After spending the night at the local inn, our intrepid heroes began their long journey down the Brellow-Yick Road. They had been given horses for the duration of the trip. Whelmyn's mount was blue, Bindaer's red, Kerredis's green, and Melody's purple." Collin had told them that they would each be provided with "a horse of a different color," but this had not been what they were expecting.

After about a day's ride, they found themselves moving through vast cornfields. Stalks rose up high on both sides of the road for what seemed to go on for miles. Then they came to a crossroad. To their left, they could make out nothing past eddies of an ominous-looking fog that swirled and churned treacherously. It was much like the magic known in their world as swirling chaos. ((A/N: When my dad says we see swirling chaos, we know not to go that way not because it's dangerous, but because he hasn't mapped out that part of the dungeon yet. Although there was a different reason for it in this case)). To their right, they could see a pink heart painted on the Brellow-Yick Road, and straight ahead, they could see nothing but more cornfields in that direction.

"Oh, that's great!" said Melody, "Which way do we go?"

"Well 'ello zere, friends!" came a voice from nearby. "Don't get many visitors around 'ere! What brings all of you to zis place?"

They turned around to face the speaker, and as it turned out, the one who had addressed them was a scarecrow on a post at the center of the crossroad. They would have been puzzled, but they were growing accustomed to peculiarity. "We're looking for the Valley of Obsession," Bindaer explained. "Can you tell us how to get there?"

"Vhat?" said the scarecrow. "I can't 'ear you."

Whelmyn repeated in a louder, enunciated voice, "Can you tell us where the gorge known as 'The Valley Of Obsession' is located?"

"Sorry, you're going to 'ave to talk a bit louder...I 'aven't got any...'ey! Vhat are you doing?" he demanded of Kerredis as she pulled two husks off of a stalk and brought them toward the scarecrow. She stuck them into either side of his head, thus providing him with ears of corn. "YYEEOOWW!!"

"Can you hear us now?" she asked.

"Yes, and never do zat again! Zat hurt!"

"Apologies, sir...We were wondering if you might help us. We're not sure which way to go. We're looking for the. . ."

"Oh, oh! Don't go left!" said the scarecrow earnestly. "It's pure insanity! You vill never make it out alive! But if you go right, you'll find ze king. Oh, please don't tell 'im I spoke to you! 'E'll cut me to ribbons! 'E turned me into a scarecrow for sweet-talking ze missus! 'E'd just kill me if 'e found out zat I vas speaking viz 'is guests, so if you go right, please don't tell ze king about me! But, uh. . .give my regards to ze missus, vill you? I do sort of fancy 'er. . .She's so. . ."

"EURIKA!" Whelmyn cried suddenly, "I've got it! We go straight!"

Bindaer raised an eyebrow. "How do you know?"

"Because between love and madness lies obsession. Follow me."

((A/N: There are 4 deliberate puns in this chapter, including the one in the title.))