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Okay, lets get a couple of things strait, just in case you are kind of lost. Heero, Wufei, and Trowa are friends, not the typical "friends with privileges" for the + meaning, sorry about that, same with Duo and Quatre, and Heero and Duo…. well, it'll be a while, you'll see, me promise!

Besides that, scenario: Duo is a foreign exchange student from his school back in the California, United States, to Crimson College in Tokyo, Japan. Being an orphan, he barely scrounged enough money to go on this trip, even with the loan that he received from the school when they decided he would be a good candidate for this exchange program. (So I'm adding some of his past, shrug) Now he's stuck in Japan with no extra spending money, a small studio apartment, and a foreign school he has to attend; so the deal with the money is why he needs the job. I hope that clears some questions up!

Warning! This is going to get a little darker, like kind of grouse darker, not to bad, but just a warning for you all. Okay! ….I just figured out how stupid the name sounds…. sweatdrop ….which, by the way, do not forget this IS fantasy genre!

Beyond Take off!

A pained howl let up through the narrow city alleyway. It was cut short with a sickening crack of splitting bones, then a thump and splash as a lifeless body hit the city asphalt, lying in a puddle of filthy water gathered off of the leaking building roofs so far above. Mist collected without notice, giving a light fog where warm air came up from below the city streets and out into the cold night air.

The sound of sirens could be heard, growing louder as approaching patrols homed in on the murderous spot. They came to a sliding stop, the colorful lights springing off of the slick brick walls of the crumbling alley. The vehicle doors were quickly thrown open as quick footsteps approached the lifeless bodies.

"We're to late…." There was a brief moment of unfolding paper, then the small note was read allowed.

'Wednesday, 2:05 AM. Downtown. Alley between the darks residence.'

"Well," the voice continued, "These puzzle masters sure knows how to do their jobs…. But you'd think if they were trying to save some one, they wouldn't make it so confusing, or on the other hand, tell us when and where they were going to commit the murder…." The detective's eyes slowly led up to the sky above, then to the street in front of the scavenging policemen. He checked is watch quickly, then shook his head, "2:12 AM, Wednesday…."

"The bodies are still warm, sir. The killer must still be around here somewhere," came a reporting officer from the still bodies, "but the deaths of both were clearly different. It seems this woman here…. well…. seems she was possibly mauled by a…. big dog of some sort. Her jugulars tattered and her stomach is torn with multiple organs missing…. Her right leg and left arm have also been severely damaged by a sharp object, possibly fangs or large claws, but her face seems almost untouched. The other here, seems his neck is broken in two places, like they had fun torturing him with the first facture, before dealing the final death blow…. Either we have a ravage killer on the loose, or a murderous, hungry animal."

The detective thought for a moment, "…. Or both…. It seems as if they're just playing with us," he shook his head with a sigh, "…. For now we've classified the killings as cereal…. random people, random areas, nothing clearly adds up. Even the description, 'darks residence', right between a gothic clothing store and a dance club…. These clues lead us no where by the time they're figured out, and no fingerprint or anything to take…."


Whistling echoed off the surrounding building walls as a cheerful face bobbed up and down, books over shoulder, top of school uniform unbuttoned, and the long braid swinging back and forth.

"Well, today was much better then Friday, at least I had that whole weekend to recover before gettin' into some real trouble not bein' able to put everything together." He chuckled to himself, switching the book bag to his other shoulder. "And yet…." a finger was brought up to his mouth, "….still didn't have a happy greeting from everyone."

#Flashback of Heero giving him the cold shoulder#

"Well, can't expect everything to go right, you know that, yah- hold up," his walking paused for a moment into a more cautious stride, "What the hells going on here….?" He moved to slowly peek around the corner where a commotion of flashing lights and occasional sirens was being held.

"…. Or a murderous, hungry animal…." "….Or both…. It seems as if they're just playing with us…."

His eyes trailed down to the heaps of matted flesh and clothing on the ground in front of cop cars and police caution tape. "….Didn't I leave to get away from this stuff….? And right next to my night job, how convenient." He let out a heavy sigh before moving to try and slip around the whole turmoil. But something caught his eye just as he past the alleyway entrance.

"….Heero?" His eyebrow rose for a split second before squinting them harshly, trying to block out the bright flashing lights. There, in the shadows was the clear outline of the cold guy from his school. His clothes were changed out of the boy's uniform and into a dark tank top and long pants. A jacket was casually thrown over one shoulder, but his piercing eyes blew off the relaxed look. They seem to be staring right at the victims, not out of surprise or disgust, but almost blankly, no emotion swimming behind those dark orbs.

"But…. what the hell is he doing here?" He again blinked, and paused to rub his eyes; "Huh?" the shadowed classmate's figure was gone. "What the….?" His eyes flashed around, looking to where he may have gone. No sign of him. It was as if he had just disappeared. He would have seen him if he had run, right? '….This is just getting creepy, time to head in for work before my eyes play anymore tricks on me….. I'm just tired, that's all…. Gone to my head….' He sighed and shook his head, quickly heading for the back door and into the dark haven of night clubbers.


"Damn…. All night I just couldn't shake his image from my head…." Duo mumbled to himself as he unconsciously gnawed on the tip of his pencil. His eyes glanced over for the millionth time towards the dark haired boy's seat. It almost seemed as if he didn't take any notations at all, or for that matter, didn't pay much attention to the class. But on the other hand, the quiz that was passed back just moments ago had a perfect score clearly written on it. 'Man…. I wonder if that really was him….' He again slightly leaned a little closer towards the body to his right, basically out of thought and curiosity; only the piercing glance stopped him and quickly returned his presents back to the hard back rest. 'I guess I'll just ask him after class or somethin', cause it's really getting irritating.' He sighed, blowing his long chestnut bangs out of his face to one side.

Good timing. The bell rings within seconds of his last thought.

'Hmm? ….okay, maybe after class is a little to soon…. Heh heh, who am I kidding, this is my only chance to talk to the mysterious man,' he let a soft amused chuckle to himself. He slowly got up from his chair, glancing towards the others actions, gathering up his own supplies as he quickly tried to catch up to the leaving target.

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