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The Biyomon Princess



It was a beautiful spring day in the Kingdom, and wedding bells were ringing everywhere. Today was Prince Taichi's and Princess Sora's wedding day, and what a beautiful day it was. The flowers were all in bloom, the birds were singing, and the sun was shining down on the people gathered outside the main church. There was a red carpet rolled out down the great marble steps that lead from the church to the main village. People were all dressed in their best clothes, looking at the great oak doors, waiting for the happy couple to come out. The doors opened.

The people cheered and white doves were released as they saw two people step outside, hand in hand. The young lady was dressed in a beautiful, long, white silk gown, decorated with trimmings that looked like white feathers on the shoulders and around the waist. She had a white veil over her auburn hair and the Queen's crown placed on her head. She looked as beautiful as ever

Next to her was her husband. He was dressed in his fathers wedding gowns that looked just as magnificent now as they did when he was married. He wore the Kings crown on his head. Even though his brown hair was still messy, he still looked handsome.

As they walked down the steps on the red carpet, the people threw confetti into the air, whilst cheering for they're new King and Queen.

"All hail King and Queen Kamiya!"

Following the couple was the best man, and the maid of honour. The maid of honour was dressed in a beautiful gown, in baby pink, her brown hair tied up with a pink bow. It was Mimi. She couldn't believe that the new King and Queen had accepted her, and she couldn't believe that they were not angry at her. She had done a terrible thing to Taichi, but Taichi knew that it was Yamato's fault and did not blame Mimi. She smiled to herself, then looked at the best man who was walking next to her.

The best man was dressed in an elegant suit, which was completely white, much like the King's, but not as magnificent. Mimi couldn't help but think that Joe looked quite handsome. Joe felt someone looking at him and looked at Mimi. She blushed and turned away quickly, but after a few moments, she looked back again. Joe was starting at her dreamily.

"What is it?" she asked him, "is there something wrong?"

"N-n-n-no," stuttered Joe, who was becoming nervous, "I-it's just that… y-you l-look…"

"Yes?" asked Mimi, blushing again

"I think you look very pretty," said Joe finally. He looked away and turned as red as Mimi.

"Thank you Joe," said Mimi quietly, still blushing.

The pair just walked in silence for a few moments, not knowing what to say to each other, until Joe spoke up.

"So…would you…like to…dance with me… at the ball later tonight?"

"Sure!" said Mimi, smiling up at Joe.

Joe smiled back. He breathed a sigh of relief. That was the worst part over with. He held up his hand to Mimi. Mimi looked at it, her heart racing, then placed her hand on top. The two held hands all the way to the castle, where the ball would take place.


It was 10pm, and everyone was dancing in the man hall at the castle. Those who needed a bit of air, where sitting outside on the terrace, starting up into the night sky. It was a clear night, and the stars and moon shone like candles in the dark night sky. Once couple that was out here, was Mimi and Joe. Mimi was sitting on Joe's lap, enjoying the feeling of his lips on hers.

By the fountain, three creatures were all talking with each other. These were none other than our three favourite digimon; Hawkmon, Gomamon and Frogmon. They had all been invited to the wedding and had been the guests of honour.

"I'm so happy that everything worked out between Sora and Taichi," said Gomamon

"Yes, me too," said Hawkmon, "Now we can all live in peace and happiness."

"I know you two can live in happiness, but I cannot!" said an annoyed Frogmon

"But why not?" asked a confused Gomamon

"Because, Sora kissed Prince Taichi before she kissed me, so I'll never be a human again!"

Gomamon and Hawkmon just laughed at Frogmon. After all they'd been through, he still thought that he was a prince! Speaking of prince's, where was Prince Taichi and Princess Sora?

Well, they were out in the castle garden, standing on a bridge next to a small waterfall. Sora had placed her arms around Taichi and was resting her head on his chest. Taichi had placed his arms around Sora's waist and was looking down at Sora, swaging her from side to side. He couldn't believe what they had gone through, but he was glad to have Sora back in his arms, and he had promised that he would protect her for as long as he lived.

Sora held onto Taichi, never letting go. She had lost Taichi once, and she didn't want to lose him again. He almost died because of her. But he risked his life to save her from Yamato, which proved that he loved her as much as she loved him. She looked up at Taichi and kissed him softly on the lips.

"What is it Sora," Taichi asked her once they're lips parted

"I just want to know something Taichi," Sora said, "I need to know, will you love me? Until the day I die?"

Taichi smiled and placed another small kiss on Sora's lips.

"No Sora," he said sweetly, "I'll love you much longer than that. Aishiteru zutto."

Sora smiled. She moved her hands up and placed them around Taichi's neck. Closer and closer their lips came, until they were placed on top of each other. And there, under the full moon, Taichi and Sora shared a passionate kiss, as King and Queen, and as husband and wife.

The End


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