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Reach For The Light

Deep in the night The winds blow cold And in a heartbeat The fear takes hold Deep in the storm There's a place that's soft and still Where the road waits to be taken If you only will The voices inside you Can lead your soul astray Believe in what you dream Don't turn away Don't you turn away Reach for the light You might touch the sky Stand on the mountaintop And see yourself flying Reach for the light To capture a star Come out of the darkness And find out Who you are Somewhere in time The truth shines through And the spirit knows What it has to do Somewhere in you There's a power with no name It can rise to meet the moment And burn like a flame And you can be stronger Then any fear you know Hold on to what you see Don't let it go Don't you let it go Reach for the light You might touch the sky Stand on the mountaintop And see yourself flying Reach for the light To capture a star Come out of the darkness And find out Who you are

Darkness slowly crept upon the carefree citizens of Gotham City. Grayish fog floated throughout the night air and settled itself among the ground. Raven, narrowing her eyes for better eyesight, flew over the streets and tall buildings that lay scattered below. Birds of all kind rushed past her as they migrated south for the upcoming winter. Raven tugged her cloak closer to her body to prevent the stinging cold from touching her flesh and sending chills up her spine.

But that didn't matter, not to the dark teen at least. The only thing that did matter was to rescue her allies. Raven's blue eyes, now small slits, scanned the entire area at a regular pace. Still, she saw little below her. Then, out of the corner of her eye, something caught the teen's attention.

A tiny factory was releasing ugly gray smoke. 'Factories normally don't run this late,' she thought to herself. Now knowing Slade's hideout, she turned her body around and dove straight for the roof. The more she concentrated, the faster she dove. The sides of her cloak widened out like the wings of a monstrous bird as she landed.

Raven scanned the place for trapdoors, but had no such luck. She pondered about what to do. 'I'll sink into the roof,' she told herself. She got to her feet, cleared her mind of any thought, and focused intensely. Black lines made their way around her and formed a circle. She felt the mysterious liquid touch and splash around her body as she began to sink right through.

In moments, she stood inside of the building. The dark teen glanced at her surroundings. It was just like she remembered, gears and mechanical crap hanging and jutting out of the ceiling. The whirring sound of the gears annoyed her; their creaking noises exploding and echoing throughout the place. The dark girl strolled through the quiet corridor.

Though the gears movement was ear splitting, she could still hear the steady beating of her own heart hammering against her chest. Raven knew there was some kind of trouble lurking around every corner, just waiting for the precise moment to attack. A villainous hand shot out of nowhere and grasped her shoulder firmly. Her heart exploded with surprise and fear as cold shivers ran up and down her spine. She slowly turned around, heart now pounding madly.

The dark teen's eyes just about popped out of their sockets when they came face to face with Slade's evil eye. "I see you've found my hideout," he began. Slade drew out his mighty bo-stick. Raven threw her arms out in front of her as smudges of back engulfed her pale hands. Black energy swam and slithered throughout his entire torso as he floated in mid air.

She threw him against the wall. As Slade fell to the floor, dazed, Raven saw an axe no larger than a big screen TV. The axe, covered in black, floated in front of her. She ran over to the dazed villain and raised the axe. Slade, now out of his trance, thrust his bo-stick out in front for protection.

There was a mirror- breaking clash as the two weapons collided. Slade scrambled to his feet and swung once more. Raven grabbed the handle of the axe and threw it out in front. Another clash echoed throughout the place. Slade's torso, once again, became enveloped in black and thrown against the wall.

But this time, the axe went too, therefore when he fell to the ground, he was cut in half. Raven picked up the axe and continued on her way. Noises and rattles were heard from afar. She drew closer and closer as if possessed by her father. "Hey Rae!" Beast Boy shouted as his mysterious teammate strolled in.


She smirked.

Beast Boy began to run for her but son tripped over a metal chain that was lying lazily on the floor. "Stupid chains!" he shouted. Raven looked around at her comrades. They were all wrapped up in chains. "Uh...Raven," Beast Boy suddenly said, pointing right behind her.

The dark teen was pushed on her abdomen. A figure jumped out from behind her, ran for the machine, and pressed a red button. A light blue shield made it's way around the 4 titans as electricity surrounded it. Raven tried to get up but was shoved back down. She rolled onto her back.

Terra was staring at her with a demonic grin on her face. Raven couldn't feel the axe in her palms anymore. She looked at her opponent and there it was, in the very hands of her worst enemy. Terra raised the axe. Raven scrambled to her feet and sprinted through a corridor as her arch nemesis swung.

Terra followed her victim; her grin more villainous than the devil's himself. The blonde girl suddenly slowed her pace as she reached the storage room door. She turned the doorknob, but it was locked. She had a crazy glint in her eyes.

"Little pigs, little pigs let me come in."

Raven's hands grew black as the space in front of her grew purple.

"Not by the hair on your chinny chin chin? Then I'll huff, and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in!"

Terra began to chop away at the door. Long pieces of wood came flying out of their places on the wooden object. Once there was a hole the size of her head, she looked in.

"Heeeere's Johnny!"

Raven pulled a magic sword out of the purple liquid and swung it at Terra. She screamed as the sword sliced her head open. Blood spurted out like a fountain and seeped onto the floor. Terra grew pale and slowly fell to the ground, drowning in her own blood. Raven dropped the sword, opened the door, and strolled back into the previous room.

She ran over to the machine and pressed the same button. The shield and the electricity that swam around it vanished. Raven thrust her hands in front of her as black energy snapped the metal chains and freed her friends. "Nice work Raven," Cy congratulated her. "Yes Raven. I shall now recite the poem of gratitude, all 6,000 verses," Starfire exclaimed with a jubilant grin.



"No songs."


They all headed back to the tower.

Raven sat atop of the roof watching the stars twinkle in the night sky. There was a creak and she turned sharply only to find Beast Boy's eyes looking right at hers. She blushed.

"Hi Raven."

"Hello Beast Boy."

He took a seat right next to her. This action made her blush even more.


"Mm hm?"

"Thanks for the rescue."

"Your welcome."

Beast Boy shifted uncomfortably.



"...you were right about her."

Their eyes became glued to one another's. Raven quickly drew herself back and blushed even more. Beast Boy smiled.


"Mm hm?"


Raven continued to stare. The moonlight reflected on her gem, making it shine a beautiful shade of red. Beast Boy adored it.


He was pulled out of his trance.

"...a-are b-beautiful, R-raven."

Her heart leapt out of her chest and danced at the compliment.


There was silence.

"Beast Boy?"


Raven struggled to find the words.

"I-I love you."

Beast Boy's skin tone went a brick red. He stared into her eyes.

"I love you too Rae."

Their lips drew closer and closer and became glued once they touched. Beast Boy instantly embraced her around the waist. Raven threw her arms around his neck and pulled him in to deepen the kiss in which they locked themselves in. A shooting star flew across the night sky as they resumed their passionate and heart warming kiss.

The End

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