"Military, guard the entrances, we will incant a security spell as a second resource, you must fight them off. Clear on my plan?" Giles brought everyone together and laid out the plans.

"CHECK!" The troops yelled almost bursting Giles's eardrums.

"Gotta love the enthusiasm." Xander said.

"Yes, you must, now go to your post." Giles ordered annoyed, rubbing his forehead. The troops went to their post where Travis briefed them on the situation.

"So what's Riley's and my job?" Buffy asked hesitantly.

"Slaying, hello! You get to be in front near the soldiers, you must kill the Muldangis instantly. To kill them you need The Plant of Maroogje. We could not find such a rare thing, but luckily I brought the essence of Maroogje, smells quite lovely, to me. To them it's a poison, it smells like sewage. You splash a teensy bit on one near the nostrils and that should do the trick. Here are the bottles, Willow and I added a little too make it stronger and more potent." He handed them small bottles that looked like they once could have been holy water containers, the bottles held a red violet fluid with blue speckles floating around in it.

"Doesn't look too tasty." Buffy gagged.

"No kidding." Riley frowned.

"It isn't for food, it spices up a room scent quite nicely." Giles told them and walked away.

She heard a low-pitched growl and turned to Riley's comrades, a Muldangis or what she guessed to be one, was stalking towards the seal. Buffy drew a sword held it in her hand and began to go forward with her weapons. The Muldangis was shocked to see her and started to hiss and bare its teeth. She walked up to it, pierced it in the stomach, and splashed a tiny amount of the Maroogje onto its nose. It looked like it was suffocating, it writhed on the dirt ground for a moment then was still with its eyes glazed. The troops clapped. But there were more.

"Taze 'em men!" Riley barked in a voice Buffy had never heard before. Bolts of electricity went across the area and hit the demons, leaving them weak and scared, two skewer like extensions came out of the biggest one's arms, it was obviously angry. It began to charge.

"It's the chief!" Giles yelled.

"Go for the pointy things, but avoid them as well, they hurt like hell! I should know!" Riley instructed with a grin. But his smile ceased when he noticed the Muldangis going for Buffy. ^The Muldangis chief goes for the strongest foe first, then annihilates the others.......^ he remembered from the briefing the had had a few weeks before.

"BUFFY!!" He cried. She turned his way flashing her happily - fighting smile. He pointed behind her. She turned but too late, a skewer lashed into her side, she limped a minute then fell to the ground in pain.

"NOOO!" He cried again running to her spot. The battle was over, the troops had easily killed the Muldangis and the leader was angrily going towards the seal, but, her battle hadn't finished, it had just begun.


She turned on the mattress and a searing pain tore through her side. She cringed and gingerly rubbed the dressed wound. She struggled but finally managed to sit up. A woman in the corner of the tent was fixing someone else up. Or at least the woman was until she saw Buffy sitting.

"Oh, you're up. It usually takes about a few more days for recovery but you look a little bruised but fine. I'm Samantha." The brunette smiled and finished with the other patient.

"Buffy." Buffy feebly smiled.

"Yes, I know your story. Finn, when he was bad off, of delirium yelled your name and told me all about your duties, what you were like, everything." The woman smiled. Buffy was feeling suspicious.

"What's my stuffed piggy's name?" She asked hesitantly.

"Mr. Gordo." Sam answered quickly with confidence.

"Correct. Can you get Riley for me?"

"I can try. The boys are cleaning up the site from last night, heard the battle was suspenseful."

"I didn't see but the first ten minutes or so, but since the world is well, not gone. I guess we won."

"Your friends and the boys did pretty well. Riley, I mean Agent Finn, killed the chief with an amazing fluid and a few clubs over the head. I'll go get him." The brunette smiled once more and left.
Buffy let the stifled groan escape. She rubbed her side again and moaned in pain. Every time she touched it the skin burned, it felt like her flesh was rotting away, but it will still there hidden behind the cheap first aid kit gauze that scratched and made the skin around it feel carpet burn. She moaned again.

"Hey, you're only supposed to do that for me." Riley's voice came from the entrance to the tent. He picked her up and swung her around in a circle.

"Good job, I heard you killed the chief." She smiled showing her pleasure but winced once when his hand accidentally touched the tender skin.

"Yea, you heard that. I felt pretty pleased." He grinned.

"So what do we do? I came to kill these things but they're finished, what do we do? I have to get back to Dawn soon." Buffy asked when she wasn't dizzy from the spinning any longer.

"I don't know. I've got a job here now, but I want to go back with you, I'd miss you too much if I stayed."

"Will you come back to Sunnydale? You can do hellmouth patrol there too." She nodded with her pouty puppy face.

"No place I'd rather be." Riley grinned hugging his girlfriend. They walked out of the the tent talking abut plans for the future.