A/N: The bold words are Erimentha's thoughts and the italics are Fawkes' thoughts. They will converse that way. Enjoy!

I took my time flying to Dumbledore's office. I did not want to part with Severus. But alas I had to. I had to deliver the letter like a good obediant little owl. I found his window and flew up to it. It was closed. I then began to peck at it in hopes that he would open it.

After a few minutes an old man came to the window.

"What is all this ruckus about?" he said but laughed once he saw me.

He moved aside and I flew in. I landed gracefully on his desk and held out my leg so he could untie my letter. When he opened it up he began to look worried. I did not know why so I hooted to get his attention.

"Erimentha, your master has gone to a meeting with Lord Voldemort. He is spying for us. He is a good man."

Hoot. I agree. Since I had no where to sleep and he was asked to look after me he asked his phoenix if he would mind sharing his perch. The phoenix the snotty thing it was reluctantly agreed.

"Thank you Fawkes," the old strange man said.

In response he chirped an odd chirp. One I had never heard before.

Fawkes. So that's what his name was. I'd have to remember that. After the old man left I began to talk to the bird.


"Hello owl."

"My name is Erimentha. It is not owl. My master named me."

"I know. But it does not matter to me. I do not respect common house hold owls. Only humans and other phoenixes are worthy of my respect."

"Well that is rude."

"I beg to differ. I just have higher standards than you."

"Prat. I'm not talking to you any more. Phoenix," I said nastily.

"Fine by me," he agreed.

So we stopped talking to each other. I'll gladly admit it looked like I ruffled his 'perfect little feathers.' I am glad. Well I must go to sleep.

I then tucked my head under my wing and fell fast asleep.

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