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Chapter 6- Race time

Everyone was at the top of Garibaldi getting ready for the 3rd heat of the race.

Kaori was weeping at her place in the stargate.

"What's wrong, Kay?" asked Elise.

"Seeiah-san broke my CD player because she said I was scaring the squirrels away, and Seeiah-san is fond of the squirrels." sobbed Kaori.

"So no more Justin Timberlake?" asked Elise with a tone of happiness in her voice. Kaori shook her head glumly.

ÒHello mates.Ó said Moby. he had returned from his tree-top adventure in time to watch the last heat.

ÒMoby!Ó exclaimed Zoe. She ran up and hugged him and gave him a peck on the lips. She could see Psymon getting upset, she knew he was jealous.

ÒRacers 5 minutes till the start,Ó RazelÕs voice said over the loudspeaker.

Zoe walked up to Psymon. ÒW-Well good luck Psy.Ó

ÒAt least your talking to me,Ó snapped Psymon.

ÒYea, I couldnÕt stay mad at you forever,Ó she said. She held out her hand, waiting for him to shake hers. He grabbed her in and pulled her in for a kiss.

Ò Oh yea, now thatÕz what IÕm talkin aboutz!Ó said JP, totally ruining the moment.

ÒYou want to get killed before of after the race?Ó Zoe threatened.

ÒShut it you disgraceful tribal cow!" yelled JP.

"Stupid French pretty boy!" Zoe yelled back.

"Kick his ass Payne!" said Psymon and Moby as they were cheering on Zoe.

"Wow a fight without you in it." said Eddie to Elise with a voice of mock astonishment. Elise smiled.

ÒRacers, get to your gates,Ó the loud speaker boomed. They all got to there places.

Elise was looking the mountian. The snow that had fallen the night before was untouched by anyone. ÒThis is going to be very, very interesting,Ó she said to herself.

"In today's race we have Kaori Nishidake, Eddie Wachowski, Zoe Payne, JP Arsenault, and the two Canadians Elise Riggs and Psymon Stark!" Elise enjoyed being at home in Canada because her name got the loudest applause.

ÒReady to lose Puff?Ó she teased.

ÒSorry, but IÕm not losing to my girlfriend again,Ó he said.

ÒYouÕre onÓ she said. She adjusted her gloves and narrowed her eyes, determined to win.

The song Work It by Justin Timberlake came on and Kaori squealed joyfully from her place in the stargate.

ÒRACERS 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!Ó And they were off.



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