Pippin felt a rush of excitement as him and Merry snuck away from the party. They were going to take some of Gandalf's fireworks and give this rather dull party a little twist. Merry grabbed the biggest firework in the pile and asked Pippin to give him his lighter. Pippin handed it to him giggling. He was having so much fun. Sneaking and Stealing is what him and Merry always did best. Merry lit the firework and grabbed Pippin's hand as they ran a few feet from the firework. The big explosion surprised them both as Pippin and Merry fell to the ground, still holding hands.

A large dragon made of many colors swooped over the crowd as everyone screamed. Merry and Pippin laughed at the faces of their relatives, especially Frodo. He looked like he was going to wet himself any moment. Their friend Sam ran around like a chicken with his head cut off. Only Bilbo and Gandalf weren't screaming, but had a amused look upon their faces.

When their laughter was starting to die down, Pippin noticed that him and Merry were still holding hands. Merry just happened to notice too, and the both took their hands away, blushing. Pippin couldn't explain it really, but holding Merry's hand sent a shiver down his spine. Merry was having similar thoughts as he looked over at his cousin, turning away quickly when he was spotted. Get a hold of yourself, Merry said in his mind. He's your cousin! Merry could see Pippin looking at him though through the corner of his eye and smiled.

I wonder what he's thinking in there, thought Pippin as he saw his older cousin smile. He's got a nice smile, he thought. Pippin got up and sat back down, in front of merry this time. Merry looked up and starred straight at him. Pippin could feel himself melt under Merry's intense stare. He was about to look away when Merry grabbed his hand and in one quick moment Pippin was flat on his back with Merry Straddling his hips.

Pippin opened his mouth to speak, but found no words coming out. Instead he sat up and leaned in towards Merry, feeling the other's warm breath. Smelled vaguely like Ale he thought. Merry was chewing on his lip nervously, not knowing what to say. So, he leaned in and quickly kissed those soft lips of his cousin, making Pippin to look like a deer caught in headlights. But his look went away just as fast as it came, and he returned the kiss with so much passion that Merry felt his head swirl. When they broke apart they saw behind them a flash of colors.

Merry started chuckling to himself, shaking his head. Pippin had a confused look on his face, which Merry found just so adorable. "they say, when you kiss someone you truly love, you see fireworks." Pippin laughed but was quickly silenced as Merry's lips were upon his once more. Pippin thought he could get use to this feeling as more fireworks began to show in the air, their bright colors everywhere.

Yeah, Pippin thought, I could.