Chapter Two: The Scouts return.

Ami Mizuno stepped off the plane and looked around. Every thing seemed the same, after, so it seemed, a long time. Ami had finally decided preparatory school was not for her, and to come home to reassign at Crossroads junior high.

She was looking forward to seeing all of her friends again. Even though she was gone only for a month she still missed them dearly. Even Serena. Ami thought back to when she left only a month ago from vacation, when Serena just looked at her, sad and lost. Ami was too busy smiling over how her tutoring helped Serena's grades go up. She found her mother waiting for her and got ready to leave, bag in hand. Had they been more alert they would have realized a monster was slowly approaching the airport.

Serena fussed with her skirt and fell on the floor, growling and mumbling to herself about uniforms, her watch beeped. "Another one?" she looked at her watch, a small light blinked over the airport. "Great! How am I supposed to get all the way out there!?" Serena said out loud then it dawned on her. " Well I have been wanting to try it out." Getting ready she grabbed her school stuff and ran down stairs, Giving her parents a kiss goodbye she ran out the door, then snuck around to the storage shed, lifted a panel and typed in some numbers. A hatch opened under the shed, she walked down the steps to a storage harbor, Luna was there at a computer.

"Serena! What are you still doing here?" Luna asked, alarmed.

"The attack is at the airport I can't just take a cab, I came for the cycle." Serena said, sitting on the motorcycle and stuffing her hair into the helmet before putting it on.

"But we haven't tested it yet!!" Luna cried, "It's not safe!"

"Tough!" The blonde said before pulling out her brooch from her breast pocket, she looked at her cat meaningfully, "Luna... you know what to do if I don't come back."

With that, she held her broach out and cried, "MOON CRYSTAL POWER MAKE UP!"

The attack was happening so fast. People were too panicked to know what was going on, People were falling left and right, all the planes crashing into other planes. The monster was moving so quickly. If it did not drain energy, it just took joy in killing. The authorities tried their best but couldn't stop the raging creature without ending up dead or with their energy being drained.

She had to hurry. Even though the Airport was vast, she felt the stings in her heart of people hurting. But by the time she arrived, it was too late. The airport was a massacre. There were no signs of life anywhere, and those who were drained didn't last very long. This hurt. She thought to herself. This hurts...

Sailor Moon failed to get here fast enough to help these poor people. Why? How could they do this? Serena snapped out of her shock and looked around. The Monster had to be here somewhere. She found it, grazing on some limp bodies.

Horrified, she wasted No time in attacking the beast. "You're disgusting!!! Killing poor innocent people so you can feed yourself... That's sick! I am Sailor Moon and I will avenge those people... on Behalf of the moon, I will punish you!"

Sailor Moon tensed her muscles as the Monster slowly turned to look at her. "You think you can stop me? You're welcome to try."

The monster bought out his claws sharp claws, still dried with blood, and ran at Sailor Moon who, in turn, slid on the ground swept the monster with her feet. She swung out her sword quickly. "LUNAR DEATH CRY!" Slicing downwards, The Monster turned to dust. Sailor moon bowed her head. She then heard a child crying and a mother going to their aid. They're alright? She thought to herself, then smiled. Her smile faded when a horrible realization came to her. I'm gonna be late! She paled, running to her Lunar Cycle and taking off.

Luna looked at the young woman. "Raye... Sailor Moon will need your help in the future- Please allow us to use your dojo for meeting with everyone."

Raye smiled and nodded. "Sure, Luna! It'll be great to have the whole gang here again. Even if Meatball head is late... as always." Luna smiled and bounded off.

Two down and with only two to go, Luna ran as fast as she could to Mina's house hopefully Artemis gave her back her memories by then. Upon getting there, however, Ami was talking with Mina on a visit, telling her about school, Artemis came to them and released the seals on their memories. What luck! Luna smiled. All the Scouts now.... all we have to do was get Tuxedo Mask, and then... we'll be set.

Serena glared angrily at her homework, a pencil on her nose. "Argh..." Her watch began to beep. "Ah, at least it's a break." It was at the local Arcade, she knew if she ran she could probably get there before too many people got hurt. She transformed in her room, then slid out the window carefully and ran down the street.

"I stand for- ...crap." Sailor Moon paled.

Five monsters growled as they stalked the patrons of the arcade. She was just frozen there for a few seconds. Long enough to be slammed against the wall by one and her legs pinned by another. "No!" Sailor Moon screamed and squirmed from the grip with all her strength.

The monster holding her shoulders screeched and let go. A fireball came from it's chest, it then fell to the ground, limp.

"It... it can't be." Sailor Moon looked up quickly, earrings jingling.

"Always in trouble, Sailor Moon..." Sailor Mars's arms were folded and her expression was stern, but there was a smile creeping around her lips.

"Yeah, honestly, Sailor Moon... we can't come saving your butt all the time." Sailor Jupiter had her hands on her hips, but was smiling at her, Luna wound around her feet.

"Luna..." Sailor Moon growled.

"Tough, Sailor Moon, you need our help!" Sailor Venus concurred, pointing upward, at nothing in particular.

"We have no time to talk! Look out!" Sailor Mercury, practical as always, slid to the side to avoid a Monster trying to tackle her.

The scouts assembled together defensively. Serena concluded to give Luna an earful later, then a hug.

"Come on! What're we waiting for, Christmas? Let's take these bad boys down!" She said excitedly, drawing the sword.

"You got it!"

Sailor Moon ran to the monsters, sword pulled back, and her scouts behind her all the way.