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Pairing: Yami/Yuugi and Bakura/Ryou

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Immortal Kiss

by: yami iris


The moon shone brightly in the sky as I walked through the streets of a small city in Japan. Although most people would be sleeping at such hour, the time could not be any more pleasant or proper for me to walk through the streets freely, without a worry in mind aside the one that had been tormenting me for as long as I could remember.

My name is Yami. If I ever had a last name, I have long forgotten it. You could say I'm pretty old, even though I don't show it in the face. Hell, you could call me 19 if I didn't tell you I'm indeed 300 years old. How can that be is what you're probably thinking right now. No, it is not impossible. It is quite possible, once you take in what I really am...

I am a vampire. No, do not doubt me. I am a vampire, and am one for as long as I can remember. I cannot remember anything from before I was born to darkness, so I do not remember my parents, if I had brothers or sisters, friends or a home... All I know is that my mother is the darkness, my father is the silence, and my sisters are the shadows. My home is the night. The only friends I have are the stars.

Because of this hole in my memory, I have long searched for whom turned me into what I am, the reason why, and who I was before. The name, Yami, was given to me by a lovely lady... She whispered out the name as I sucked her blood. Please, do not look at me like that. It may sound disgusting, sick and wrong for you as I tell you for my taste for blood, but it is not something I can control. It was what motivated me, what gave me a reason to live.


It was the only consolation I had as I walked lonely through the streets of uncountable cities, without a past, and knowing that I had no future. Not as long as I had to hide from the sunlight, afraid of it burning my skin. Not as long as I knew of the absence of my soul once the sweet taste of blood touches my tongue and I lose control completely. That was my future. My doom, my destiny... My curse.

I cannot tell you why the blood tastes so good to me. Maybe, if you were like me, was the only way you could understand. But that is all I knew about me. The only thing I found out once I woke up, cold and void of feelings, in a family's backyard. They took me in and thought of me as ill, so they tried to take care of me.

Such cruel fate I placed upon them. Sucking away their blood, their lives, their future... It was their youngest daughter that named me. That day, I didn't know what I was. I didn't know whether I was a monster or was I really ill... All I knew was that I despised the way I was. The way I killed them. The way... I enjoyed doing it.

Maybe I am a monster. But do not take me as one just because of what I am, try to understand who I am first. Because I can feel regret once I kill my victim, though I never cried over one of them. I feel disgusted at myself for drinking their blood, though I cannot spit it out. I have my traces of humanity. But I am a vampire.

Do you hate me now? Or do you pity me? Please. I dismiss both feelings. I have enough of them for myself, and I sure do not need other people's. But... can you understand me? Can you try to understand how I feel? Can you try to comprehend what I think?

I hate vampires. But I do not hate myself. Because I do everything not to fully become one.

I had traveled from Asia to Europe, from Europe to America, from America to Africa, and from Africa back to Asia, trying to search for a meaning for my permanence in this world. Who made me, and what is my purpose? I know I have one. I just have to have one. It couldn't be just 'kill to survive'. Or 'kill for the sake of it'. Those were not my purposes... Because if they are, I am most willing to watch the beautiful dawn once more.

But I never found anybody. Any other vampire, anyone... like me. So I came back to the first place I woke up to:

Domino City.

I don't know if I was born or if I grew up there, but all I know is that there was the place I met first family I knew. The first victims I made. If the vampire that made me their partner were there, I would find them.

No matter what.

I have read in the books about what people thought of vampires. What they believed we were, and what they were sure that we didn't like and what we loved. Apparently they made us one of the most vicious, tricking and false creatures alive (or undead, whatever).

The superstition that we die with sunrays is true, though. It burns our cold and dead skin with its pure warmth and brightness. I don't even understand how. But we aren't afraid of crosses or garlic or anything stupid like that. Those are things that humans created just to turn us more into monsters, making us unblessed and forsaken by God.

Such foolish things.

I read somewhere that we seduce our victims, and that we hunt during the night. Those are also true. Though, if we can't step into sunlight, when we would hunt is my question? Stupid mortals...

But, I have also read somewhere... That we, the vampires, do not lose our souls when we become immortal creatures. So, if that is true... I wonder if the other half of my soul is out there?

Call me stupid, but I do believe in reincarnation and in soul mates. Those are human beliefs, I am full aware of that. But I can't help but believe... If there is someone out there, waiting me. Always and forever.

Helpless romantic, am I not? I won't deny it. So, maybe, that is my purpose. Find my soul mate, someone which would be my perfect opposite, and who I would make share the eternity with me. How would be immortality bearable if all I did was kill and survive? It made no sense at all.

But firstly... I had to find my creator. The one which blood rushed in my veins, the one I had a piece within myself. The one who ended my previous life, and gave me another one. One that is endless, different from any other ordinary human life. One that in which I could see everything with new eyes. Hear things I couldn't before. Notice things I couldn't before.

A new, completely different life.

How can I know such things if I can't remember anything from before I became a vampire, is what you're probably asking yourself. But I know of human's life as I watch, with my vampire eyes, they living theirs. I see as they don't hear me coming as I approach them in the dark blanket of the late dusk. I observe as they don't see me waiting for them in the shadows of evening. And they can't likely sense the smell of fear and blood I do when I chase them like a hallucinating shark.

But because I am a vampire, the feelings of guilt, loneliness and helplessness are, for example, a lot more painful. I see friends, families, lovers... All together and having someone to share thoughts and feelings, and yet I am damned to the cold, empty darkness.

Hmmm... I think I am boring you with my sentimental problems. I shall do it no more.

When I entered the city, I could smell a scent that probably I was the only one who could detect. A scent of familiarity... That I was back to my homeland. That I was finally home.

Considering that that was the first city I woke up to my cursed life, maybe that was the reason why I felt that way. But something else... Something else told me that that was not the only reason. And it was the first time in a hundred years that I felt that way.

I walked through the lonely streets, I couldn't explain the wave of emotions I was suddenly feeling. There was something in that city... Something that seemed that could give my questions the answers I so longed to hear. I could sense...


They were there, in the penumbra. Watching me with their cat-like eyes, following me with their inhuman grace, ability, agility. Though I could easily tell where each one of them were, I choose not to do anything... yet. Because I didn't understand why they just kept observing me. If they could read my thoughts, then they knew what I was there for. Why didn't they introduce themselves to me? Why didn't they give me a proof that I was not the only one, just sending indirect signs?

I paused my walking. Looking up, I was met with the figure of a mansion, an abandoned mansion. There were two windows downstairs, and about four upstairs, and another one at what seemed a third floor. I frowned, wondering how did I end up there. Was it my unconsciousness that guided me there? What was that place? Could it help me, in any way, in my quest?

I decided not to wonder and jump to conclusions, but to simply enter and find out on my own. I looked around, and saw nobody. Or at least, nobody that could have been spotted easily. I could tell that the shadows circling the mansion had very malicious eyes.

I opened the double doors that led inside. They cracked all the way until they fund the walls, and a dim light illuminated the hall from the outside. My hells made loud sounds as they met the smooth floor. My unusual crimson eyes traveled from one corner to the one at the opposite side of the room I found myself in, and spotted nothing more than old ruined broken furniture, broken windows and empty opened rooms.

I cannot tell how long it took me to explore the first floor, but it couldn't have been much time. Not when you're a vampire. Time usually seems... irrelevant for most of us. You cannot age, you're faster than the clock. The only power time had over us was to change the surroundings. Changing the world. And we always remained the same...

But I was young. That was not something I had to worry at the moment, and surely not something I have to annoy you with.

When I climbed the stairs towards the next floor, I could sense that I was, indeed, not alone. And it wasn't human. So I took no time to follow my instincts and find the source of my internal issues.

I threw one door open, finding myself in a bedroom. The furniture, as the rest ones in the house, was scattered and perishing under the force of time. A night veil around the bed was torn in many places, and the sheets were as destroyed. But I could easily spot someone lying on that old bed.

I silently walked towards the figure that there laid, and took me no time to realize that it was a woman. Her face lied sided on the pillow, golden locks adorned her beautiful head and framed her porcelain skin. Her eyes, light blue, were half-open and no longer shone with life. She wore a long and simple gray dress that did not make fairness to her lovely beauty.

Two points on her neck were the source of dripping blood, causing me to regret taking so much time to contemplate her when she was nothing but another victim of the sons of the night.

"So it was you." A voice said to the farthest corner of the room, drifting me out of my thoughts. I looked towards the place, and could vaguely picture a dark silhouette in the darkness.

"Show yourself." I demanded, and the figure chuckled. Slowly, the man (I could tell the voice was male) stepped in the moonlight that came from the window, and I could take in his appearance.

His hair shone, showing off to be silvery white. His eyes showed no pupil and were of a freaky light brown, glowing with wickedness. His clothes were usual and of a grayish blue. He smirked and two pointy fangs shone in the low light.

"So I finally meet another immortal." I said, and he chuckled again, waving his hand in a bored fashion.

"It is more like I decided to let you meet me." he said, and I raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean?" I asked, crossing my arms. He smirked.

"Oh well, Yami..." he said, and my eyes widened at his acknowledge of my name. "You wouldn't think that you would travel throughout almost the whole world and wouldn't find a vampire if they weren't hiding from you, now would you?" he asked, and I looked at him quizzically. What did he mean, by that? The vampires were hiding from me?

"Why?" I voiced out my thoughts, and the other laughed.

"I wanted to see how far you went with this little quest of yours." He said, sounding so sarcastic that it was beginning to annoy me. "Would you do anything to find the immortals, or would you merely wait for them to find you? How would you be able to survive without being taught a thing? How would you learn about a kind that was unknown to you? Were you ill, or were you cursed?" he asked, and I eyed him with suspiciousness.

"How do you... Have you been spying on me?" I inquired, and he sat down on the bed, crossing his legs and looking casual.

"Maybe. Or maybe I was simply observing you from the distance." He said, and I remained quiet, waiting for him to continue. "I wanted to see you build yourself your own personality. I wanted to see you build your own thoughts and opinions about us, without taking them away from another vampires. I wanted you to find yourself, before letting you find me." he said, and I only raised an eyebrow.

"That makes no sense." I told him, and he stood up, walking towards me and standing just a few meters away from me.

"Not all vampires are made to be vampires. If you survived up to here, it is because you are a true immortal, and not some simply powerful human with a pair of fangs and a hunger for blood." He told me, and I was quiet.

"Who are you?" I asked at last, after several minutes of silence. "Are you the one who made me?"

"Yes." He answered simply, walking over back to the bed. "Beautiful one, wasn't she?" he said, completely changing the subject. I frowned.

"If you are the one who made me, then you must have my answers." I spoke, but he seemed to ignore me.

"She was an interesting one too. Difficult to manipulate; took a long time to die too. Sweet, addicting blood." He continued to babble, only managing to anger me.

"Who am I?" I asked, and he moved his strange eyes to me. I stood still and waited until he decided to answer me, and hoped it was sometime during this century.

"You were... The son of the master of this mansion. Your family was suffering of a tragic plague, and soon you would end up dying too. I gave you my blood... And turned you into a vampire." He said and walked around the room, admiring each of the broken things as if with fascination.

"That's it? What was my name, the name of my family?" I asked, and he stopped where he was, his back to me.

"I don't know." He answered, and turned to me. He shrugged, a smirk playing on his lips. "I never asked." He concluded, and my eyes widened in disbelief.

"You didn't... Why me? Why did you do it? Why turn me into this... cursed demon?" I asked, and he rolled his eyes.

"Come on. It's way better to be immortal and immune to diseases than to die of a stupid plague. I took your miserable life, and gave you another one. A better one." He said.

"A better life in which I take the life of innocents to satisfy my damned hunger?" I asked, and he only continued to smirk.

"Better their lives than yours." He said, and I shook my head.

"I search for years for someone wiser than me to answer my questions and all I find is a vicious demon with no respect for life." I told him, but he didn't seem fazed with my words.

"You can call me Bakura." He said, extending his hand.

Suddenly, both of us divert our attention to the door as we hear someone running around. I look at Bakura, but he only had his eyebrow raised and doesn't seem to care, so he looked back at me.

"You were followed!" I exclaimed, and Bakura shrugged.

"Better find them. Don't want any survivors to spread our secret, now do you?" he told me, and I hissed. That man pissed me off, and I would give anything to just be able to cut his throat and let him die a slow and painful death.

But he couldn't die. Stupid immortality.

I ran out of the room and could merely spot a pair of running legs climb the stairs that led to the attic before they disappeared from view. I narrowed my eyes and quickly followed them, climbing the stairs two steps a time, before standing in the overly dusted attic.

I could hear their rapid heartbeat with my sharp hearing, and smell their panic and adrenaline as I walked around; my boots making loud sounds on the wood floor. It didn't take me long to find a trembling body in the darkness, trying to hide and remain as quiet as possible. It seemed so... petite.

It was a child indeed. I could see it with my special sight, accustomed to the dim light. The child had its hand over its ears, and its knees were brought to its chest. It trembled from its head to its feet, and the face was turned down, making it unable for me to tell its appearance.

It didn't hear or see me as I approached, and all but jumped when I touched its shoulder. Even though there was absolutely no light in the room, I could easily make out glowing lavender eyes within the dark depths as the child looked up at me.

I froze. Never had I came upon such beauty before in my whole damned life. I couldn't really decipher the color of his hair or anything aside from the vague forms my eyes could make out. He had bangs that touched his face, his skin overly pale. His face... the little child just had a beauty beyond anything in thee world for me.

He already enchanted me.

He tried to escape from my grasp, but he was too little and weak to outdo my force. But I wasn't holding him too tight or else I was going to hurt him. He seemed so fragile... A little porcelain doll.

"Shh... Calm down. I won't hurt you." I assured him, and he stopped upon hearing my voice. I don't know how, but probably because his eyes got used to the darkness, but the child threw himself on me the next moment, almost making me fall backwards from shock as I was caught completely out of guard.

"Please, keep him away from me! He killed my momma... He will kill me too!" he said, his voice melodic to my sensitive ears. I wrapped my arms around his small body, and soothed him.

"I won't let him touch you..." I told him, and he nodded, backing up to smile up at me.

"Thank you." He said, and threw his arms around my neck, resting his head on my shoulder.

My senses went crazy. I looked down, and watched the boy's neck, way too close to my mouth. Even though it was so dark, I could almost watch the veins pulsating, and I could hear his heartbeat penetrating my hearing. I couldn't hold it back.

And then I broke my word, and leaned down to bite him.

He squirmed in my tight grip and I let his sweet vital liquid fill my mouth and then my senses. It was so pleasurable, so... addicting.

'NO!' my mind screamed, and I opened my eyes in alarm. Quickly I let go of the boy's skin and looked down at him. He was unconscious. 'No... No! Don't die!!' I thought and shook him, but he was motionless.

Hurt and filled with guilt, I picked him up and watched his beautiful face. I had killed his youth, I had killed his innocence... I had killed the most amazing thing I had ever seen in my life. I was blinded by pain. I shut my eyes and refused to look at him, only able to feel his skin go cold on my hands. I shook my head. What had I done?

Slowly I climbed down the stairs to the attic and opened the first room I came upon. I kicked the doors open, accomplishing in breaking the lock, and walked inside, placing the boy on the bed. I watched him for a brief second before closing my eyes again and holding my head in shame. I was a monster, and now I just had to be condemned for all eternity for my sin.

"It hurts your soul, doesn't it?" a voice asked from the entrance, and I looked up, eyes narrowed, to meet Bakura, standing against the doorframe. "You are completely consumed by pain and grief, aren't you? Don't you just want to give up eternity and join him right now?"

"What do you know about it?" I asked, standing up and facing him, glaring at him so hard that if looks could kill, he would have just visited hell three times over.

"He was your soul mate. You have just ended his life." Bakura said, and I froze.

"My... soul mate?" I asked, my voice not louder than a whisper. Bakura nodded. "I have... killed my... soul mate...?" I babbled, but in my mind those words were yelled loud and clearly. I shook my head in denial, but Bakura shook his too.

"No, no... You didn't kill him." He said, and walked over to the bed. "He is alive yet... But dying. He's dying." He looked up at me, and I suddenly felt sick of his smirk. "Save him." He spoke, and I tried to convince me that that was not what he had meant.

"I can't." I told him, and he shook his head.

"No, no... You can. You took his life." He walked up to me. "Now you have to give him another one." He said, and I freaked.

"NO! I can't do that to him, he's only a child!!" I snapped, and grabbed Bakura by the collar of his shirt. "You planned this... didn't you?" I hissed, and Bakura just continued to smirk.

"Perhaps you're right..." he said, tilting his head to a side. "Perhaps not." He tilted it to the other side. "The only fact is that he is dying. And you'll lose him if you don't turn him into one of us." He finished, and I narrowed my eyes.

"I can't. He doesn't deserve this..." I shook my head, and looked down. "Why...?" I inquired senselessly. Bakura shoved my hands off of him.

"You have three choices, Yami." He held up three fingers. "One: you can let him die and lose the opportunity to achieve peace in your damned eternity. Two: You can let me save him. And three: you can save him, and let your blood fill his veins, letting him completely more bound to you than he is already." He opened his arms in a surrendering manner. "What do you wish to do, Yami? It's your choice."

I looked over at the child. Now in the light, I noticed how he looked like me. But how different we were. His hair, with golden bangs in the front and with a darker shade, close to red in the back. His skin, so soft and white, seemed silky to my eyes. He was so beautiful... And so young. And I placed a curse on him. I took away his future...

But now, I had to give it back at him. And I knew what I had to do.

I walked over to him, and when I sat on the bed, he opened his sweet violet eyes and looked up at me. He didn't seem frightened at me anymore, or maybe he was too weak to remember my features. I couldn't dare speak at him, or he might remember my voice. All I did was smile at him and watch him smile back at me, before biting my own wrist and slashing my own skin, opening a wound.

I placed it above the child's mouth, dripping blood down to him. Slowly he began to taste the red liquid and soon, I let him drink directly from my wrist. He began slowly at first, but sucked with conviction the next seconds. I finally knew how it was to have your blood sucked from another person, and I could tell why they squirmed so much. It hurt. And it hurt a lot.

After I felt that he had drunk enough, I pulled my wrist away from his grasp, because he didn't seem like he wanted to stop. I looked away, not able to look directly at him as his humanity died, and slowly, he turned into a creature like me. I only dared look back when I didn't feel the bed shaking at his thrashings, and I found myself, face to face, with glowing pools of lilac.

He smiled wide at me, and I could see his fangs. It was done now. Just the way his eyes shone differently than normal told about how different he was now. Not dead. Not alive.

Just... like me. A thing that couldn't be characterized. It was just that. A thing.

"Yami... Take good care of him. Don't want your little soul mate dying, now do you?" Bakura asked, and I turned to glare at him. I could no longer spot him within the room, but could hear his sarcastic voice yet. "You now know you're not alone... If you ever want to see one of us, just look closely around. You'll always see one." And with that said, his presence vanished completely.

"Soul mate... Yami?" the child spoke, and I looked back at him. I smiled, and he did too, coming closer to me to hug me.

I was never shown such kind of affection before. And I have to admit it felt good.

I decided to name him Yuugi. A lovely, Japanese name that seemed to fit him perfectly, as Yami did for me. He was very found of games, in which I can assure you were not very much appreciated by other people. Yuugi was, after all, an innocent looking one, but very smart. Perhaps too smart. His victims could tell you that.

He would attract them with his childish charisma, and often tricked them into showing off his true, murder side than the innocent, pure one they thought he was. A merciless killer, perhaps even worse than me myself. Because he always wanted to impress me, bringing out men, women, children, elders, twins, whole families. Yuugi had the perseverance of a child, and an intelligence of an adult.

But he could never, ever understand why, unlike normal people, he wouldn't change. He remained a child as the days, weeks, months and years passed.

I showed him my books, my discoveries, in hope he would be more like me and forget about his own dilemma. He loved ancient history, and just loved amusing himself about what humans thought about us. Human superstitions he, like me, found very interesting. And, little by little, he began to search on his own, about the past. About vampires. About himself.

He never found out, however, the answer to his own questions though. And he thought that, the only way he could receive such precious answers was to ask someone wise. Someone wiser than all vampires that happened to walk in the night, ordinary and useless.

"'The oldest vampire registered in history is Seth, a 1000 year-old vampire that inhabited more than 100 houses and lived in almost all countries in the world. His acts were found out once the owner of a mansion in Egypt was found dead, dry of his blood, with two little points located on his neck. Seth was never found by people who tried, incessantly, to hunt him down. They believe he fled to the desert and there he burned when dawn came.'" Yuugi read to me, getting me mild interested.

"What differentiates that legend from the one of Count Dracula?" I asked him, and he showed me the book.

"Because I have seen this face before." He said, pointing to the picture in the book. I looked over it and could swear that I had never seen that face before. Yuugi looked at me expecting some reaction, but since he received none, he sighed and continued. "The hair if different, but his face... I recognize him as a great businessman known as Seto Kaiba. He's owner of a company known as Kaiba Corp. and is of the richest men in the world. And...." he grinned. "... he's giving party in a week. In Tokyo."

"And you say we are going?" I asked him, and he only continued to grin.

"Aren't we? Don't you want to question him? To achieve answers better than the ones you got from Bakura?" Yuugi asked, and I can assure you that it sure seemed tempting.

And how could I say 'no' to Yuugi?

We parted for Tokyo and waited impatiently for the day in which we would finally talk to the oldest vampire known. I confess I was growing quite anxious for when I would meet him, after all, Bakura was the worst teacher one could have. He was unqualified to answer my questions, as he was the one kind of thing I hated the most.

A vampire who only existed to kill. Soulless, merciless, emotionless. Or so I thought.

When the night of the party came, Yuugi and I had already thought about what we wanted to ask, but the problem was voice them out. Would he be able to read our thoughts, sparing us the task of thinking of the right words to say? We didn't know. But we were going to find out, not about to give up our answers just because we couldn't form the perfect questions. Seth just had to be able to answer us. Or else, nobody would.

We came upon a big mansion, and through his own ways, Yuugi managed to get us invitations. I really didn't ask how, I was sure I didn't want to know. But we entered and waited until the moment where Seto Kaiba would appear.

We didn't talk to anyone. All we did was sit on our own, or dance on the dance floor. Yuugi turned out to be a great lover of dance, and so I danced with him until he decided it was enough. It let me thrilled to see him smile and giggle like a normal child, although he was far from it. I considered him my brother, a part of my soul, and it hurt me to see him full of doubts.

It would be that night when we would finally get our answers.

And then he came. He climbed down the stairs and stepped in the great hall. I could see him glancing at some people here and there, and just by the color of his eyes I could tell he was not human. They glowed with a strange kind of glow that every vampire's eyes did. I figured he was probably searching through the big crowd, which ones were vampires and which ones were not. And I can tell you, there were a lot of vampires there that night.

Finally, my gaze met his. Instantly he locked his eyes on mine and stopped, not walking, not blinking, and I can assure you he was not breathing. We don't breath at all, that is. He smiled characteristically as a vampire and all but waltzed towards us, getting his way easily through the crowd. When he came face to face to me, he didn't even look down at Yuugi, and spoke:

"I have been expecting you." I rose an eyebrow but said nothing. Yuugi only gripped my hand and glared up at him, and I didn't know why. "Follow me." he said, and I nodded, following him through the talking people, who didn't even give us a second glance as we walked past them. Finally, we came upon a door at the far east, and he opened it, revealing a staircase. He climbed down, and Yuugi and me, without an option, followed suit.

I heard the door close shut in the distance as we climbed down, and I was sure that it locked itself too. Probably Seto's doing. I don't know for how long we climbed down those stairs, but I can assure you it was a long time. They seemed infinite, and it made me sigh to just think about climbing them all back again to get out of there.

When we reached the bottom, we met a large corridor. There were many doors to the side, and at the end, in front of us, another one. Seto walked towards that last one, and Yuugi and I followed. When he opened it, we found ourselves in a room with a table, many bookshelves, and a coffin.

Probably it was his 'room'.

"Nobody comes in here, so we can safely talk in here." He assured us.

"And what do the servants think you have in here?" I asked.

"My study." He said.

"In the basement?" Yuugi inquired, and he turned to him.

"I'm a peculiar man. And I pay them. So, they don't question me." he answered, and we decided to put the subject aside and get down to business.

"You said you were expecting us... How is that?" I asked, and Seto sat down on a chair, motioning for us to do the same.

"I have my own ways of knowing about things. And when I knew you were in town, I knew you were coming in here. It had really taken you long enough to do so, actually. I had been expecting you for a long time." He said, looking directly at me.

I decided not to ask, since Bakura had said that the vampires knew about me, as I traveled around the world searching for them. Probably Seto knew about me the same way.

"What are we, vampires?" I asked, and Seto rolled his eyes.

"What do you want me to say?" he asked, as if I already knew the answer. I probably did, but hearing it from him would make a lot more sense.

"The truth." I told him, and Seto sighed, standing up. He started to walk around the room.

"We are what you see. Like me, and you two soul mates. Creatures like humans but not humans. Alive but not quite. We can't die, we can't age. We can't get ill, but we can be hurt. Only we heal a whole lot faster than humans can. And our senses are sharpen, we are more... fascinating. Thus why humans seem so fond of us, and why our charm works so easily on them." He said, and Yuugi only stared at him.

"What do you mean... we can't age?" he asked, and Seto looked at him. He walked over to his desk, and picked a rose from a vase. He gave it to Yuugi.

"Like a rose, humans are born, grow up, grow old, and die. We don't." he said, and Yuugi only looked at the rose, blankly. Then, he stood up, and walked out of the room. I could only look after him, not knowing what to do.

"It's Bakura's fault..." I whispered to myself, still looking at the door Yuugi had just gone through. Seto shook his head, and sat back on his chair behind his desk.

"Do not blame Bakura for something you did yourself." Seto said, and I glared at him.

"I did..?? How did you..." I narrowed my eyes, not really needed him to voice out how he knew what happened. "You read my mind." I simply said, and he nodded.

"You bit him. You gave him your blood. Bakura may have planned the trap, but it was you who turned him in what you are." He leaned over the desk, to look closer to my face. "He knew that it was forbidden to turn someone that young into a vampire. Someone who didn't deserve the death and immortality yet... Someone pure, helpless. Now he's hopeless. Your little lover wants to grow up, but he can't. And it's your fault. Not Bakura's." he said, and I looked away.

"He is not my lover." I stated, and he raised an eyebrow.

"Oh he isn't? He is your soul mate, he is your partner. If he isn't your lover, then what is he?" Seto asked, and I crossed my arms.

"He's my brother." I replied matter-of-factly, and Seto laughed. A bitter laugh.

"Come on, Yami. You can't be that naïve. Don't you see the way he looks at you? Don't you see the way he looked at me because I simply glanced in your way? The jealousy, the possessiveness in his eyes? Oh of course not, you were too busy treating him like a child." He said, and I was startled.

"But I can't love him like that, he is a child!" I told him, and he sighed.

"And don't you see that that is also a source of his grief? Yuugi will never grow up, turn into a more mature man, be able to have the body of a man. He will never have your love as the one he desires, he'll always be a child in your eyes, and will always be treated as such. And that pains him. Because you can see that through his eyes. He is not a child. But he looks like one, and that won't change." Seto explained and I was silent.

Yuugi really felt that way? I couldn't tell, because he never said anything about that to me. But could I be any more blind? Why did Seto's words hit me like arrows of truth? I was a fool. And I didn't know who to hate the most for what I had done... Bakura or myself.

"You gave him a soul, Yami. And that only makes things worse. You may not know, but not all vampires have souls such as yourself, Yuugi, or even me. That's what makes them succumb and disappear into nothingness, only because they weren't good enough to immortality. You have to have a soul to live. Or you'll be nothing but blood-sucking animals that hunt in the night; emotionless, empty. You have to be clever, skilled to be able to survive 100 years of eternity. And with a soul you're able to continue seeing the world with different eyes. The eyes of a powerful vampire." He explained, and I was silent for a moment.

"Bakura said something like that to me, but I never understood him..." I said, and Seto frowned.

"Bakura's a fool!" Seto said, bolting up from his chair. "He acts like a soulless vampire, and tends to get more attention than he was supposed to! He kills innumerous people over nothing, in meaningless pleasure!" he continued, and I couldn't agree with him more. When he calmed down, he continued his speech. "And he does it all because he lost his soul mate, but couldn't die with him. He hates his immortality, but can't end his own damned life. So he searches for soul mates and destroys their destiny, like he did with you and Yuugi."

I knew Seto's words were true, and that couldn't leave me any madder. I wanted to kill Bakura, dry him of his poisonous blood and make him pay for what he did to Yuugi and me. But I suppressed such urge. Instead, I would go looking for him. He didn't completely lose his soul mate, and I would make him see that. Then, maybe, he would realize his mistake.

Like I did.

I stood up and left the room, not knowing how long we had been in that room. I decided to look out for Yuugi and see how he was feeling after finally discovering his answer, when Seto stopped me.

"You and Yuugi can stay here for the night. Just pick one of the rooms outside. I assure you the coffins are of good quality." He said, and I left, after nodding.

I climbed the infinite-looking stairs, and when I finally opened the door to the exit, I almost growled at the excess of light my sensitive eyes met, feeling them hurt because they were used to the darkness that Seto had downstairs. I looked around and couldn't feel Yuugi's presence near, so I decided to follow my senses to where he was. I climbed the stairs and after looking around, found him on a balcony, the rose Seto gave him still in hands.

"What's on your mind?" I asked him once I stood beside him. He didn't look up at me, instead just kept looking at the rose.

"Why didn't you tell me?" he asked in a silent voice, and I was about to answer when he continued. "All this time... All this 50 years I have been hoping that maybe vampires grew in a more slowed way than humans. All this time I hoped that, someday, I would grow up. But I won't. I can hurt..." his finger brushed one of the rose's thorn, and a thin line of blood fell. "... But I can't die. But I wished... I wished that I wasn't like this..."

"You would have died..." I tried to say, but he snapped at me.

"Then you should have left me to die then!! Was it you? It was you who... turned me into what I am? Was it you that fed me off your blood, and turned me into a monster?? I would rather have died than remained as a doll for you to play during your cursed eternity." He said, and I looked away. Yuugi didn't say anything else for a few minutes, before he turned and hugged me. I blinked a few times.


"I can't hate you. Even if I wanted and tried to, I can't hate you..." he said, and I just placed my arms around his shoulders. He looked up at me. "Do you love me?" he asked.

"Yes." Was my answer, but I didn't specify and neither did Yuugi. Though I knew what he meant, I couldn't say 'no'. I would be lying if I said that. But I also lied when I said 'yes'. Because the love we had for each other was different, no matter how much I wanted to return his feelings. But all Yuugi did was smile.

"I love you too." he said, and I nodded in acknowledgement. When he let go of me, he asked silently for me to leave him alone, and that is what I did. I didn't stay at the party, instead I walked around the city, thinking. Wishing that I hadn't done that to Yuugi when I first met him. Wishing that I hadn't followed him that day. Wished that I hadn't listened to Bakura.

But what was done, couldn't be undone. So when dawn was near, I went back to Kaiba's mansion and didn't look for Yuugi. I knew that he wanted to be alone, and if he wasn't waiting for me, then he didn't want to see me. I entered one of Seto's many 'guestrooms' and decided to wait until dusk to talk to him.

And so I did.

Vampires can't dream, but I was sure that if I could, I would have dreamt of the moment I first saw Yuugi. Bathed in darkness, trembling in fear in my arms. His eyes shone even though there was no light, and he smiled to me even though he didn't know me. He was unique... Someone I was destined to love hadn't I stopped the course of his life. His blood was sweet, and I swear that it remained within me, and there would stay until the end of times. Yuugi... I am sorry; that's what I kept thinking, even though I was not conscious.

The moment I woke up, I sensed something was wrong. I bolted up from the coffin and explored the mansion for any sight of Yuugi without finding him anywhere. When I came to the point where we had talked last night, I froze. I had yet to notice, up to that moment, the rose that lied on the floor. I walked towards it, and picked it up. I noticed the ashes around it, and it took me a moment to take in the facts.

'No... He can't...' I watched as the wind blew the ashes away, and holding the rose close to me, let my emotions take over. For the first time in my life, I cried. I really cried.

Call me what you want. But the fact is that vampires can cry, although not many times in all eternity. And that night I did. My soul mate had left me... Had watched the beautiful dawn and had parted, alone, from immortality. Did it really hurt him that much that I didn't love him back? Could he see in my eyes what he meant to me? Little brother of my soul? Maybe he did. And maybe I was a fool. Maybe we both were. But the fact was that I had destroyed Yuugi's life... twice.

The grief that came upon me made me finally realize what Seto really meant. Such emotion could be possessed by any other and felt the same way I did that night. I felt like a part of me had just died, I felt incomplete. Knowing that I would never die only doubled my pain. And I had to let my emotions out somehow. I know that night I cried. I probably screamed too. I can't remember well because everything seemed like a big blur to me. But I knew... I knew I had to do more.

I had to take vengeance for Yuugi. And the dealer of our damned fate was only one.


I went back to Domino city. I felt like Bakura never left that city for a reason, and though I didn't know why, I didn't really care. If he were there, I would find him. And I would do anything to do so.


I stopped in the middle of a deserted street, feeling, like before, that I was not alone. Such feeling was so familiar to me that I could easily pick-point where the cause of it was. I turned around in a swift movement, and came face to face with the one I was looking for. Never, could I be any luckier.

"Bakura." Was all I said to the smirking vampire, before jumping on him and throwing him to the ground, my claws craving deep wounds on his neck. I scratched him but it was of no use as the wound slowly vanished from view, healing. I growled as I stood up, kicking him before he could get up. He laughed.

"What is wrong, Yami? What is the source of such sudden violence, huh?" he asked, and I snarled, bending down to catch him by the throat and lift him up.

"You are the source! Everything is your fault!" I yelled, and he only continued to laugh that annoying laugh of his.

"Me? Why? Did something happen to you that you just have to place the blame on me? By the way..." he grinned insanely. "Where's your little soul mate, huh?" he asked, and I snapped. I gripped him tighter and threw him towards the nearest tree. He hit it with violence and fell down to the ground, and I caught him again before he could stand up.

"He died. And it's all your fault." I told him, but that only seemed to please him more.

"If he died, he did that on free will. And if he did that on free will, then you must have done something to him. What did you do? Refused to baby-sit him? Or did he want something that you could not give him?" Bakura asked, and I narrowed my eyes.

"Shut up!" I yelled, but Bakura wasn't thinking on stopping.

"It's part your fault too, Yami... But now he's gone. You lost him. And you can't get him back. You're like me now. You'll know how I feel." He said, and let go of him, turning to walk away.

"You're wrong." I told him, not facing him. "I didn't lose him. Some humans believe in reincarnation.. And so do I. If Yuugi ever reincarnates, I'll be there to know. And I'll get him back." I turned my head to him. "And so can you." And with that, I walked away.

I never saw Bakura again, after that night. And for the next years, I spent traveling around, for any sight of Yuugi. I had finally found my purpose. I had to spend eternity for Yuugi, and only for him. Enjoying the completion that existed when we were together, and the constant love that blossomed between us. Think what you will for vampires. But we can love. As we can cry. And feel any other emotions. Only, we choose not to demonstrate them.

I only dedicated the next years in pro of finding my soul mate. He would be there, somewhere, and I would find him. I suppose I became more like Bakura, not minding whom I killed, doing it mercilessly and without a second thought. But what good did to me think of my victims, worry about them, when I couldn't do anything else? I had to kill. To survive. To be able to see Yuugi again. Maybe I gave away my humanity. Perhaps, even my sanity. I didn't think of anything but him. And whenever I looked at the immortal rose I still carry with me, I remembered of him. And my purpose remained the same.

Now, I know what you are thinking. I cannot read your mind, but I can read your expression. Why did I tell you all this? Why would I bother to do such? But I couldn't help but remember all my history once I saw you. You made me remember of everything... Maybe you helped me regain my long lost sanity.

I shall not do anything to you but warn you. I am not the only one you're going to meet tonight, and I hope you're ready for him. Since this is the day I have so long dreamed of, maybe he will be out there, waiting for you as well. So, do not be shocked or surprised when you see him. I am only trying to help.



He fell on his knees, as he watched the vampire disappear into the shadows the moonlight cast on the street. Never had he thought that he would meet someone like him... He didn't even know that he existed! He shivered. He wished that he had never met him.

'Did he say... I'm meeting another one... tonight? Another one... like him??' he asked himself, and fought to stand up, since his knees felt like Jell-O. He breathed heavily and sweat traced down his face. He didn't want to meet another vampire... 'Oh Ryou. Such luck you have.' He told himself, and decided to walk home.

There was nothing he could do to prevent a vampire from following him. And besides... Didn't the say mean that 'vampires cannot enter a house without being invited'? If he was fast enough, maybe he was free of one.


Yuugi winced when he heard a thunder, and hurried towards his house. Why, just why did he have to stay late at night at Jou's house, huh? He was sure his grandfather was going to lecture him so much about it that his ears were going to hurt.

He looked up at the sky, not sensing any rain soon. Only occasional thunders and lightning flashed in the sky, and that was even worse in his opinion. Everything was so dark, that Yuugi decided to walk near the street lamps, staying as near the light as possible.

He had a bad feeling coursing through him at the moment.

He looked behind him, but saw nobody, not even the silhouette of a person. He sighed in relief but jumped when a lightning flashed. He could tell it was going to rain now. The ambient was humid, he could feel it. He looked behind him one more time... But then stopped.

He saw something.

At first, it was nothing but an indistinguishably shadow. But then, the shadow began to move towards him, and he could make out the eyes. Crimson eyes. A lightning flashed again, and it was the only time Yuugi could see his face. He refused to walk near the lights anyway.

He was... so beautiful. The way he moved... he seemed to waltz on the concrete ground, not walk. And the eyes... they shone in a way, so... Mystically. Yuugi was astonished and amazed by the stranger. In such a way, that he didn't move and waited until he floated towards him.

The rain began to drop, slowly at first but then came down strongly. There was no wind, thank the Gods, but nobody was paying attention to that. There was no alive soul on the streets, but Yuugi and the stranger. And those two didn't really give the rain a second thought.

Yuugi looked up at the unknown man when he stopped in front of him, admiring his features as the sky flashed and illuminated the surroundings. The eyes, the scarlet glowing eyes, just kept looking into his own and he felt like he was in a trance. Like he was caught in a spider's web and couldn't move. All he could do... was stare.

The man smiled. And Yuugi couldn't control the urge to smile back.

"Do you like to dance?" he asked, his deep and enchanting voice penetrating Yuugi's ears and almost making him faint. He nodded, not stopping smiling. The stranger then placed an arm around his waist, and with the other, grabbed his hand. Yuugi blinked and blushed, and was about to voice a decline for his offer, but couldn't bring himself to speak properly when the man smiled at him. So he just let himself be guided.

He giggled, not able to control his emotions as the man guided him in a rhythmic but soundless dance, his face buried on his neck and his eyes closed, sensing an unknown feeling building within him as he stayed in the man's arms. He never had felt anything like it before.

When the man stopped, and didn't let go of Yuugi's hand or waist. Yuugi only moved his head to look up at his face, and held his breath at how close their faces were. The man seemed interested in him, and he looked at his face admiring his every feature.

"Yuugi..." he whispered, and Yuugi's mind was too drawn in bliss to take in the fact that he knew his name without having asked. "How long... I waited for you." He said, his breath touching Yuugi's cheek and making his mind a blank for a couple of minutes.

"You... waited for me?" he finally spoke, his voice weak and low. The stranger smiled and brought a hand to his face, caressing the skin lovingly. He nodded, and Yuugi looked up at him in wonder. "Who are you?"

"I am your soul mate. Your lover..." he brought his lips close to Yuugi's. "I am darkness."

"Yami..." Yuugi whispered, and without any other word, the stranger touched his lips with his own. Yuugi couldn't do anything else in his state but let him be kissed and kiss him back, feeling a warm sensation filling his insides, and so did the man's cold skin. The kiss lasted for so long, Yuugi almost forgot that he had to breathe, and when they parted, he panted.

"With a kiss I seal our vow." He brought his lips down to Yuugi's neck, kissing and sucking the skin. "And with my immortal kiss, I finish my mission." And with that said, brought his fangs down on Yuugi's neck.

Yuugi couldn't scream, or maybe he didn't want to. It hurt, feeling the blood leaving him and slowly he became weaker and weaker, and began to fall against the man's arms. His vision was beginning to darken, and the warmth he was feeling was beginning to vanish when the vampire let go of him, and turned to look at his face.

"Shh... calm down." He said, and wiped some tears, mixed with sweat and rain from Yuugi's face. He whimpered. "Do not fear. You won't die. I won't let you." He continued, and slashing his own wrist, brought it to Yuugi's lips, letting him taste his blood for the second time.

He held him this time, as he thrashed and screamed in pain, suffering from the human death. Slowly, his skin became paler and colder, his eyes lighter and shimmering, and his breaths ceased. His hand went up to Yami's chest and he pushed himself up, gazing at the other's anxious eyes.

"Soul mate... Yami?" he said, and the vampire smiled.

"Yes love..." he said, and brought his lips down to Yuugi's again, without a word of complaint or refusal from the smaller immortal.


Ryou entered his house, and tried to turn on the light. He blinked when the lights didn't work and sighed, deciding to try and find his way through the darkness, without any other option at all.

When he turned on a corner, he jumped when he felt arms wrap around him, and was going to scream when a voice silenced him right away.

"Don't worry, lovely Ryou. I won't hurt you." The voice said, and he could make out glowing light brown eyes in the dark mist. "Wait... perhaps it will hurt. But I'll be here, love. And soon... the pain will end. Just trust me."

"W-who are y-you? Some kind of... monster?" Ryou asked, and held his breath when the owner of the voice kissed him.

"You can call me Bakura."

~ Fin ~

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