Colours Of Love

"Your brother, Carter? Do I have to?" Jack whined at her. She had come up with the idea that if he was to pick Mark and his family up from the airport it would let them all get the chance to meet each other without her being there – and also doubled as a very good way to make her feel less guilty about her presentation which was at the exact time they were due to arrive.

"Please, Jack? If Mark has to get his family here by taxi he's going to hate me before the trip begins."

"Daniel's diplomatic, he'd be a much better choice for this… mission." He suggested hopefully, becoming desperate to find a way out of this potential disaster.

"Daniel's not my boyfriend. I want you to meet them first – you can talk about hockey with my brother." She smiled, hoping the incentive would win him over.

"Rangers fan?" He schooled his face so he didn't look interested, but a Carter that liked hockey? Jacob had looked at him like he was mad when he had made a joke about the Panthers last time he'd visited.

"Well…" She looked sheepish, averting her eyes from his. "He supports Detroit."

Jack laughed, but the pleading expression in her blue eyes beat down his reluctance. "Oh, alright. But you owe me."

"Thank you." Sam threw her arms round his neck. "I love you." She smiled again, knowing he'd forgive her for goading him into this.

"Breakfast in bed for a month." He told her in no uncertain terms, his hands working their way to her bare waist between the fabric of her top and skirt. "And I'm not responsible for anything stupid that I say while they're here."

"A month? It's only a 30 minute trip!"

"That's the deal."

"You drive a hard bargain, Colonel." Sam relented, kissing him quickly before grabbing her files from the hall table and running for the door.

"Hey! They do know we live together, right?" Jack called after her.

"Not exactly." She replied from the door. "Remember their flight gets in at 1630." She turned and fled to the car, only for Jack to follow her out and tap on the volvo's window.

"Not exactly?" He questioned, getting a bad feeling that she was letting him in for trouble without warning him first.

"Well I told Mark you'd be here while they stayed so you could get to know each other better, but…"

"He doesn't know I live here." He finished for her, a hurt expression quickly hidden from his brown eyes.

"I'm sorry. I tried to tell him, but sometimes he can be so much like Dad, and he's not the greatest fan of the military as it is. To him you're taking advantage of his little sister." She apologised, feeling terribly guilty now she'd admitted it. The last thing she wanted to do was hurt Jack, so she was shocked when he grinned, leaning in through the window to plant a kiss to her lips.

"I suppose I'll have to think of something else for you to do to make it up to me now then." Jack told her with mock disenchantment.

"You're far too good to me." Sam smiled brightly.

"Get back as soon as you can. What are the kids' names again?"

"Liz is Mark's wife, Bethany is the eight year old, and Jo is the five year old." She repeated from the previous morning.

"Three Carter women in the same house plus a protective brother and his wife. Just how am I supposed to survive the week?" Jack asked desperately.

"Because you love me. And you're making me late." Sam reasoned without hesitation.

"True on both counts, and the university can wait for you." He told her, pressing a kiss to her lips again before straightening up. "You go confuse the hell out of all those poor kids."

That earned him a glare from Sam as she rolled up the window, then she waved and drove away.


After a pretty uneventful trip in the car which Jack had managed to cope with Mark's fairly blunt questions and Liz's polite ones without incriminating himself too badly. And the children seemed to think he was funny, calling him 'Uncle Jack' as soon as they met him. Bethany was the spitting image of Sam, with long blonde hair and wide blue eyes, smiling shyly at Jack when her mother introduced him. Jo – or Joanna as Liz had introduced her, was very like her mother, with green eyes and shoulder length chestnut coloured hair. She watched Jack in fascination, reminding him of Sam when she had a new project on the go.

Jack let them in to the house, helping Mark with their luggage, and promptly finding himself at a loss for what to do next. Fortunately Jo saved him the trouble by asking to watch a video in the front room.

"Sure," He grinned, then realised that would leave him alone with their parents. One thing he'd always prided himself on was avoiding situations he couldn't get out of easily – at least outside of work, but since dating Carter he found himself agreeing to things he knew full well he'd screw up. Damn woman with that smile that he couldn't resist.

"Will you watch it with me, Uncle Jack?" He loved this kid already. Looking to her parents to make sure it was okay, Jack followed Jo into the front room and slipped the video into the player. Some Disney film he didn't recognise. Mark sat on the opposite couch next to his eldest daughter, who was curled up by the armrest, with her head in a book. Definitely a Carter, Jack mused with a slight smile.

Liz came in a little while later with three coffees and some juice for the girls, making Jack feel very guilty about his hosting skills. Liz just laughed when he apologised and replied that she'd seen this film so often with Jo, she was glad of a chance to miss as much of it as possible. Jo was too enthralled in the animated fish on-screen to even hear her name mentioned, to which the adults laughed. They talked quietly while sipping their coffees, surprising Jack by how easily he found good enough topics to broach with them. Jo hopped up on the couch beside Jack as soon as she realised he wasn't paying attention to the screen anymore.

"Uncle Jack, look!" She chirped enthusiastically, pointing to the giant turtle and what looked to be his family with the fish from earlier in the film. Jack just hoped that Jo didn't expect him to understand what was going on, but he smiled and nodded with her. He had obviously done something right because she curled up to his side and continued to watch the screen quietly. Liz caught his eyes and grinned approvingly at him, a look of slight surprise on her face at her daughter's very quick show of trust towards Jack.

The front door slammed, announcing Sam's return before she came to doorway of the front room to be greeted by the heart-warming sight of her family and boyfriend sitting watching TV.

"Sam!" Mark was the first to get up and hug his sister, followed by his wife. "How are you?"

"I'm great, thanks. I'm so sorry I couldn't come to pick you up. Was the flight alright?" She spoke as she unwound her scarf from her neck and took her coat off. "Did Jack behave himself?" Sam added with a cheeky smile in his direction.

"He was the perfect host." Liz assured her, as Sam sat down next to Jack, who immediately snaked an arm round her waist, her closeness increasing his confidence drastically.

"I promised best behaviour." He grinned, to be rewarded with one of her dazzling smiles, giving him a kiss in greeting. Jo giggled and both Sam and Jack realised she wasn't watching the video anymore.

"I see you've made a new friend." Sam commented gently. "Hi, Jo. What are you watching?"

"It's Nemo." She told her simply, as if that should be obvious. Sam laughed, and then turned to Bethany in the corner, who was still reading.

"Good book, Beth?" She asked with a smile. Beth looked up and nodded.

"So what does everyone fancy doing for dinner tonight?" Sam looked to each adult in the room, but it was Beth that answered first.

"Can we have pizza?"

"Girl after my own heart." Jack told her. "What about that nice restaurant in town we were in last week?" He suggested to Sam, who knew exactly which one he meant.

"The one with all that lovely ice cream?" She replied deliberately loud enough for both the girls to hear, to which she was rewarded with a "Yeah!" in chorus.

"I can see you two will be a bad influence on these two." Mark told them with a smile.

Sam showed them to the guest room and the smaller room at the back that would serve as the girls' room, leaving them to change and get settled while she went down for a few quiet moments with Jack.

"I think you've worked your magic on all of them. Especially Jo."

"She's a sweet kid." He replied, hugging her to him. "Now about that favour you owe me…"

Sam laughed, letting out a tiny squeal as he pinned her to the couch to kiss her. "You're terrible." She told him, before kissing him back.

They stopped in their tracks several minutes later when they both heard a giggle, and looked up to see Jo standing in the doorway with a big grin on her face. Jack jumped up quickly and helped Sam up, who was looking decidedly embarrassed.

"You were kissing." Jo told them, as if it was very funny and secret.

Jack couldn't help but smile at her innocence, and Sam's flustered face as she straightened out her skirt and the shirt she wore. At least Jo hadn't seen his hand up her aunt's shirt – that may have been a little difficult to explain to a five year old.

"I thought you were meant to be getting changed for the restaurant." Jack scolded her gently.

Jo smiled secretively again, before rushing off back to her room.

"You better hope she doesn't mention that to her dad." Sam told him, unable to decide between anger and amusement.

"Don't give me that look, Major." He replied, trying unsuccessfully to hide his grin. "C'mere."

Jack pulled her to him before she could protest, planting a kiss on her forehead and hugging her tightly. "Thank you so much for this."

"For what?" Jack asked, not entirely sure what she was talking about.

"Making me happy. Being great with my family. Being you." She told him sincerely, looking into his eyes as she said it.

"I think you're trying to get out of my breakfasts in bed." He accused her suspiciously, and then gave her a genuine smile; "It's not hard when I love you so much. And your family is pretty cool."

 "It was so nice to see you all together like that when I came in." Sam grasped his hand and smiled. "It felt warm and cosy."

 "You getting soft on me Sam?" Jack teased her, before turning her round to lead her to their bedroom.

"Jack, you know what I mean."

"I do," He kissed her softly then brushed his fingers over her cheeks intimately, showing her he wasn't mocking her.

She stared back into his eyes and whispered; "I love you."

The moment passed and Jack took it upon himself to suggest an outfit for the evening, to which she laughed.

"Okay, if you wear that dark red sexy one I like I'll reduce it to two weeks of breakfast in bed."

Sam glared back at him. He knew he'd got his way on this one.


It's gone 3AM, I dread to think how bad the grammar and spelling is and I've no idea where this came from – I'm not usually one to write lots of fics all in one go! Anyways, I'll continue if anyone is mad enough to like this :oD