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Selene could easily be called one who wasn't much for the casual wise crack or knock knock joke, but even more so could be said for the fact that she wasn't much for stupid, time wasting riddles. Now unfortunately for Michael, who thought he was just doing a simply grand thing by leaving little notes and riddles all around the house for her after he had left one morning, every note that she read made her grow to be more and more royally pissed off.

"What's one thing that you can't see, can't touch, and can't feel, but is always around you. And once someone says its name, it's gone?" Michael's neat, narrow writing was scrawled in deep blue ink, across the fine lines of the notebook paper. Taking a deep breath, Selene shut her eyes and tried to contain herself, before slowly tearing apart the paper, shred by shred.

This was the last note that she found around the house, and it was certainly the most irritating. The least he could of done was think up something new and witty, she thought sourly, tossing the remains of paper into the trash can in the corner of the kitchen, but no he just had to go and use the stupidest, most overly used riddle in the history of this fricken planet.

Also unfortunately for Michael was that with her growing pregnancy, Selene was growing more and more moody, which was as Michael quickly learned, never a good thing. She often had random spasms of cramps, or sharp stabs of hot blood lust, always taking Michael by a slowly lessening surprise. But today was certainly not a good day to have tested her compassion for any other creature on the planet, which Michael was soon to find out.

"Silence!" She shouted out, furiously kicking the trash can, causing it to tip over and dump it's insides over the off white tiles on the kitchen floor. "Fucking silence!" Her angry yells cracked through the silence of the room, and she finally dropped to her knees, and pressed her back against one of the wooden legs of the table. "Fucking silence.." she muttered to herself under her breath, rubbing a hand to her stomach.

She knew that she had to watch her temper more because of the baby, and that it wasn't healthy for her to get so upset and so furious so often or so easily. With this in mind she slowly rubbed the palm of her hand against her stomach and shut her eyes, trying not to scream out in frustration again. Opening up one dark eye, she glanced up at the clock on the wall and saw that in red 7:15. Sighing, she slowly stood up and paced across the room to the front door, knowing that Michael would soon be passing through it.

Tapping her foot anxiously, she stood with still one hand balanced on her still slender tummy, and the other pressed against the wall. She wanted to let Michael know just how er, pleased she was with him the moment that he stepped into the door. She didn't want to give him any time to blabber on and on about the wonders of the day and how exciting this was or how thrilling that was. She just wanted him to for once listen to the boredom of her, the absence of entertainment she endears in her long, hollow hours of mindless sleep.

Oh she loathed the light yes, but there was something even more severe that she loathed that Michael had no idea about. She despised the silence.

Yes, it was the silence that was beginning to truly get to her, beginning to creep beneath her skin and itch at her blood, just beginning her to slowly tear herself apart. She couldn't stand going asleep before the wee hours of dawn knowing that Michael would never be there when she awoke, knowing that she would spend the rest of the hours of the day confined in that little bedroom, with nothing covering her but a few blankets and the eternal sound of silence.

Oh how she longed for something to break the silence, besides the soft padding of her own footsteps on the hallway rug, or the sounds of dishes clattering together in the nearly always-empty sink. She longed so horribly to hear a voice besides her own forlorn sighs as she awoke, longed to hear something other than the news broadcasters annoying chuckle as she laid down on the sofa. But more than anything, she longed to hear the love in Michael's voice when she first opened her eyes in the morning, to be able to have faith in the thoughts that she may not be the only one cooing at her baby in the wee hours of the night, at their baby.

Their baby. It was a thought Selene was still meddling with in her mind, not yet able to except it, although never rejecting it. She found it hard to believe that a life such as her own, so hollow and condescending, could possibly give the world another life, another being. Another thing that would eat and sleep and breath, filled with thoughts and soon to be formed memories, soon to bleed tears and crack smiles, to annoy and to love. Sliding down the side of the wall, Selene gently pressed her hand up her shirt and rubbed the bare skin of her tummy, wondering how she could possibly handle this.

She had never had any real relationships with children, besides her two young nieces, so long ago. But they weren't even her own, they were her older sisters, and she had never had to feel that full responsibility over them, as she would have to know with her own baby. She knew that Michael had no children of his own, besides the one quickly growing in her stomach anyway, and she knew that he had had no younger siblings. She wondered how in the hell either of them was going to manage taking care of another life, being held responsible for every little thing that another did.

But the thing that struck her the most profoundly, that really bad her stomach lurch, that made her have to shut her eyes for a moment before rethinking it, was the thought of death. She was a killer, raised and molded to be ever since she had begun her life of the undead, and had never allowed the thought of actually creating another life to seep into the farthest corners of her mind, only destroying it. But now she had created a new life, and not ended one.

Keeping her eyes shut tight, Selene sighed and rolled her head over her neck for a moment, still idly rubbing her stomach. All thoughts of Michael's arrival home were out of her mind, and she wasn't listening for his footsteps on the front porch, or the sound of the doorknob creaking as he pushed his way inside.

Yes that was exactly what he had done, again and again. He had pushed his way inside of her life, inside of her even, without her giving it a second thought. She had never felt the need to question him, his purpose, she had simply allowed him to be there beside her as the time went on, never once daring herself to wonder of why he was there. And now, nearly falling back into a restless sleep, she realized why he was there. For her baby. For their baby.

Opening the door softly, Michael shuffled into the small front room, and shut the door behind him, glancing around for Selene. He felt his foot knock lightly against something soft on the floor and glanced down, only to then kneel down and gasp softly, surprised to see Selene sprawled across the floor like that.

Kneeling down in front of her, Michael nuzzled his nose softly against hers, brushing a few spare strands of hair out of her face. "Selene?" He whispered softly, his eyes skimming across her face.

Opening her eyes just enough to see his face through the part of her eyelashes; Selene forgot all thoughts of yelling at him, of cursing him out of the house. She merely settled with whispering out something barely audible, but yet something that would stay embedded in his mind for as long as her face would.

"Do you know what it's like to have the silence broken only by your voice?"

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