Golden Sun: the New Regime

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Chapter 2: Adiuvare

Felix moved over to the window of his and Picard's room. The rain had not stopped yet and he was starting to worry about Ivan staying out so late to watch over the false Energist. The young Venus Energist had noticed that Ivan was taking a particular interest in Robin Watanabe and he could not place the reason as to why.

Sighing, Felix leaned against the windowsill and stared down into the streets. Their base was disguised at the Imperial Palace in Andromeda, which was rather wise when you considered that one of their strongest Energists was the Emperor of Andromeda.

Felix pressed his forehead against the cool glass of the window, mentally cursing himself for leaving Ivan alone to look after Robin. He should have taken him with him back to the Palace at the very least, but even if he had kept prying, Ivan would have refused to return with him in the end. It was as if Ivan took looking after Robin personally.

The door to the room opened and Picard Abe walked in, stretching when he throught no one was in the room. Felix caught his reflection in the window and smiled at the older man, turning around to face him, "Hey, Picard."

Picard froze with his arms lifted over his head, blushing slightly, "F-Felix, you really should warn people before you do that."

"Yes, warn people about sitting in my room, at…" Felix glanced over at the clock in the corner of the room, "Four-thirty in the morning." Picard shot the younger man an indignant look and crossed the room to their bed, sitting down soon after, "What are you doing up so late, anyway?"

"Making sure that all of the Energists have returned from their missions or training sessions. Gerald says that Sheba is progressing quite well, she just has to learn everything that Ivan knows and she will be able to go out on missions with some of the others." explained Picard, turning away from Felix and hiding a yawn behind his mouth. Felix smiled and started to laugh, "May I ask what it is that you find so amusing, dear?"

"You, you always seem to amuse me." laughed Felix, holding his sides.

"And why do I amuse you?" asked Picard as he removed his shoes. Felix stood up and sat down next to Picard on the bed, leaning toward the shorter man.

"Because you are just so polite." Picard blushed under Felix's gaze and turned away, clearing his throat, "You have to get over it sometime, Picard. We are married now." Picard fiddled with his hands now, blushing even more now.

"Yes, I know…" he cleared his throat again and turned to Felix, jumping back when he noticed how close the younger man was. Felix shook his head and scooted back, smirking down at Picard, "Where is Ivan? I went to his room to check up on him and to ask him about the false Energist, but he was not there. Please tell me that he has returned."

"No, the gates have remained unopened since Gerald returned with Sheba. Mary and Jenna returned to the Palace before I did, so everyone should be back by now." said Felix, solemnly, "It appears that Ivan is the only one who has yet to come back to the Palace."

"Felix, it has been hours since you returned, I am starting to get worried about him." Picard shook his light blue locks from side to side, "Maybe I should not have called you back when I did. I should have left you to look after Ivan, instead of asking you to help me out with the training for the new Energists, but Xenos and Devlin were giving me such a hard time... If anything has happened to Ivan, it is going to be all my fault." Picard stood up, "We have to go find him now. He could be in trouble. What is he ran into members of the New Regime. I do not think that even he can handle a whole group of them on his own."

Felix grabbed Picard's wrist and pulled him back onto their bed, "Calm down, Picard. Ivan is a big boy, he can take care of himself and if he is truly desperate, he will ask for Watanabe's help." soothed Felix, "Watanabe owes me a few favors, anyway. So if Ivan asks for his help, he will help him out."

Picard nodded, "Yes, but, Ivan is still quite young and he should not be out this late. I can still worry about one of my closer friends, can't I?"

"Of course you can worry about Ivan," started Felix, "I thought I was going to have a heart attack before you came in here. What do you say to us going out and looking for him after we get some sleep? It would not be very healthy to go out with no sleep and try looking for him in this kind of weather."

"Yes, and maybe there is a slight change the that weather will improve by the time we awake." Picard frown, "I have a bad feeling that something is about to happen, though, Felix. As soon as we wake up, promise me that we will go looking for Ivan."

"I promise you, Picard, we will go looking for Ivan as soon as we wake up."


Robin and Ivan reappeared in a darkened apartment, in the middle of a small bedroom. Robin walked over to his bed and laid Ivan on top of it before removing Ivan's trench coat, hanging it up in the corner of the room and then moving to remove Ivan's shirt. A quick hand caught his and violet eyes turned to him, a warning in their gaze, "What are…you doing?" asked Ivan. Robin smiled weakly down at him.

"You don't want to stay in wet clothes, do you? You could get sick." Ivan sat up and climbed off the bed with Robin's help.

"I can change myself, I am not injured." Robin sighed and turned away from Ivan, looking through his drawers for something that Ivan could wear. Ivan rubbed the sides of his arms, trying to warm up as he looked around Robin's room.

The walls of the room was bare, no posters, no pictures, but there was a small clock in the corner of the room, flashing 12:00 over and over again. Next to Robin's bed, there was a small dresser with one portrait on it. The picture inside was of Robin, three years ago, with a man and a woman. Ivan walked over to the picture and leaned forward to get a better look.

"Those were my parents." said Robin, walking up behind Ivan, startling him. Ivan turned around, blushing and averted his eyes from Robin's.

"Sorry…I didn't mean to be rude…" muttered Ivan as Robin handed him some dry clothes. Robin shook his head.

"It is alright, I haven't a right to keep anything from you, right?" asked the false Energist, "It is my fault that you are in this mess in the first place, at least, that is how I figure it. The New Regime is out looking for me now, dropping all of their previous projects for the sole purpose of getting me back to use my powers against the Energists."

Ivan looked down at the clothes Robin handed him and the false Energist turned around, "Uh, what is the New Regime planning? Do you know?" asked Ivan, blushing crimson as he set the clothes down on the dresser behind him and lifted his shirt over his head.

"Your guess is as good as mine, but I did meet up with someone at the coffee shop the other day that said there was a rumor traveling around that the New Regime wants this strange power and they need me to gain it." explained Robin. "From how they said it, it seems that Alex already has half of the power, but I have the other half. I do not know how it happened, but something might have gone wrong when I was created."

Ivan pulled the shirt Robin had given him over his head and blushed. The shirt smelled like Robin, a scent that was oddly familiar, comforting in a strange way. He shook it off and removed his pants quickly, slipping the ones that the false Energist had given him as well. They were a little lose but Ivan tightened the straps on the sides and they fit perfectly, even though they were too long. The shirt was too, he could not even see his hands and the one of his shoulders was exposed.

"Do you think that is the truth?" asked Ivan, walking around Robin and looking up at him. Robin had his eyes closed so he did not see the movement. Ivan smiled to himself and tapped Robin's shoulder. Robin's pale blue eyes flew open and he smiled down at Ivan when he saw him.

"I do not know…with Alex, anything could happen, I can be sure of that at the very least." Robin shrugged his shoulders, "There will be time to talk about that tomorrow. Right now, I think that you should get some sleep. This is the only bed I have, considering that I normally do not have guests and haven't really planned to stay in one place for very long. You take it and I'll sleep in the living room on the couch."

"I can't make you do that!" cried Ivan as Robin made to the doorway. He grabbed Robin's wet sleeve, stopping the older teen from leaving the room, "I mean, this is your apartment and everything, so it would be rather rude of me to make you sleep on the couch."

Robin shook his head, "You are a guest and it would be rude of me to make you sleep on the couch." They stood there staring at each other for a moment before turning away and laughing.

"It seems that our parents both taught us similar manners," laughed Ivan.

"It would appear that way. What should we do now?" asked the false Energist, now finding the silver crucifix around his neck very interesting. Ivan shrugged his shoulders, not really thinking about the sleeping arrangements now.

'Robin is so…different from the other false Energists.' thought Ivan, staring at Robin for a moment, 'Maybe it was because he actually met his real parents. Picard told me that Dagashii usually held onto the false Energists after they were born, but because Robin did not show any sign of his powers earlier on, he returned him to his parents.

I wonder if Robin had never showed any signs of his Psynergy, if Dagashii had never taken him back to the New Regime…would I have ever met him?' Ivan smiled to himself, turning away from Robin, 'Always thinking about the "what if" instead of what is actually happening.'

"Ivan? Did you hear me?" asked Robin, waving his hand in front of the Air Energist's face. Ivan jumped back a little, running into the dresser behind him, "Are you okay?"

"Yes, what were you saying?"

"I was saying that, since I am older than you, I should take the couch. It would only be fair, besides, I have to go to work early tomorrow and I don't want to wake you up when I have to get ready." Ivan nodded, still a little dazed, "I have an extra set of keys on the counter in the hallway. If you truly want to leave before I get off, take them and lock up. Then I would like for you to stop by the coffee shop so that we can talk."

"When do you get off?" asked Ivan, sounding a little worried now.

"I have the morning shift tomorrow, so I should be home around…noon or a little before that." said Robin, "Why? Are you thinking about staying around until I return?" Ivan flushed.

"Well, I am really tiered, and you did give me a place to stay for the night," mumbled the Air Energist, "I just thought that I should stick around until you come back so that I can thank you properly."

"I didn't do much really, it is my fault that you were out here in the first place, remember?" reminded Robin, smiling, "But since that is settled, I should go so you can get some rest. Good night." Robin grabbed some clean clothes out of his dresser, waved to Ivan and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Ivan looked around the small bedroom one last time before sitting down on Robin's bed and lying down on his pillow. It was quiet in the house until he heard the sound of water running and a bright red blush stained his cheeks. Ivan buried his face in Robin's pillow, trying to block out the sound of the running water.

'Must…not think about…think!' he screamed in his mind, 'Nice, pure thoughts. Oh, God, Picard and Felix are going to kill me when I come back. I can hear it now: Ivan Cor Tsunomi! Where the hell have you been all night!? Do you know how worried we were about you!? Picard nearly sent everyone in the Palace out looking for you!

That is that last thing I need. A lecture from Felix.' Ivan relaxed once the sound of running water died out and drifted off into a peaceful sleep. At least he thought so.


Ivan stood outside of a large mansion in the middle of Draco, wearing the clothes that Robin had given him. There was movement from within the mansion and angry voices called out to him, piercing through the stonewalls of the large building.

A second later, he felt a tug at his mind and he appeared in a large room with people in business suits surrounding him. Surprised by the sudden movement, Ivan reached for the Psynergy gun that he kept tucked away in his boots. When he lifted the pants to get to the metal weapon, he found that there was nothing there.

A man to his left walked up to him and Ivan lifted his arms up to block any attack that he might try, however, the man just kept walking, walking right through Ivan as if he were not even there. Then a thought struck Ivan. He was not there at all. This must be a vision. A precognitive dream.

With this in mind, Ivan rose to his feet and looked around the room. He could sense that some of the people in business suits were false Energists and others were true Energists, some being controlled by Alex Dagashii and others there of their own free will.

Ivan was about to leave the room to explore the rest of the mansion when a strong wave of energy hit him like a ton of bricks. Spinning around, he finally saw him, face to face for the first time. Alex Dagashii, the man behind the New Regime, the man responsible for Ivan being an orphan. Alex was wearing the garb of a royal, similar to what the Emperor of Andromeda wore when he had to met with officials.

The young man was descending the stairs at the very end of the room, everyone pausing and bowing to him as he reached them, "How are your findings? Do you have the person who will help us retrieve Robin?"

"Yes, Sire. He is through that door. Fagan had no trouble controlling him when he told him what we would do to Robin if he did not cooperate with us." Ivan covered his mouth, nearly sinking to his knees in shock.

'Fagan…? Oh no, Devlin's father must have…' he shook his head, 'No wonder Devlin never wants to talk about his parents to us.' Alex smirked.

"Love is such a weakness, but all the better for us. We can use it against them whenever we want." laughed Alex, walking over to the door that they were talking about. He opened the door and Ivan turned around just in time to see…himself. The Air Energist let out a gasp, stopping himself just before he ran over to his future self. There was no change in his visage, so that must mean whatever was happening in his vision right now, was going to take place sometime in the near future.

Ivan gulped. They were going to try to use him against Robin, but why? They were not very close, they had only just met and as far as he knew, Ivan was the only one out of the two that was beginning to feel anything for the other Energist.

Alex's smirk did not diminish as he walked over to Ivan's future counterpart and draped an arm around the Air Energist's shoulder, "Let's go see Robin now, shall we, Ivan? I am sure that he will be…pleased to see that you are safe and unharmed. So pleased that he will join the New Regime willingly just to make sure that you stay that way."

'Robin…' Ivan shook his head and yelled aloud, "No! I won't let you hurt him!"

Like glass, the vision before him shattered into a million pieces, leaving him standing in an abyss of darkness. Ivan collapsed to his knees, looking around wildly, "What…happened?" His voice echoed through the nothingness, sending a shiver down his spine.

The sound of a droplet of water hitting a large pool reached his ears and light flashed somewhere in front of him. He rose to his feet in spite of himself and walked forward, toward the flash of light. Ivan could hear singing now, the sweet sound reaching his ears from far away. After walking for what seemed like hours, the abyss around him disappeared and he found himself in a clearing in the middle of a forest.

Silvery moonlight was the only thing illuminating the area around him as he took another step forward. There was a flash and the singing stopped abruptly. A woman with long, lavender-grayish hair was sitting on a tree stump, her kind, violet eyes open and trained on Ivan's now trembling form, "Sister…?"

Hama rose to her feet, walking so gracefully to her younger brother it was as if she were gliding along the grass. She leaned down and took her brother into her arms, giving him a quick hug, "Ivan, dear Brother, you have to be strong for me, okay?"

"What are you talking about, Sister?" asked Ivan, fighting back the tears that were threatening to stream down his cheeks.

"Dagashii Alex is going to come after you next, in a couple of days. He is going to see you with Watanabe Robin and is soon going to use you to get to Watanabe." explained Hama, "You have already seen this in your premonition. I want you to remember everything that you see in it and please be careful. Do not leave Robin's side for even one minute."

"I have to return to the Palace as soon as Robin comes back from work. Picard and Felix are going to be worried about me and once they make sure that I am safe, Felix is going to kill me." cried Ivan, shaking his head.

"All will become clear to you in due time, little Brother. I cannot reveal everything to you." smiled Hama, "How will you ever learn on your own if I were to do everything for you? For the moment, I want you to be careful and make sure that Watanabe does not take any unnecessary risks."

"Cryptic as always, Sister." he muttered as Hama leaned forward to draw her little brother into a hug one last time.

Everything around Ivan slowly disappeared once again, as he slipped out of this stage of paradoxical sleep. Somewhere just beyond his consciousness, he could hear the sound of someone moving around in the house. A soft curse as that someone stubbed his toe in a corner.

The door to Robin's room creaked open and Robin tiptoed into the room, grabbing his work clothes as silently as possible before turning to walk out of his bedroom. He paused when he heard Ivan mutter something in his sleep. The false Energist walked over to Ivan and leaned over him, curious about what the young Air Energist was dreaming about.

"Robin…" he muttered under his breath before turning over in his sleep. Robin flushed and stumbled backwards, stopping himself just before he could crash into his dresser. He clutched at the clothes in his arms and stared down at the Air Energist sleeping in his bed.

Robin quickly shook his head. He must have taken it the wrong way, right? Ivan could not possibly be dreaming about him in that way, could he? He would not mind really. He thought that Ivan very interesting to say the least and found his every move hypnotic and captivating.

For a moment, he would have stayed in the room just watching Ivan sleeping, but he knew that he would have to get ready to go to work soon. Sighing, Robin made his way to the door as silently as he had come in and walked through the doorway, closing the door behind him without a sound.


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