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Videl had everything prepared. The living room was baby proof, and she had gates in front of the stairs just in case. All the doors were locked, all the breakable stuff was stored away, and her old playpen was pulled out from the attic along with some old toys. Even Hercule helped baby proof the house by removing his trophies off the tables. He seemed a little excited that Videl was babysitting a baby.

Ben was cute and all, but all he ever did was talk. You couldn't even give him a cookie to make him quiet. He would talk with his mouth full. Videl would lie to Sharpener so she wouldn't have to baby sit his son, and be stuck watching Pokemon for hours on end. Pokemon wasn't so bad, but Ben wanted to see the same episodes over and over again. He would bring over the same DVD, pop it in, and then start talking about Pokemon. Seeing the same episodes over and over again is boring, and having a kid talk nothing about Pokemon was frustrating.

This time, though, she wasn't babysitting Ben. She was babysitting another baby that she loved more than Ben, although she would never admit it. At least this baby didn't watch Pokemon; she watched Blues Clues.

And to think, Gohan only called her to get some notes from school.



Videl was lying in her bed reading a book when her cell phone started to ring. She looked at her caller ID and saw it was Gohan calling. Her face turned red. He never called her before, unless he was forced to call her. Videl quickly adjusted herself by sitting on her knees, and taking a deep breath.

"Hello," Videl spoke, her voice a little shaky. On the other end she could hear a baby crying, and some manic woman screaming.

"For heaven's sake Gohan, change her diaper!" Videl could tell that was Gohan's mother. She remembers that barbaric yell from anywhere.

"I'm trying to make a phone call," Gohan shouted back. Videl heard some muffs, and a smaller voice on the other line.

"Why are you giving her to me?" Videl laughed. She could picture Gohan handed Pan to Goten trying to get out of the screaming range. "She stinks!"

"Let me make this phone call and I'll change her!" Videl smiled. The screaming of Pan, the whining of Goten, and the horrific shouting from Chi-Chi were getting further and further away. She heard Gohan sigh. "This would really suck if I got the voicemail."

"Sorry I'm not here to answer the phone," Videl started to say, "but the baby screaming and the mother shouting are making me deaf. If I can hear you then my hearing has come back. Beep!"

"Funny." Videl giggled. His voice sounded frustrated, but relieved. "Did you take notes in class today?"

"You mean while you and Sharpener were sleeping?"

"No droll stains please."

Gohan was floating up in the air, a few hundred feet over his house. He could faintly hear Pan still crying, and his mother yelling at Goten to change her before the flies come.

"I have them here," Videl's voice on the end was far, but it was clearly heard that she was gathering the paper. "Need them for the homework assignment due next Monday?"

"Could you hold on one minute? I have someone on the other line."

Videl heard a click on her end. It was only for about two minutes before she heard Pan screaming on the other end, and Gohan's mom yelling on the other end.

"I'm not going to baby-sit her today," Videl heard Chi-Chi scream.

"But I have to work and Sharpener canceled," Gohan screamed. "I can't take care of her!"

"That's not my problem Gohan. You have to be a responsible parent and do what's right for your child. Call your manager and tell him you can't come in."

"I did that two weeks ago" Gohan whined. "I'll get fired if I call out again."

"That's not my problem."

Pan stopped crying, and made a few baby sounds.


(End flashback)

Hercule came into the room and closed the door behind him.

"Well, I did everything to baby proof the other rooms just in case," he said clapping his hands against each other.

"Dad, I told you that you didn't have to do anything," Videl said folding her arms across her chest. "I'll be keeping her in the living room and no where else."

"But you never know when she will crawl away into another room and get hurt." Videl raised an eyebrow at him. "I-I'm not saying you're not responsible, I mean, I know you are responsible but babies tend to go places where they shouldn't…like the kitchen! There are knives all over the place, and she may end up crawling in the blender."

"The blender?" Videl shook her head and sighed. "Do you want to help me baby-sit?"

Hercule's face lit up.

"Well if you truly need the help I'm sure I can lend a hand."

Hercule put out his chest and laughed.

"You never helped me with Ben."

Hercule stopped laughing.

"Well…you see…I only know how to take care of baby girls." He laughed a little. "Their diapers are easier to change too."

Videl smiled.

The doorbell rang, and Hercule was quick at the door. Videl followed behind, giving her father a gentle push away from the door. He seemed a little too happy about this.

Videl opened up the door and blinked.

Gohan had a huge, and I mean huge, baby bag filled with diapers and bottles. He held Pan in one of his arms, with his other hand was carrying a baby shoe, and a stuffed animal. In his mouth was a pacifier, and a knapsack over his shoulders. He handed Hercule the baby stuff, and handed Pan to Videl. Pan gave a happy cry as Videl kissed her on the forehead.

"Hold this," Gohan said sticking the pacifier in Videl's mouth. Her face turned red. It was, or at least in her mind, a direct kiss from Gohan to her. Pan frowned, and took the pacifier from Videl's mouth and put it in hers.

Gohan pulled his knapsack from his shoulders, went in, and pulled out a piece of paper.

"These are emergency numbers," Gohan said handed Videl the piece of paper. "It has her doctor's number on there, my work number, and Bulma is the emergency contact since my mom just had to go to her house today. Where's your bathroom?"

"First door on the right," Videl said pointing at the door.

Gohan started to walk towards the door.

"She eats a lot," Gohan said as he walked. "It's a family thing where babies eat a lot, so don't think you're going to over feed her." Gohan walked in the bathroom and turned on the light. He left the door a crack open. "Now when she eats a lot she poops a lot." Videl could hear his clothes coming off. "So I think I have enough diapers for the night. I packed fifteen diapers, but she has diarrhea so there is medication for her in the diaper bag."

"Fifteen diapers for one night," Hercule mumbled.

"She also has a rash that's going away, so there is a lotion where the diapers are packed," Gohan said sticking out his head, and buttoning his white long sleeve shirt. "She just had a nap so she may be a little cranky."

Gohan went back in, and Videl could see Gohan shoving his regular clothes in the knapsack. He came out with his work clothes on, and trying to tie his tie. He ended up making a huge knot instead, so Videl handed Pan to Hercule.

Videl walked over to Gohan and grabbed his tie.

"Try buttoning the choker before you put on your tie," Videl said buttoning the button on Gohan's neck. Gohan looked straight up as Videl fixed his tie. "Now it looks better."

"Thanks," Gohan said loosening the tie a little bit. "If there are any problems please call me."

"Don't worry Gohan," Videl said. "My dad defeated Cell remember? I'm sure there will be no problems here."

Gohan looked over at Hercule, who was having trouble balancing everything all at once. To Gohan's surprise, Pan wasn't crying at all. Normally when someone she didn't know held her she would cry. For once, Pan wasn't screaming her little head off.

Gohan looked at his watched.

"I'm running late," Gohan exclaimed. He ran over to Pan and picked her out of Hercule's hands. Everything Hercule was holding fell on the ground when Gohan grabbed Pan. "Now you behave and don't give Videl a headache. I'm running out of babysitters because of you."

Gohan gave her a kiss goodbye, and handed Pan to Videl. Hercule and Videl watched as Gohan ran out the door and out on the sidewalk. Thunder rolled as he disappeared around the corner, and the blue skies turned to grey.

"I wonder if he as an umbrella," Hercule said amazed by the speed Gohan was running.

"I think an umbrella is the last thing on his mind," Videl said.


Hercule was lying on the ground where Pan was sitting. Pan sat there waiting for Hercule to remove his eyes from his face in the all popular game of…

"Peek-a-boo," Hercule said removing his hands away from his face. Pan started laughing. Videl watched from the couch and giggled a little bit. Hercule hid his face again, and Pan stopped laughing. You can tell by her little face she was waiting for his hands to move from his face. "Peek-a-boo!"

Pan went into another fit of giggles. She laughed so hard that she fell backwards, but continued to laugh and kick her feet. Hercule grabbed her tiny feet and started to tickle them. Pan's baby laughter filled up the house.

"She quite a giggling machine," Videl said sliding from the couch to the ground. Hercule let go of Pan's feet. Pan rolled over and started to crawl to Videl.

"I'm going to grab a camera," Hercule jumping up from the ground. Videl blinked.

Hercule finally came back with a camcorder with the little red light on. He bent down to Pan's level and started recording. Pan, who never seen a camcorder, looked at it with suck amazement. She reached her little hand on the glass, blocking the lens and her body.

"Why are you recording her Daddy," Videl asked picking up Pan in her arms. Hercule looked at Videl, and lowered the camera.

"Well you see…I never captured you as a baby on a video recorder," Hercule admitted as his cheeks turned red. "Pan looks a lot like you when you were younger. When you told me about her I couldn't help but remember you as a baby. I wasn't a great father was I?"

Videl smiled. She had a bottle ready for Pan, and began to feed her.

"How about we do this," Videl said watching Pan drink her milk. "Let's make a video for Gohan about Pan. I'm sure he'll love it!"

Hercule smiled and moved up closer to Videl.

"You like him, don't you?"

Videl dropped the milk. Pan, who was enjoying her milk, realized that she was being fed anymore. Her little hands made a fist, and she began to cry. Videl quickly picked up the bottle and stuck it in Pan's mouth. Pan grabbed hold of the bottle tightly. She was hungry.

"Ah…no Daddy he's just a friend," Videl said, her face still red of embarrassment.

"A close friend?"

"I doubt." Videl took the bottle out of Pan's mouth. She placed Pan on her shoulder and patted her on the back. "I think he's kinda sorta dating someone. I think he's in the same situation as Sharpener. He doesn't say much about Pan's mother, but her grandparents hate her…and they hate Gohan. They called Pan a murder."

Pan burped, and she burped very loudly. Videl pulled Pan at arms length and looked at Pan in shock. Such a small baby with a very loud burp. Where did that come from?

"I hope that's not her breath that smells like that," Hercule said from across the room. Videl got a good whiff, and gagged.

"Did it go through here that fast," Videl said putting Pan on the ground. "I thought Gohan was crazy when he packed fifteen diapers. I already used five!"

"And she went through three cans of baby food," Hercule said noticing the empty baby bottles on the table. "And that's her second bottle, right?"

"Oh God Daddy you have to change this one," Videl said getting up and covering her mouth. "That one is bad!"

Videl quickly left the room. Hercule grabbed a clothes line pin and stuck it on his nose. Even though he couldn't breathe out of his nose, he could still smell that raunchy scent.


Gohan looked out the window as he watched the rain fall down hard. Lightening stuck and thunder roared, and he was stuck at work. You would think it be dead on a horrible night like tonight, but no. The restaurant was busy, and had to be a waiter and bust boy. Doing both was difficult, and people weren't tipping very well. He was miserable.

"Break's over Gohan," the boss said tapping Gohan on his shoulder. "Table five needs to be cleaned off, and once you do that I have people at table eleven waiting for you. Cassy got them their drinks, but she needs to go on her break soon too."

"Okay," Gohan said.

His job wasn't so bad; it was the fact that his day didn't turn out well. Piccolo, Dendae, and Mr. Popo had to go to another planet for some God meeting. Sharpener couldn't baby-sit Pan because Ben was sick, and his mother…well…lets not go there.

Gohan quickly cleaned up the table and rushed the dishes in the back. He didn't have to do the dishes, so he quickly dropped them off. He sped he way to table eleven with his ordering pad in hand. He stopped midway when he saw someone very familiar sitting at that table. A vein appeared on the half saiyan's forehead.

"I'll be your waiter today," Gohan said though his teeth. "Today's specials are liars on toast and why are you here when your kid is sick with a side of I'm going to kill you."

A man with long blonde stiffened in his seat. His head slowly turned around at the mad waiter in front of him.

"H-hi Gohan," Sharpener said with a small laugh. Gohan's ordering pad was crumbling in his hands. "I thought you were on…ah…dish duty today."

"Someone called out so now I do both," Gohan said as his pen snapped in two. Blue ink began to drip from his hand. "Ben must be really sick to have his father eating out."

"Like I said, I'm trying to make a good second impression with Ben's mom." Sharpener titled his head to the woman sitting next to him.

"So where's Ben?"

"At my mothers."

Gohan slammed his hand on the table.

"What would you like to eat," Gohan said trying to keep his cool. Sharpener gulped.

"Um…baby back ribs," Sharpener replied watching Gohan about to snap. "Check please."


Pan was sleeping soundly in the playpen while Videl watched some TV. Pan, the cute little baby that ate a lot, went through eleven diapers out of the fifteen diapers Gohan gave her. Videl didn't believe Gohan when he stacked the diaper bag with diapers.

Videl sniffed the air. Pan began to whine, as Videl pulled out diaper number twelve.

Babies poop, but not as much as Pan. She ate a lot, she pooped a lot, but she was a very happy little baby once she was changed. Videl did love taking care of Pan, even though Gohan was very protective of her.

Videl looked out the window at the pouring rain. She just finished using diaper number fourteen, and Gohan was almost done work. (There was more in between, but I forgot what I wanted to write)

'I guess it does take about fifteen diapers for Pan,' Videl thought as she laid her fingers on the window. 'No wonder Gohan's eyes light up on a diaper sale.'

"And this little piggy went wee-wee-wee," Hercule said playing with Pan's toes. "All the way home."

Pan laughed as her little toes wiggled. Hercule picked up Pan and walked towards Videl. Pan looked at her reflection in the window, and put her lips on the clear screen.

"How cute," Videl said taking Pan out of Hercule's arms. "Are you kissing yourself?"

Pan giggled as she stuffed her foot in her mouth. Apparently she'll kiss anything.

"Hey, isn't that Gohan," Hercule asked leaning towards the window a little more.

Videl moved closer to the window. She saw someone running through the rain from a distance. She quickly ran to the front door and opened it. She stuck her head out, but kept Pan inside.

It was Gohan all right. Soaking wet from head to toe, covered in dirt and mud. Videl handed Pan to Hercule and grabbed an umbrella near by. She opened it and walked outside. She met Gohan outside in front of her house.

Gohan stopped underneath her umbrella and caught his breath. Videl could see his breath from the cold and his lips a faded color of blue.

"You're going to get sick," Videl said placing her hand on her hip. "You should have taken an umbrella."

"I was thinking about it," Gohan said with his breathing back to normal, "but I didn't want to be seen with a pink polka dotted umbrella."

Videl blushed. They headed towards the front door, and Gohan could see Pan reaching out for him. Hercule was trying to pull her back before she fell.

They made it inside, and Gohan squeezed out the water in his hair. The house was warm, but Gohan's lips were still blue.

"I'll get you some spare clothes," Hercule said placing Pan in the playpen. Pan began to whine. Her daddy was back, and she wanted his attention. So what does a baby do for attention?

Cry her little head off. Wait a minute…this is Pan we're talking about. What does little Pan do to get her father's attention?

Scream her little head.

Gohan sighed. He made his way over to Pan with his wet shoes leaving puddles where he walked. He took off his tie as he bent down near the playpen. Pan laid there whining wanting to be picked up. Gohan put his arm down in the playpen and touched Pan's face. His cold fingers rubbed along Pan's warm face. Pan shivered and had little goose bumps on her skin.

"Daddy is cold right now," Gohan said reaching for a toy and handing it to Pan. "Once Daddy warms up then we can play."

Pan is a baby that does not take no for an answer. So, doing what Pan does best, she threw a little baby temper tantrum by screaming and crying.

Gohan, utterly exhausted from a long and busy day at work, reached in the baby bag and pulled out a can of baby food. His hands were shaking as he tried to twist off the lid. Videl bent down with a bowl and spoon. She grabbed the baby food. She poured it in the bowl and stirred it up with the spoon.

Hercule came back with a pair of sweatpants and an extra large shirt. Gohan looked at the shirt and sighed.

World Champion.

Yeah, World Champ all right.

"You should take a hot shower to warm up," Hercule said handing Gohan a towel. "Leave your wet clothes outside the bathroom and Videl will dry them for you."

"I should be getting home," Gohan said dreading the fly home.

"Nonsense," Hercule said as Videl fed Pan. Food would keep and saiyan quiet. "It's cold, raining, and you could be struck by lightening. You are staying here until the rain stops, and I will not take no for an answer."


"And I will have cold medicine ready for you when you are done your shower. You don't want Pan to get sick either."


"You can't fight him Gohan," Videl said smiling. "He did defeat Cell after all."

"I doubt Cell would take cold medicine," Gohan said standing up from the playpen. He took the clothes and towel and headed towards the shower.

Within minutes of Gohan's departure, and all the food gone, Pan began to cry once again. Videl and Hercule did their best to keep her quiet, but Pan wanted her daddy and she wanted him now.

With quick thinking, Hercule grabbed a bottle from the fridge. Within seconds Pan stopped crying and enjoyed the bottle.

Pan began to fall asleep while drinking her bottle. She tried her best to stay up, but with all the crying and food intake little Pan fell into a dead sleep. Hercule placed Pan in the playpen and tucked her in with a few blankets.

Finally, the house was quiet. Videl and Hercule plopped down on the couch with their feet propped up on a table.

"She was good," Videl said, "until Gohan came back."

"Babies are very clingy," Hercule said. "You were at that age too."

"Did I scream, cry, and poop like her?"

Hercule thought for a moment. He shook his head no.

Gohan came out of the bathroom with a towel over his head. He began to dry his hair as he walked towards the playpen. He noticed Pan sleeping there tucked in with some blankets. He glanced over at Videl and Hercule on the couch.

They looked exhausted.

"She wasn't bad, was she," Gohan asked placing the towel around his neck.

"How many diapers does she go through a day," Hercule asked as Gohan sat next to Videl.

"Too many," Gohan said. "My mom said that I went through diapers, and my brother went through a lot too. It's all from my dad's side."

"You're father is Goku, right," Videl asked. Hercule froze.

'Goku,' Hercule thought remembering the Cell Games from years ago. 'The same Goku at the Cell Games?'

"Yeah," Gohan answered.

"Was he at the…Cell Games," Hercule asked, his voice shaking. Gohan tried not to smile. He could call Hercule a liar right then and there, and his title of World Champion will be pulled away from him. It was a perfect moment.

Too bad Gohan really didn't care if Hercule took the credit. He rather be the delivery boy who stood on the sidelines then World Champ.

"He is," Gohan said looking at his hands. He made a fist. "But he couldn't defeat Cell."

"That's so cool," Videl said, placing her hands on Gohan's thighs. "Your dad was there for the Cell Games? Wait…" Videl removed her hands. "You're not the delivery boy, are you?"

Gohan leaned back on the couch and placed his hands behind his back. The Satan's were smarter than they looked, especially Hercule.

"I was."

Hercule fell off the couch.

"Really," Videl exclaimed. "So you saw my father defeat Cell?"

Gohan smiled.

"I can't say," Gohan said closing his eyes. "I think I passed out."

Hercule got up from the couch. Gohan looked at Hercule and winked at him. Hercule relaxed and stretched.

"I'd love to stay and change more diapers but I need my beddy-by," Hercule said walking away. "Good night, and be careful going home Gohan."

"Thanks," Gohan said. He looked over at the window and saw it pouring outside. There was no way he was going to make it home in that weather, especially flying and not getting Pan wet.

"Wanna watch some TV," Videl asked.

"Sure," Gohan replied.

"I'll make some popcorn. I think there's a movie on tonight we can watch."

Gohan looked over at his sleeping child. She looked so peaceful when she wasn't screaming her head off. At least she behaved well for Videl and Hercule. Anyone else would hand Pan back over to him, push him out the door, and say good night and never come back.

Vegeta was having a bad day that day anyway, and was the only one who kicked both him and Pan out.

Gohan leaned back on the couch and looked up at the ceiling. He closed his eyes and felt his forehead. He could feel that he was getting warm, and whenever he had a fever he would get tired fast. He knew he wasn't going to last through the movie without dozing off. As soon as the rain stopped he was leaving, with a fever if he had too.


Gohan turned his head at Videl. She had a bowl of popcorn in one hand and a glass of ice water in the other. Gohan grabbed the ice water and took a sip.

"Sorry," Gohan apologized placing the glass on top of a coaster on the table.

"For what," Videl asked, sitting next to Gohan and pulling a blanket over both of them.

"For putting Pan on you on the last minute."

"It was no problem. I mean, I had fun." Videl scooted closer to Gohan bringing the bowel of popcorn with her. "I rather take care of her instead of Ben. She doesn't ask why a lot."

Gohan smiled.

"It's hard." Gohan finished drinking his glass of water and placed it on the table. Videl moved closer, although Gohan didn't notice. They were touching each other's thighs.

"Having a kid is hard," Videl said.

"It's not that." Gohan sighed. "It's hard taking care of a baby by yourself. Pan's mom…Pan's mom died during birth." Videl's face paled.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. She wasn't supposed to be pregnant in the first place." Gohan chuckled. "When she was born she has surgery, and that surgery didn't allow her to have a baby. So being as stupid as we were we just did it. I never thought she would be pregnant, but when she found out she was happy. Although…"


Gohan laid by her side with a cold wet wash cloth on top of her head. She laid on their bed smiling up at Gohan with her belly about to burst.

"Don't worry," she said as she gently touched Gohan on his forearm. "I'm sure most pregnant women get sick before their baby is due."

"But a fever is bad," Gohan said concerned. "And you're two weeks late. Most women go to the hospital if they are two weeks late."

"Hey, do you see a pile of water underneath me," she joked. "Once there is a pile of water, or if I'm screaming in unbearable pain, then we can go. I'm not doing either." Gohan pinched her. "Ouch!"

"You just screamed in pain so I guess we gotta go."

"I hate you."

Gohan picked up his pregnant girlfriend and carried her out the bedroom door.

"Mom, we're heading to the hospital," Gohan said as he walked by his mother. Chi-Chi's face lifted up.

"Did she pop," Chi-Chi exclaimed.

"No, but she has a fever and is in pain."

"Because he pinched me," she said as she defended herself. Chi-Chi looked at her concerned.

"Sweetie, if you have a fever it's better to go to the hospital," Chi-Chi said feeling her forehead. "Your fever can hurt your baby."

"This baby is part saiyan," she said as she pointed at her belly. "Nothing is going to hurt this kid, but this kid is hurting me. When this baby comes out and I can't lose the baby weight it's all Gohan's fault."

"Why mine," Gohan asked. She pointed a finger up at Gohan.

"It's your super saiyan sperm that got me knocked up buddy!"

Gohan's face turned slightly red, along with Chi-Chi's.

"Let's just take you to the hospital where they can give you some drugs," Chi-Chi said grabbing her purse.

"Will I get loopy and scream bloody murder?" Her face lit up as she spoke.

"If you want."

"All right! I can scream bloody murder and kill Gohan at the same time! I'll be pushing out a baby to prove my innocence!"

"Your baby won't have a daddy if you kill me," Gohan commented as they walked out the door.

"She'll have two mommies."

Gohan stopped walking and looked down at her. She smiled and stuck out her tongue.

"I don't want that image in my head of you and my mom," Gohan said as he continued to walk.

(End Flashback)

Gohan closed his eyes.

"I tend to separate myself from people," Gohan said as he placed his head on Videl's shoulders. Videl froze. "I can't help if I'm a little cold sometimes. I don't mean to be…I just don't like…being…alone."

Videl looked at her shoulder. Gohan was knocked out cold. Videl placed her head on top of Gohan's, and placed her hand on his head.

"You're not alone Gohan," Videl said with a soft smile. "You have me."


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