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A United Friendship

a fic by Josie G. Evans

Ch.1: The idea

"Please? Hey! Don't you turn your back on me! I'm not done talking! You better sign! I swear if you don't, I'll totally kick your ass in Friday's match! You won't be able to move for a month! I'm not joking! Hey! HEY!" yelled Lily Evans, a fiery red head, with gorgeous green eyes. She's one of the star chaser from the Girffindor's Quidditch team and is one of the smartest and most talented girl of her age.

She had recently been trying to get the population of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, to sign a petition against school uniforms. It's safe to say, it wasn't going to well. Many would ignore her, others thought, it was great waking up in the morning not having to think about what they were going to wear, and brilliant not having to follow the latest fashions and spend gallons on the latest clothes and accessories. She looked down at the sheet of parchment, she had a grand total of three signatures. Those of Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and James Potter. Remus had thought it to be a noble cause and a great idea, he also wanted to back up one of his very good friends, Sirius on the other hand would give anything to dress odd and not get a detention over it, but then again, now that I think about it, he never did follow the dress code, in fact I don't think he even knows there is one. James, who lately had been, as he claims, 'madly in love' with her, would probably have signed a paper addressing that Lily could kill him, inherit all of his money and not get a single charge.

She also had Peter Pettigrew's signature, she had completely forgotten he had signed, but then again it didn't surprise her, he always did what the guys did.

"Guessing it's not going to well? You know what you need to do, to get more signatures?!" said James, seemingly popping out of no where, like a daisy.

"Oh please, do tell 'Mr. I'm the expert at everything, especial petitions even though I would recognize one even if it hit me in the face and I'm just trying to lure you into an other of my immature pranks'." replied Lily.

"First off, there not immature pranks, besides everyone likes them even McGonagall whom just doesn't want to admit it. Secondly, you need something to attract the people's attention, a bargain: like a cookie if you sign or a donut if you pay up, in signatures that is! Or how about..." James continued drifting off among his many ideas.

"You know that might not be a bad idea, I do seem to need a different approach, no one listens to me anymore and that awful Olivia's been spreading rumours."

"...or how about a signature for a picture, your good in art Lily, you could draw the people who sign, and Remus could do caricatures of some and then, help you with the load and..."

"James, give it a rest I already know what I'm doing!"

"Oh! Well, see ya babe."

End of Chapter One

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