Glass and Roses

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Devi sat quietly on the edge of her tub, her head in her hands. "How could I let this happen?" She whispered to herself, tossing a fearful glance at the sink as if it were scheduled to explode. She leaned back against the purple and black tile on her shower wall and sighed to herself.

"I knew this was a mistake...I knew I should have just gone home..." Tears began to seep from Devi's deep green eyes. "What now?" She asked herself harshly, cursing busily to herself. She knew she sounded crazy, but she didn't care. She pounded angrily at the porcelain edge until her hand was purple with bruises.

"I HATE YOU!" She shouted, not knowing exactly whom she was shouting to. Whose fault was this anyway? It wasn't hers exactly-it took two people to get into this mess, but it wasn't all his either after all, he had no idea how smashed she was-she'd learned to stay amazingly steady while intoxicated, besides, it's not like he was sober. Maybe it was fate's fault. But fate wasn't a person, and she needed someone to blame. Maybe the bartender for letting her drink so much? But he was just doing his job. Secondly, he wasn't here.

Settling her anger on the bathtub again, she slammed her sharp-toed boot into it until she heard a satisfying crack. She'd lost all feeling in her foot long before, and wasn't exactly sure if the crack came from the tub or not-but by that time, it didn't matter anymore.

A soft ding filled the bathroom with a lot more power than was expected. Devi jumped and stared at the sink worriedly. She wished it could come to her-she didn't think her jelly-like legs would support her. Devi swallowed and stepped over to the sink, plucking up the tiny stick from the small plastic saucer and staring at it.

A small blue plus sign stared back at her. She dropped the stick with a clatter and fell to her knees. "Oh god...oh god! What am I supposed to do?" She tried desperately to compose herself, getting shakily to her feet and throwing the little stick away. "I'll do it again...these things aren't always right..." She muttered, rushing to the cardboard box to pull out the second test. They always came with two.

After five boxes, Devi was faced with the facts. She was pregnant. But that wasn't that bad, was it? She could handle this-it wasn't like she was a teenager anymore. She should know how to take care of a child by now anyway. A lot of her friends were married with babies by this time. Well, except for Tenna-but that was a completely different story.

A loud obnoxious ringing pulled Devi from her thoughts. She glanced over to see her phone vibrating loudly in its holder. For a long time she watched it, as if she'd never seen a phone before and wanted to see what it would do. After it rang six times, the answering machine picked up the sound of a click. The person on the other line obviously had no time to leave a message.

Before long, the phone began to ring again. Again, Devi turned around to watch it for a moment-until she realized exactly what was happening. She rushed over and picked up the phone from its cradle whispered softly into the receiver, "he-hello?" Instead of saying some sort of greeting back, immediately the voice launched into a personal question it wanted an answer from.

"Well," Tenna bellowed, "are you?" Devi swallowed. She was silent for a minute. "Devi, you still there?" Devi sighed.

She nodded before realizing Tenna couldn't see her. "Yeah."

"Well, are you or are you not?" Tenna asked again, trying hard to sound patient and not nervous like she really was.

Devi managed to choke out a soft answer. "Yeah." She repeated, obviously preoccupied.

Tenna gasped, not noticing the far-away sound of her best friend's voice. "Oh my god." For once she was being serious. "You're pregnant? Seriously?"

Again Devi nodded before answering reluctantly, "Yeah."

"So..." Tenna tried to start a conversation, but neither of them was really listening, anyway.

Devi coughed up a sentence to break the silence. "I gotta go."

But Tenna wouldn't let her hang up. "You're going to call him, right? To tell him?"

Devi gulped. She was afraid of this. "Call who?" She asked blankly, purposely stalling for time.

"Who else, Devi?"

Devi shut her eyes and seethed. "I're never usually with the subject..." She was telling the truth, after all, Tenna was diagnosed with ADHD as a kid and never exactly grew out of it.

"Well, I'm able to stay on subject here. This is really serious. Anyway, I meant the father. Aren't you going to call the father?" She said this last word angrily, as if it were an annoying little brother that scared all of her friends away.

Devi felt her blood boil slightly at that term. "Why the fuck would I call Johnny?"