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A united friendship

a fic by Josie G. Evans

In an impressive commentators voice "Last time on...A united friendship..."

"It's really cute, and kinda romantic. Besides, you know how many people have been trying to snag James Potter, aka resident cuttie and total romantic, as well as bloody rich and popular." ((Commentator in a low voice: No, please enlighten me, how many?)
"But Remus, I've never been more than a friend to guys, when ever I meet one, that's what we become and nothing more comes of it." (It's because you're a TOMBOY, he-llo!)
Sirius snogged Lily senseless... (Just kidding)
"It's national Lumberjack day in Canada, didn't you know?" (No one gave me the memo!)
"You and your big words, it's dull not blunt."(My friend says that to me, I don't understand why.)
"I'm not some freak with an ax!" (Yes you are!)
"A brief history of the national lumberjack day..." (Fast forward the tape!)
They'd shoot these ducks right and then these blokes would bring them home to their families to feed them. So they're heros, heros I tell you! Saving poor little Timmy from dying of starvation and a broken leg... (Is this the history part?)
"His dad had an evil cruel boss named Mercutio."

"Actually, little Tim, is from Scrooge and the evil boss's name was hence Scrooge. Mercutio, is in William Shakespear's Romeo and Juliet and he's Romeo's...", "Who cares," (Ya who really does? I thought I told you to fast forward this part? Are those cotton balls in your ears? Are you ignoring me? Huh? Huh! Your fired, you good for nothing...)

"Ah! Jesh woman! Trying to give me a heart attack?"

"As a matter of fact, yes!" (Did you edit me out? You can't call me out I'm...))

Ch. 5:

Lily's heart beat increased as his mouth neared hers.

"Hey! What the hell do you think your doing Potter?" asked the librarian, clearly angry. "I'm tiered of having you make out with your weekly flings in my library, get out, GET OUT!" she yelled. James had never heard the librarian cuss before and if he had been in a different situation he would have laughed about it. He made a mental note to tell Sirius thought.

He then remembered who he was with but didn't have enough time to react as Lily boxed him hard in the nose and left.

"Aw! I think she broke my bloody nose."

"Well you deserve it, now get out before I get Dumbledore or worst McGonnagal on your ass." she said, a slight smile on her lips. 'The boy got what was coming for him.' she though.

Lily ran away from the library, running into quite a few people on her way out. She was angered beyond words, mostly at herself for almost letting him kiss her. Had she been recently hit in the head by a bludger or something?

She suddenly stopped dead in her tracks causing many people to run into her. She had boxed James Potter, the quidditich, in your face, annoying, womanizing prat, James Potter. She started laughing, not believing what she had just done. I mean sure she had injured at least once everyone in the school's league, but that was quidditch, it was different. She had to be tough, she was one of the only female on the teams and she wanted to prove that she belonged. She had always had a competitive nature and had always been a little rough, probably why she hanged out with guys all the time. She laughed again, and some of the students looked at her cautiously, others running away. The students who had been picking up their things from whence they had bumped into her, quickly got up and abandoned their things as they tried to disappear.

Lily walked away, leaving a large mess and a feared crowd behind; had Lily Evans finally cracked?

Lily went up to her dorm room, she was looking for her broom. The spell Gabrielle had found, hadn't helped matters much. Sure the room looked cleaned, but it was nearly damned impossible to find anything.

She opened drawers and emptied their contents on the floor. She opened closets, sending clothes everywhere, she opened trunks and threw books all over the room. She ransacked the bathroom and looked behind the bookshelf.

She sat down on her bed, trying to think where her broom could have been stored when a light bulb, metaphorically, appeared above her head. She swung her head under the four poster bed and looked; sure enough it was there.

She grabbed her broom and for the second time that day, she left, leaving a huge mess behind.

"Watch out, it's the human hurricane." joked Sirius, as Lily flew toward Sirius.


"Heard about what you did in the hall about twenty minutes ago."

"How the hell do you know? Haven't you been out here since six?" she asked incredulous.

"Ya, but a little bird told me."

She looked at him oddly. Sirius was as weird as they came, the way he dressed proved that fact. As long as she had knew him, he had always been this way. He was always surprising people with his strange behaviour. She looked at what he was wearing and laughed.

"Sirius, what the hell are you wearing?"

"What? It's my normal casual attire."

"A raincoat? That's your casual attire?" she said laughing again. For some strange reason, Sirius had never dressed like what was considered normal; he could be seen wearing the strangest outfits, ranging from pink bunny suits to English football uniforms with clown shoes. She remembered when she had first met him in their first year. He had been wearing a lime green long sleeved shirt with a red t-shirt over it. He had also been wearing purple boots with a peacock feathered hat. It had been a strange sight, but not as strange as what he currently had on. He was wearing a rubber ducky rain coat with matching yellow rain boots. He had an inflated muggle duck floaty around his waist and one of those ridiculous umbrella hats.

Lily looked up at the clear blue sky. Today was one of the nicest days they had had in a while. The sky was cloudless and filled with chirping birds and butterflies.

"But Sirius, it isn't even raining." she said, looking worried for his sanity.

"It might, you always have to be prepared." he said with a look of all knowing. "So, do you have any elaborate plans today for your petition?" he asked with the curiously of a five year old.

"Um, no, I'm fresh out of ideas. I think I'll just quite will I'm still ahead of myself. Besides twenty signatures is better than nothing." she said looking depressed.

"What? Well that's not the stubborn, self-determined, ass kicking, in your face Lily I know. You alright?"

"No, James tried to kiss me, the ass! To think, the nerves he has to try being within a five foot radius of me. I'm surprised he hasn't got the hints yet. If he hasn't now that I've slugged him, he's thicker than I thought and I might never be rid of this cruel abomination of embarrassment." she said dramatically.

"I do think your making to much of this Lils." he remarked reasonably. "But you know, I'm always here if you need a shoulder to cry on, a good snog or even a shag." he added with a wink and a large grin.

"Sirius, go stuff yourself." she said impatiently. "Common, let's go grab some lunch. I'm starving. Hey, I just got a brilliant idea. I could put you in a room and tell people that if they want to see Sirius Black in boxers, all they'd have to do is sign my petition." she added mischievously, "The girls would eat it up, wouldn't you agree?"

"Lily! Don't you go getting any ideas, as a matter a fact, I derive your decision making abilities."

"Oh but Sirius, you can't do that, I now have full control of you." she said, a look of insanity taking over her features.

Sirius quickly backed away, "Now, Lily, don't go doing any thing rational that you'll regret later."

"Oh, I won't regret this, in fact, I'll be getting the best of this."

Sirius looked at her and seeing that she wasn't laughing at what he though to be another elaborate joke, he got scared and ran away towards the school; he ran as fast as his yellow rain boots and floating device, would let him.

Lily looked at his retreating back and laughed; Sirius was so gullible.

Lily walked into to the great hall, she scanned the Gryffindor table quickly and seeing neither hide nor hair of James, went over to Sirius and Remus.

"Hey, guys. What's for lunch tody?" she asked.

"Uh, macaroni." answered Remus, "So, how's your petition coming along?"

"Terrible. I'm fresh out of ideas." she answered.

"You'll think of something."

"I hope so. Hey Robin." she said to her friend as she sat down next to her.

"Lily, it's been spreading like wildflowers, people actually think you've gone nuts. Are you alright?"

"Of course, I'm fine. Common let's go to the library and finish our homework. See you guys."

Sirius and Remus looked at Lily and Robin's retreating backs. "So how long do you wager it's gonna be before Lily does crack?"

Lily jumped into bed, it had been an awfully long day. People keep looking at her strangely and muttering under their breaths. She didn't know what the big deal was but had later found out that moments after she had left the library that morning, James had come out seeking medical assistance for his broken nose.

She had laughed at that but had quickly recovered when John, who had told her, looked at her with a strange look. Safe to say, she had never been happier to go to bed.

She closed her eyes trying to fall asleep. The dorm room was silent, completely void of all noise. Lily had been about to fall asleep when she suddenly heard a ghostly wail. She looked around her but found nothing. 'This is ridiculous,' she thought, 'you're a witch, ghost are a common thing.'

But she wasn't feeling any better.

She crept out of her dorm room and down to the common room. She listened an heard it again. Where was it coming from?

"Woo woo be doo!"

She jumped. It had came from the boys staircase. She silently crept up and stoped at the fifth door which had: baths, written across it. She silently opened the door and went in. It was louder in here and she detected that the sound had definitely been coming from in here, where it resounded on the walls. A lonely figure was at the end of the room, in one of the baths with the curtains closed securely around it. She grabbed the closed thing around, which had been a hairbrush and quietly crept to the other end of the room, holding the brush high above her head, ready to strike.

She quickly opened the shower curtain and was met by the strangest sight in history. A large bath had been filled with bubbles and Sirius had been sitting in it, playing with a rubber ducky...singing.

You heard me, Sirius Black was singing. Oh, the horror! The humanity!

"Rubber Ducky, you're the one,

You make bath time lots of fun,

Rubber Ducky, I'm awfully fond of you;

Woo woo be doo

Rubber Ducky, joy of joys,

When I squeeze you, you make noise!

Rubber Ducky, you're my very best friend, it's true!

Doo doo doo doo, doo doo."

Lily blocked her ears at the horrible sound. "Sirius, what do you think your doing?" she asked baffled.

"Taking a bath, what does it look like? Do you mind?" he asked.

She quickly left the bathroom, running as fast as she could. Once in her comfortable bed, she tried to sleep. But try as she might, she couldn't get the image of the ducky and the horrible singing out of her head.

End of chapter five

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