the sudden?' Sora thought. 'Well, I can't refuse.. I don't want to hurt his "feelings"..' "Um.. sure.. What's.. the catch..?"

'YES! ..Okay.. be cool. Don't freak her out.. again.' Yamato quickly replied, "There's no catch. I just want to apologize for embarrassing you in class today.." He began walking towards the parking lot.

"Uh-huh.." Sora replied in a sarcastic tone, walking to the side of him.

The two walked outside and luckily, the rain had stopped for now. The rain left humid atmosphere in the parking lot, leaving the two feeling more uncomfortable.

"Wow...um..nice car." Sora said, glancing over Yamato's sleek, red sports car. "Um, aren't those things dangerous?" She replied in her somewhat sarcastic tone.

"Not with the right driver." Yamato winked. "Here, let me put your stuff in the trunk for you." He reached for her bags but Sora pulled them away and retorted. "No thanks, I can do it myself." She still was a little upset about what happened in the classroom and was feeling quite awkward accepting his sudden 'friendliness.'

"Er.. well..okay, I'll start up the car." Yamato laughed nervously, feeling stupid. Sora finished putting her stuff in the trunk, closed it, opened the door to the car, and gruffly sat in the cushiony seats, closing the door soon after she sat down.

"Bouncy.." Sora commented.

"Yeah I know, they haven't been broken in yet." Yamato replied, tuning the radio to his favorite station and adjusting the air conditioner to the right temperature. He drummed his fingers nervously against the steering wheel of the car. "So.. how do I get to your house?"

"I'll give you directions along the way.." Sora replied.

"..Alright.." Yamato sighed. 'Man I really hope she's not this cold for the whole time. Man, I guess I really can't blame her.. I did embarrass her pretty bad..'

The only thing Sora said to Yamato in the car was which direction to turn on the road, though the thought of an actual conversation was bubbling up in the corner of her mind. 'I should feel kind of obliged to him for giving me a ride or else I would have had to walk home in the rain.. But hearing of his -bad- reputation makes me cautious about opening up to him. Maybe he's not as bad as I thought. Actually, now that I think of it, he's not that hard-headed, superficial, and he's actually kind of sweet and .. adorable. I bet he feels really awkward with the silence, I'm starting to feel awkward too, and now I kind of regret rejecting his kindness when he tried to help me with my bags..'

"So um.." Sora began.

"Alright, we're here." Yamato said, not hearing her.

Sora looked down and sighed. "Thanks for the ride.. um.. you want to come inside and have a little snack of a drink?" She offered, followed by a gentle smile.

"Sure." Yamato smiled and his hopes went up. The two got out of the car. "So..You want to help me with my bags this time?" Sora grinned and Yamato laughed sheepishly recalling what had happened earlier.

"Nice house.." Yamato said. He gave Sora her bags and she stuffed them in the closet.

"Nah.." She began. "But..thanks.." She began to warm up to him. "Anyway, have a seat. I'll get you a drink, what would you like?"

"Water.. would be fine." Yamato said with a little confusion in his tone. 'Man.. First, she's pissed at me, and then she invites me to her home. Talk about mood swings, gosh, girls are so complicated.'

Yamato plopped down on the couch while Sora brought a tall glass of water to him. "Thanks.." He said. 'Okay, this is going great. It's like someone is writing a story about my love life and making almost everything go the way I want it to.' Yamato grinned at the thought.

Sora looked out the window. "Wow, it looks like a big storm will hit. Better get the candles ready in case." Sora ruffled through the closet and pulled out a brown bag. She then sat down on the couch, a couple of inches away from him. "So what now?"

'Oh gosh, Yamato, hurry and think of something to continue the conversation! Uh.. gosh, what can I..oh yeah,' Yamato thought. "Hey, can you teach me some of this Trig stuff? I'm a little confused on today's problems..."

'What's he trying to pull now?' Sora thought, annoyed again. ".. Sure.." She quirked a brow, picked up her nearby math book and flipped to the right pages. "Um.. yeah, what's the stuff that you don't understand?"

'Great! I'm killing two birds with one stone. This way I get to learn Math AND be close to Sora. Yes!' Yamato scooted a little closer to Sora. "Hey, this stuff right here. I don't get it.." And he pointed gingerly at the example problem then looked up at Sora to see what she would do.

"Well.." Sora began and looked at him, her face a few inches from his. "Um.." And once she took a glance into his cerulean eyes, she felt hooked. 'I just noticed that he has the most gorgeous eyes and I feel like I'm being drawn towards him, no matter how hard I try to resist.'

Suddenly, a loud clash of thunder broke the moment and the room grew black as the electricity went out.

Sora groped around for the candles and lit one. "I'll go and get some candle holders and some other stuff that we might need."

"I'll go with you, you know, just in case you get scared.." He smirked and gently slipped his hand into hers. 'She looks even more beautiful in the candle light.'

Sora turned around and laughed. "I think you're the one that's scared." Sora teased. She gently squeezed his hand and let out a content sigh.