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The lighthouse was eerily silent after the Wise One's exit, the howling wintry winds quieting to a mere whisper in anticipation for the upcoming battle. The entire aerie reverberated with the latent powers of the two opposing parties. Slowly, the apprehensive aura surrounding them faded, each of the adepts drawing their weapons, Isaac, Mia, Garet, and Ivan using the weapons forged by Sunshine. Jenna had switched her usual staff for the Masamune, flaunting the azure aura of the ancient katana. Sheba held the Lachesis' Rule calmly as she glared at Robin. Piers drew his usual glaive while Felix slid the long sword he had found in the lighthouse into the light, the Sol Blade.

Robin grinned manelovently as the adepts drew their weapons, his fangs showing through. His right arm convulsed slightly, the skin bulging outward as a sword formed of his own body slid from his skin, the hilt sticking out from his wrist. Robin's left hand quickly pulled out the blade, the sword growing longer as it exited his flesh. Sinisterly, he uttered his challenge, though it sounded almost courteous, "Shall we begin."

"Unleash Echo," Felix was the first to strike, rushing towards his opponent, swinging his sword in a high arc, sunlight catching the ornate emblem on the sun on its hilt. His attack was blocked however, a single sharp parry knocking Felix backwards.

"Your puny attempts at harming me are useless," Robin taunted arrogantly, quickly shifting to the offensive, rushing through the adepts' line until he reached Piers. Quickly, he stabbed his blade out, hoping to strike the Lemurian off guard.

"Unleash Shade," a barrier formed at the last moment, blocking the full force of the sword. Piers recovered instantly, slicing horizontally at the creature's exposed torso. Robin dodged it however, moving around Piers attack and rushing up behind.

The sharp clang of steel stopped Robin in his tracks, effectively halting his onslaught. Garet strained against the fading attack, his sword blocking Piers while the Lemurian turned to face Robin again. "You won't win as long as we work as a team," Garet smiled, watching as Robin's face twisted in anger.

The other adepts did not remain idle during this, Ivan, Sheba, Mia and Isaac attacking in from four different angles at once while Jenna rushed to heal her brother. The blows connected simultaneously, though Robin did not even flinch under the fierce attacks.

"You fools cannot harm me," Robin muttered, his voice low, before a titanic wave of dark energy erupted from his body, blowing the adepts into the stone walls surrounding the aerie. Slowly, the light dissipated, leaving only Robin's dark form in the center of the vast destruction.


"Is everyone okay?" Ivan yelled aloud as he stood back up, nursing a large gash across his forehead. Grunts and groans of pain followed his question, the group reforming painfully before Robin, determined to win.

"Is he invincible?" Felix wondered aloud, leaning on Jenna's shoulder as they both crossed to their friends.

"No," Isaac refused to accept that fact, "nothing is undefeatable."

"What should we do?" Sheba whispered, watching the motionless demon warily. "Is there any way that we could defeat it?"

"The Iris summon," Isaac burst out suddenly, his mind lighting up with the idea. "We could use it to defeat him."


The time of reprieve came to an end, Robin finally moving from his stance. His dark eyes refocused on the adepts, watching curiously as two circles of the purest white molded onto the ground beneath the adepts, four orbs of crimson, violet, gold and cerulean glowing sharply.

"I summon the guardian of the heavens, Iris!" Isaac yelled from the center of the circles, smiling in relief when he saw the skies above them open up. A shining woman, clad in shining white robes floated downward, arms spread open toward Robin. Brilliant golden light encompassed his very being, pulling the fiend up into the afterlife.

"Not even you can defeat me!" Robin yelled just before they crossed through the barrier, slicing the summon in half with his sword. A shrill scream scattered through the air, finally ceasing when Robin reappeared on the lighthouse floor.


"How did he do that?" Ivan voiced the question first, whispering through the group.

"I didn't think that summon spirits were affected by tangible objects," Mia voiced, reaching forward and grasping Isaac's hand.

Isaac voice whispered, full of doubt for the first time during his quest, "Can we win?"

"We can't stop now," Garet yelled with conviction, breaking from the group and rushing Robin. Jenna and Ivan joined in his attack, the weapons releasing their ultimate attacks.

"Legend," Garet's struck first, raining down hundreds of swords formed of the purest light on their foe.

"Vengeance," Ivan's sword shot out multiple arrows of energy, colliding with Robin's dark form.

"Rising Dragon," two long heads snaked out of Jenna's blade, both crossing through Robin.

These three consecutive blows made Robin shudder slightly, his body taking the full impact of the attacks. He was far from defeated however, cackling in a loud voice that boomed across the aerie, "Do you think that that was true power? I will show you power!"

Slowly, Robin formed a black orb of energy between his two hands, concentrating hard. The orb grew darker and larger with each passing second, soon engulfing Robin's entire body. Suddenly, the dark light exploded outward, cutting through the three nearby adepts, Garet, Jenna, and Ivan, and sending them sprawling across the aerie. The sphere retracted afterward, a giant dust cloud covering where it had expanded to.


"Jenna!" Felix yelled as he started toward his sister, but a firm hand on his shoulder held him back.

"Felix, stay here," Isaac ordered in a calm tone, tightening his grip. "This isn't over yet."

"We'll go help them," Mia volunteered herself and Sheba, already knowing that Isaac would agree.

"Okay," Isaac refocused his attention on the dust cloud, watching for any sign of movement.

The cloud of dust cleared shortly, a single shadow evident from the background. Robin stood in the center of the torn aerie, oblivious to the destruction surrounding him. No marks were evident on his body, though the fiend was breathing sharply.

"Ready?" Felix could feel the Sol Blade pulse in his now iron grip, a sign that they had a possibility of victory.

"Yes," Isaac sighed just before both adepts launched themselves at Robin, both the Omega Blade and the Sol Blade unleashing their most powerful strikes at the same instant.

"Megiddo!" Felix felt as if he was suddenly thrust up among the stars, his sword catching a giant meteor. Using all his might, Felix redirected the giant rock, falling back down towards Weyward. The force of the attack shook the entire lighthouse, knocking Robin to the ground, painfully.

"Omega Slash!" Isaac's sword took on an onyx hue, the long silvery blade growing longer with the dark aura. Quickly, he swung the lengthened blade horizontally, cutting everything in its path in two instantly.

Amazingly, the lighthouse stood up to the potent assaults, though most of the statues were either grounded to dust of cut to pieces. Robin still stood in the center of the mayhem, his body slouching in defeat. He whispered quietly before he faded to dust "You have won adepts."

Felix and Isaac looked back to their recovering friends, smiling at their victory. Jenna ran forward and embraced her brother tightly, both glad to see each other safe, though Felix was not as happy when Garet joined in their moment. Sheba sat supporting Ivan, both of them looking on in joy. Piers beamed at his friends, nursing his sore arm. Mia was already running toward her love, quickly tackling Isaac in a tight hug when she reached him.

"Be careful Mia," Isaac moaned in mock pain, pecking Mia on the forehead. "I'm injured."

"This will make you feel better," Mia kissed Isaac deeply, focusing her psynergy into a ply spell. When she pulled back, a dopey smile was slung across Isaac's face, though it was replaced by a light frown when Felix broke them apart.

"We need to light the lighthouse, lover boy," Felix handed him the Mars Star, motioning towards the somehow intact pit. "Before something else tries to stop us."

"Okay," Isaac sighed, standing from the ground and walking to the center of the aerie. With a final glance at his friend behind him, Isaac threw the Mars Star into the pit, jumping backwards when the pure elemental energy of Fire erupted outward, shaking the lighthouse as a large red sphere formed.

"Well, that wasn't so bad," Garet joked, walking towards the steps to the elevator. However, he happened to jinx the group, as the lighthouse resumed its tremors and the sphere took on a brighter glow.

"What's happening?" Isaac held out his arms defensively, trying to block the burning heat that scorched his face.

'The Golden Sun is forming,' a soft recognizable voice spoke in their minds, informing them promptly of the situation.

"Hama," Felix yelled, searching for the woman in the haze. "Where are you?"

'I am communicating through your minds,' Hama explained. 'But that isn't important. You must get off the lighthouse immediately!'

"You heard her," Isaac yelled through the maelstrom, already motioning toward the steps. "We have to get out of here."

"It's too late," Ivan's whisper could not be heard as the orb's energy exploded, consuming the aerie in its crimson light.


"I will have the ultimate power!" on the summit Mount Aleph, Alex stood tall, his arms spread up to the sky as a golden orb floated above him, the four beams of the lighthouses connecting at that one point. Sprinkles of light slowly fell onto his body, enveloping him in the very essence of Alchemy.

Just as quickly as it had started, it stopped, the golden sphere flowing completely into Alex's body. He sneered as the energy flowed from his fingers into the air. "I am the greatest adept in Weyward."

"Not quite," A deep booming voice sounded from behind him, causing the now omni-powerful adept to spin around; his cloak twirling behind him.

"What do you mean, 'not quite'," Alex flexed out his arm, focusing his mind on the Wise One. To his great satisfaction, the giant boulder slowly sank toward the ground under his tremendous might. "Not even you can stand against me, Wise One."

"You are wrong," the one-eyed rock reverted Alex's energy back at him, grasping the Mercury adept with his mind. "You do not have the full power of Alchemy."

"What do you mean? I absorbed the Golden Sun," Alex yelled through the steel grip that was making it hard for him to breath.

"I have imparted part of the Golden Sun onto Isaac," the Wise One explained for some unknown reason, tossing Alex to the ground almost on a whim. "It was the only way to prevent you from obtaining the complete Stone of Sages."

"What will you do with me?" Alex sighed in defeat, already secretly building his anger toward the earth adept.

"I will seal you with me," the Wise One droned on, descending into the now sinking Mount Aleph. "This will protect mankind."

'Don't count on it,' Alex though sinisterly as they both descended into the crumbling mountain. 'My son will come to free me.'


"Are you sure that I can't persuade you to stay for just a little longer?" Garet begged his best friend at the front of the newly reconstructed Vale. "It's hard to be the mayor!"

"I know," Isaac sighed, turning back to his friend. "But I have put of this journey for long enough. Also, we need to gather information on the potential adepts that must be emerging by now."

"Ivan and Sheba are already doing that in Contigo with Master Hama," Garet pointed out. "And Piers and Felix are already flying though the outer islands too."

"But me and Mia have been waiting for over two years to do our healing journey," Isaac stood his ground firmly. "We've had reports from Vault about the countless injuries received during the rise in monster activity."

"Okay!" Garet finally gave in, thrusting his hand out. "I wish you luck."

"Thanks," Isaac shook his friend's hand before crossing out of the gates and to his new wagon. Mia was already waiting in the front seat, smiling at her love as he sat beside her.

"It was a surprise that he let you leave," she sighed as she leaned into his shoulder.

"Yeah," Isaac agreed, kissing her lightly on the top of her head. With one final farewell wave, Isaac snapped the reigns, making his horses start into a trot. "But Vale's in good hands."


That was a hard chapter to write.


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