Golden Sun: The New Regime

By: Padfoot-chan

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Summary: In a world where test-tube babies are normal and children conceived the "old fashioned way" is considered an oddity; Ivan leads a band of underground Energists against the New Regime. He has lost his family to the New Regime and now wants his revenge. Shonen-ai contained. Don't like don't read.


Ivan Tsunomi

Age: Sixteen

Birthplace: Cygnus, Arcadia

Birth year: 2070

Appearance: Chin length, dirty blonde hair, violet eyes and usually a serious expression on his face Height: 5'6" weight: 125lbs

Background: When Ivan was fourteen, his older sister, Hama, was taken away by a big organization called the New Regime when they discovered that she possessed unique powers, powers that the president of the New Regime was very interested in. Hama was asked to join the New Regime, however, being a very proud person who loathed everything about the New Regime, she turned down the offer, which turned out to be the very last thing she would be able to do. Hama was murdered and sent back to her family in a coffin painted in her own blood. Ivan's mother and father were so distraught about their daughter's death that they sent him off to a family friend before they went to the New Regime headquarters to talk with the president, this would be the last time Ivan ever saw them alive. A few weeks later, the family that he was staying with was murdered by the New Regime, who were now trying to get to him. Frightened by this turn of events, Ivan ran away, finally reaching Draco, one of the biggest cities in all of Arcadia, however, it was also the home of a band of Energists who were working against the New Regime. Most of the members were teenagers, much like Ivan, who had lost their parents went they refused to join the New Regime or were trying to protect their children from having to join them. A year later, the former leader resigned from his duties and let Ivan take his place, knowing that Ivan would lead them with a level head. Ivan detests the test-tube babies, also known as "false Energists", created by the New Regime because they have similar powers to Energists, however they were falsely received and hundreds of Energists died from the false Energists who set out to do the New Regime's dirty work. Now, Ivan is watching a false Energist who ran away from the New Regime. It is his job to make sure that the New Regime does not get a hold of this false Energist because of his unique powers.

Element: Air

Robin Watanabe

Age: Eighteen

Birthplace: Andromeda, Arcadia

Birth year: 2068

Appearance: Sandy blonde hair going a little past his chin, pale blue eyes, usually serious but can be happy when he is around people that he likes Height: 6'1" weight: 130lbs

Background: Robin is one of the false Energists created by the New Regime. These false Energists follow the orders of the New Regime and search for any Energists. Upon finding these Energists, they bring them back to one of the New Regime's many buildings, where they will then be set in front of the president who will give them an offer of life in his service or death if they chose to go against the New Regime. Many have refused this offer of life over death. Each of the false Energists, have one element, much like the true Energists. The elements they receive vary depending on their parents, the people who supplied the genes to create the false Energists, many do this against their will. Usually, the false Energists show signs of their powers when they are first born, however, Robin was different. When he was born, he showed no signs of possessing any powers so he was returned to his parents. He lived a normal life for fourteen years, until one day when his father, Kyle, was in danger of being run over by a truck, Robin suddenly teleported Kyle to safety. Normally not a power received by those with the earth element, the New Regime found out immediately about this and took Robin away from his family. The president of the New Regime took a general liking to him for his strange powers and trained Robin himself. However, whenever Robin was not training, he was locked away in his room, constantly trying to break out of the room with his powers. Finally, he decided to not do anything that he was told and demanded to be returned to his parents. With a laugh, the president told him that this request would be impossible and that he had murdered Robin's parents when they took him away from his house. Robin, angered and distressed by this information, created a huge earthquake, of which the likes had never been seen by Andromeda, nearly destroying the city and killing everyone there. Instead of frightening the president, the earthquake had made him quite happy, it had shown him just how strong Robin was. Four years later, Robin managed to escape with the help of a close friend of his. He has been on the move since then, unable to stay in one place because the New Regime has eyes everyone and is on the lookout for him.

Element: Earth

Felix Hayato

Age: Nineteen

Birthplace: Draco, Arcadia

Birth year: 2067

Appearance: Long, chocolate brown  hair usually tied back in a loose ponytail and thrown over his shoulder, warm, brown eyes Height: 6'3" weight: 136lbs

Background: Felix was the previous leader of the group of Energists working against the New Regime, however, he resigned from that job and gave the position to Ivan when he felt that Ivan was mature enough to handle being the leader of a group. Felix is close to the founder of the group and usually spends his free time with him. Felix helped Robin escape from the New Regime four years ago and has secretly been helping him move around unseen ever since.

Element: Earth

Picard Abe

Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Cygnus, Arcadia

Birth year: Unknown

Appearance: Long, light blue hair either tied back in a ponytail, worn down without anything or worn down with a headband around his head to keep his bangs out of his eyes, bright, golden eyes Height: 6'2" weight: 132lbs

Background: Picard is the founder of the group of Energists and original leader of the small group. However, he later gives the leadership to Felix who in turn resigns the title to Ivan after he joins them. Picard knew and trained the president of the New Regime before he turned evil and began creating the false Energists through science and technology. When he learned that his old pupil had done this, he was very distraught and tried to protect as many people as he could from his former student and the New Regime. Picard knows the most about the origin of the Energists and why Robin is the strongest false Energist ever to be born. When Picard is not training the younger members of the group or retraining the older members, he is spending his free time with Felix.

Element: Water

Alex Dagashii

Age: Twenty

Birthplace: Andromeda, Arcadia

Birth year: 2066

Appearance: Long, aqua-colored hair going past his shoulders and down his back, bright blue eyes Height: 6'2" weight: 131lbs

Background: Alex is the president and founder of the New Regime in Draco. He himself is an Energist even though he sends his legion of false Energists out to find them and if they refuse to join him, he either orders his false Energists to kill them or he will kill them himself. Alex is one of the strongest Energists in all of Arcadia, and only a select few can rival his powers. However, these select few have chosen to go into hiding and are neither with the New Regime nor against them. The reason Alex is one of the stronger Energists is because he found three ancient buildings after his mentor, Picard Abe, released him from his tutelage. The motives for Alex's actions are unknown however, Picard believes that it could be to find another ancient building similar to the ones he found years ago.

Element: Water

Sheba Sakarai

Age: Fifteen

Birthplace: Gemini, Arcadia

Birth year: 2071

Appearance: short, dirty blonde hair going past her chin, forest green eyes Height: 5'4" weight: 109lbs

Element: Air

Jenna Hayato

Age: Eighteen

Birthplace: Draco, Arcadia

Birth year: 2068

Appearance: Elbow length, reddish-brown hair, fiery red eyes Height: 5'10" weight: 120lbs

Element: Fire

Mary Nizu

Age: Eighteen

Birthplace: Andromeda, Arcadia

Birth year: 2068

Appearance: Long, dark blue hair going past her elbows usually tied up in a high ponytail, pale blue eyes Height: 5'11" weight: 123lbs

Element: Water

Gerald Yoshida

Age: Eighteen

Birthplace: Draco, Arcadia

Birth year: 2068

Appearance: Shoulder length, reddish-brown hair usually spiked, chestnut eyes Height: 6'2" weight: 134lbs

Element: Fire

Xenos Galen

Age: Fourteen

Birthplace: Cygnus, Andromeda

Birth year: 2072

Appearance: Shoulder length, jet-black hair, usually tied back in a loose ponytail or held down by a dark blue bandana, ice-blue eyes that usually are hidden behind his bangs, a large black tattoo on his back in the shape of demon wings Height: 5'5 ½ " weight: 117lbs

Element: Fire

Devlin Fagan

Age: Fourteen

Birthplace: Draco, Arcadia

Birth year: 2072

Appearance: Shoulder length, white hair, reddish-pink eyes and abnormally pale skin, usually has to wear glasses to see and wears sunglasses outside because his eyes are sensitive to the light, a black tattoo on his back in the shape of angel wings. A small scar on his right arm and a larger scar on his left thigh from when he was younger. Height: 5'5" weight: 115lbs

Element: Earth

Chapter 1: Rain

Rain poured down around the large town of Andromeda. People rushed through the streets, running to their cars or to the safety of buildings where they could dry off. However, one person stood out in the rain, soaked to the bone and wearing only a long, black leather trench coat for protection. This person was Ivan Tsunomi, his short, dirty blonde hair was plastered to his pale cheeks as he leaned back against the bricks of a building. His body seemed tiered but his strong violet eyes were trained on the coffee shop across the street from him.

He had been there for hours and the others had headed back to the base as soon as the rain had started. Felix Hayato had stayed with him up until an hour ago but when Picard Abe asked him to return to the base as well, Felix left Ivan when he said he could handle the job alone and that he should see what Picard wanted. He wished he had gone with Felix when he left.

Ivan knew that he should go back to the base as well but he did not want the New Regime to get their hands on the false Energist that he was watching. If they did, they would either use his powers for themselves or kill him. Even though he was hoping for the latter, he knew that the New Regime would know let the false Energist's powers go to waste and would brainwash him before they ever let him die.

The false Energist in question had been in the coffee shop for hours and Ivan did not want to go in for fear that he would be seen by the false Energist and then his cover would be blown. Ivan had been following the false Energist for months now and had already been seen by him two times. A third might make it a little too suspicious and he did not want to risk allowing the false Energist to think that he was being followed.

However, he really wanted to get out of the pouring rain, if he did not do so now, he might catch pneumonia.

Ivan sneezed, nearly falling forward in surprise. He looked down at his watch and let out a tiered sigh. It was four o'clock in the morning. Hama would have killed him for being out that late, if she were still alive that is. His older sister, Hama, had been murdered over two years ago by an elite organization called the New Regime. Ivan's sister had strange powers, powers that Ivan now possessed himself. The president of the New Regime had discovered Hama's powers and ordered his highest group of false Energists to capture Hama and take her to the headquarters of the New Regime, a large building located in the heart of Draco. After that, Ivan did not know must of what had happened but a week later, a package arrived in the mail. The package contained a large coffin painted in what looked like blood. His father had told him to leave the room before they opened it and right when Ivan reached his room, he heard his mother let out a blood-curdling scream. Neither of his parents would allow him to see what was inside of the box, but from his mother's scream and the smell of blood that now filled the house, he could guess what had been inside the coffin and what had become of his sister.

Hama had always been a proud person and she had never cared for the New Regime very much. She was always starting protests and dragging Ivan along with her…

Ivan shut his violet eyes tightly, pressing his forehead against the wet brick wall of the building he was hiding behind. Thinking about her was far too painful. It always reminded him of just how much he was alone in the world now. Sure, Felix and the others treated him like family, but that was not the same.

He was just about to give up and return to the others when the door to the coffee shop opened and the false Energists stepped out into the rain. He took out a dark blue umbrella before the rain could soak his sandy blonde hair. His pale blue eyes scanned the area before he headed over to a black sports car parked near the coffee shop.

Ivan watched for a moment before he sidestepped and climbed onto his motorcycle. He had just turned sixteen a couple of weeks ago but Felix had taught him how to drive when he had joined the other Energists in the fight against the New Regime, he felt that it would be a good skill for Ivan to have if he were ever separated from the older members of the group.

Ivan pulled on his helmet and watched the black sports car until it pulled out of the parking space and down the empty street. Waiting a couple of minutes, Ivan started his motorcycle and pulled out of the alleyway, taking the same road as the black sports car.

The false Energist had only gotten a block ahead of him but that would give them enough distance for Ivan to follow unseen as well as keep an eye on the car in front of him. The black sports car stopped at a red light, giving Ivan more time to catch up to him. The pouring rain was impairing Ivan's vision and he was already regretting the decision to take his motorcycle out on this mission. Then again, he had no other choice but to take his motorcycle. Gerald Yoshida had taken his car out to train one of the younger members, Sheba Sakarai. So it was either drive the motorcycle or risk driving with Jenna, Felix's younger sister. Jenna's driving was not exactly…up to par.

Ivan reached the alleyway that would take him back to the base and sighed. He really wanted to go to sleep in his nice, warm, dry bed back in his apartment, but no. He had to watch over this false Energist before he could do anything else. Gritting his teeth, Ivan sped up, hoping to get this over with as soon as possible. He had caught up with the false Energist's car by now, even though it had already gotten past the red light.

Ivan was about to pull alongside of the black sports car, when it suddenly pulled to a stop, forcing Ivan to turn his bike to the side. He toppled over the front of his motorcycle and was braced himself for a hard landing against the wet concrete, throwing his arms out in front of himself, when suddenly a strong pair of arms caught him.

The sixteen-year-old pulled his helmet off his head; gasping for breath, "Are you all right?" asked a smooth voice coming from the person holding him.

"Yeah…I'm just fine," breathed Ivan, still a little shocked. He sat up on his knees, cradling his head in his hand. He felt a hand rubbing against his back, drawing a deep blush to his cheeks.

A million questions ran through his head as he lowered his hand and slowly turned to the person who had caught him. When their eyes met, his mind went completely blank. Another absurd thought passed through Ivan's mind as he stared up into pale blue eyes, slightly hidden underneath sandy blonde bangs. The false Energist.

Ivan blinked the rainwater out of his eyes and backed away from the false Energist, trying to get back to his feet. His legs gave out from under him and he fell back onto the ground, "Sorry…" started the false Energist, smiling weakly at Ivan, reaching out to help him, "I thought that you were someone from the New Regime. But I have seen you around somewhere before, haven't I?"

Turning away from the false Energist, and narrowing his eyes, Ivan replied curtly, "I don't know what you are talking about."

"I never forget a face," smiled the man, "Especially not one as cute as yours. My name is Watanabe Robin. Care to tell me your name?" Ivan glanced at the older teen for a moment before letting out a sigh. It was late, he was cold and his clothes were soaking wet, and all he wanted to do now was sleep in his own bed, even though the gates around the base were probably locked and the doors were bolted shut by now.

"Tsunomi, Tsunomi Ivan. I know who you are…and if you were worried that I was from the New Regime, then you must know that they are looking for you." Robin nodded, brushing back his now wet bangs, "What do you want to do? As long as you are out on the streets, out of their control, they will come looking for you. They want your power more than anyone else's."

"I know…Dagashii told me that as well." muttered Robin before he looked back over at Ivan, turning serious, "Why have you been following me? It has been months since I escaped the New Regime and I saw you watching me a week ago and two months before that I saw you following me through a crowd."

Ivan mumbled a curse under his breath, "I was trying to make sure that no one from the New Regime got to you. You would be a danger to Energists everywhere if they were to get a hold of you again. I heard that Dagashii Alex has control of Energists with Air Psynergy."

"Psynergy?" interrupted Robin, "What's that?" Ivan blinked up at him in astonishment. He had never though that he would have to explain what Psynergy was, especially not to an Energist, even if he was a false Energist…he should at least know what the power he used was called. How could you control something when you did not even know its name.

"It is sort of hard to explain…" whispered Ivan thoughtfully, "It's kind of like…our powers, or the extensions of our minds through our powers that we exert into a more physical form using one of the four elements: water, air, earth, and fire." Robin nodded slowly, "Picard could probably explain it better than I can, I still do not understand what Psynergy is myself. Didn't Dagashii explain it to you when you were with the New Regime?"

Robin laughed. It was forced, almost harsh but Ivan could tell from the slight softness in his laugh that he had the kind of laugh that people loved to listen to, "He never said anything about my powers to me. I overheard him talking to others about my powers and he would brag about my powers to me a lot." Robin looked down at his light blue, long-sleeved shirt and sighed, "I think that you should get home before you catch your death. How long have you been out here anyway? It's been raining since six p.m."

Ivan flushed slightly at the question, "Well…since you went into the coffee shop."

"What!? But I've been in there for hours."

"You're important though!" yelled Ivan, blushing even more when he realized what he had just said, "I mean…you could either destroy all of the Energists or save us…you are very important to both sides."

Robin smiled and stood up, reaching for Ivan's hand and pulling him to his feet. He pulled Ivan up a little too fast and caused the younger teen to fall forward into his arms, his forehead lightly bumping Robin's chest, "So I am important to both sides? To the New Regime and the Energists?" asked Robin, slipping his arms around Ivan's waist and holding him close.

Ivan rested his head against Robin's chest in spite of himself and closed his eyes, breathing in deeply.

This felt familiar for some reason, having strong arms wrapped around his slim frame. It was an alien feeling to feel secure, especially in the arms of someone who he had been taught to hate. What would Felix say when he found out about this? What would Picard say? They had taken him in when he had nowhere else to go, when everyone else had turned him away because of his powers. Even among Energists, Ivan's powers were considered an oddity.

He was an Air Energist. He could read people's emotions and their thoughts. Ivan could control the winds to create whirlwinds, Picard had even taught him how to use Water Psynergy. Water was closely related to Air and with the right training and a strong mind, an Air Energist could use Water Psynergy. The same went for Earth Energists when they tried to use certain Fire Psynergy based skills.

Ivan's eyes lolled and he began to slump against Robin. Robin looked down at Ivan and picked him up, letting Ivan rest his head on his shoulder.

"I…have to get back to the base…" moaned Ivan, turning blurry, violet eyes to Robin, "The others are going to be worried…about me…"

"I am not letting you drive alone…least of all on a motorcycle in the rain. Don't you know that that is very dangerous?" Ivan grumbled a yes and wrapped his arms around Robin's neck.

Robin smiled and glanced over at Ivan's motorcycle and his helmet. There was a flash of light and the motorcycle and helmet disappeared. Next, Robin looked at his car. He did not feel like driving it now, not with Ivan to worry about. There was another flash of light and his car disappeared as well, leaving the street empty except for Ivan and him.

Robin bowed his head as blue lights because to circle around him, the fabric of his and Ivan's clothes floating as if caught by a gentle wind.


They were gone.


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