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Basically this is a story about what would have happened if Lorelai had moved to stars hollow when rory was already in school in Hartford. So this is just my twist on rory's life with lots of major plot lines from the show twisted to fit my what if scenario and lots of new stuff too. Enjoy!

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***Chapter 1: Regrets

Tristan held her hair away from her face and rubbed her back softly as she bent over the toilet, suffering from the effects of having too much to drink.

He felt horrible. This was all his fault. He had brought her to the party, and now she was drunk and sick and their relationship had taken an unexpected turn.

Tristan replayed the events of the past hour in his head.

He had brought Rory to Madeline's party, reluctantly leaving her with Lane when he spotted Summer. He had slowly made his way over to his girlfriend who wanted to dance with him. Even though it was less than forty-five minutes ago, Tristan couldn't remember what had triggered their argument.

But something had. And even when he notice Rory refilling her cup of beer more time s than she should have, Summer didn't give Tristan a chance to stop her.

He ended up breaking up with Summer, causing a big scene at the party. And to tell the truth, he was hurt. Even though his heart belonged to Rory and he had never loved Summer, the break up still upset him.

After summer walked away from him, Rory had pushed her way through the crowd to comfort Tristan.

"Looks like we're in the same boat," Rory said sadly. She had just broken up with Dean the night before, and if that hadn't happened, Rory probably wouldn't be so drunk right now.

But even then Tristan passed her glassy eyes as tear filled and led her to sit down at the grand piano in a nearly deserted room.

Tristan figured his memory was failing because he couldn't remember a thing they said at the piano. Either that or he was too drunk himself. But he'd remember kissing her. He remembered the sensation, the magic, the feeling of her kissing him back. But that ended when she started to cry and ran away.

He found her several minutes later, downing yet another beer. He took the cup from her hand protectively. She shot him an evil glance, but the next minute she was running for the bathroom, with Tristan close behind.

And now here they were. Rory was puking in a toilet at a party and Tristan was beating himself up inside for bringing her here, for taking advantage of her and kissing her. For not taking better care of her.

Rory got up and washed her face.

"Tris," she asked softly.

"Yah Mare?"

"Can we go home?"

Tristan tucked a loose strand of her hair behind her ear affectionately. "Of course, let's go."

He looked at Rory, regretting that kiss he had wanted so much.

His one consolation was that she wouldn't remember any of the events of the party by tomorrow morning.


a/n: before you start complaining because you're so confused, please read chapter 2. Everything will be explained. Thanks!