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Save me from the image that plagues my mind

Save me from the pain that fills my soul

Save me from this war I must fight

In honor of my love.

This war

It wasn't I who started it.

It was Him.

Her very father,

The one who took her life.

When I was born

I bore no ill will;

I accepted the Vampires

As my masters

I took her as my wife;

He didn't approve,

but did not stop us

When the joyous news

Was broken, I rejoiced.

He became afriad.

Afraid of the hybrid that would be born,

Afraid of the potential challenge

To his power.

So he did what he believed he had to do:

He took us as captives,

Forced me to watch as my wife and

The "abomination" he foresaw

Were killed.

She burned; her screams

Still haunt my nights.

I escaped.

six centuries I have waged my war.

No, it is not my war;

it is His.

He thought he would be challenged;

at his order, my wife and child were killed.

Now, as my plans come to pass,

I feel a sense of achievement,

A sense of peace,

Some reprieve from the hell

I have been living in.

You will be avenged, my love,

and maybe, the spirits will rest.