Not guilty.

The words echoed in their emptiness. Kendall felt empty. Bianca felt cold. Even Erica could feel the injustice in her bones. Michael felt powerful.

I can kill him, given the chance. Kendall thought. She looked at Michael Cambias from the prosecutor's side of the courtroom. He had a smile on his face. The bastard was smiling. He leaned back in his chair, looking smug, pleased with himself. He sensed her stare. He turned his head towards her. He knew she was staring out of anger, not out of desire. Desire is what he was used too. He was Michael Cambias, insanely wealthy, very handsome, and very arrogant. Her eyes steeled towards his gaze. He smirked. He knew exactly what was going through her head. He knew he got away with it. He got away with everything. He was sly, cunning. At 36 he had managed to remain single though girls fawned over him. He remained alive despite his wealth and number of enemies. The number of enemies was growing deep. Kendall could no longer stand to look at him. That was strange for her. The men always turned away when she looked at them that way. She got it from her mother. She and Erica both were always in control. Always the alpha female: but not around Michael. She turned to her sister. Bianca sat there, cold, still. Erica wasn't there. She needed her mother at that moment, Kendall knew. I could use her too, Binks. Putting support on each others' shoulders, and those of their loved ones. They exited the courtroom. Michael couldn't wait for the reporters.
Lie through your teeth, Mike. Lie through your teeth. He watched Bianca leave the courtroom. He shifted around, looking up at the judge's seat, such a place of honor. He had just been let off for rape. A rape he committed. He had locked himself and Bianca into a dark house, the one place where Bianca felt most comfortable. He had invaded her in every way known. He felt powerful from that. He only wanted more. Dirty bastard. She's 19. He grinned to himself. He only wanted more.

His lawyer had given him a quick acknowledge of congratulations, but left hurriedly. Probably only 5 minutes ago, but it seemed days since. He knew his lawyer couldn't stand the sight of anything Cambias, unless it was money. The guy believed he did it. Michael wasn't surprised. Anyone who knew him knew he got what he wanted. He wanted revenge on the strong Kane women, on Erica and Kendall. He always wanted what was unattainable. That was Bianca: beautiful, young, innocent, the very being of kindness. She was the one who least deserved to be violated. That was why it felt so good to him. Most people thrived on romantic passion. He thrived on angry passion. He thrived on violence, abuse. He stood up, adjusting his suit, not to ever look back. He would walk through the doors and give the reporters what they wanted. Then, he would give himself what he wanted.