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When the Dawn Breaks-Chapter 1: Falling on Your Grave

Why Raven? Why did you have to go? Wasn't I funny enough? Wasn't the face cute enough?

I look up from you and see him. I never had a chance, did I? Maybe once, long ago, but now we're older, and you found something in him. The wonderful Robin. Talented leader of the Teen Titans. I used to respect him but now…

I hate him more than I could ever hate anyone.

You should see this Raven. Hundreds of people here for you. Look at how many lives you've touched, at the tears falling on your grave. You'd shrug it off and say that they were wasting their time being here when they had their own lives, but they love you Raven.

We all did.

Cyborg refuses to play that game you bought him for Christmas. Says he can't. Says that if he does, then he'll believe that you're coming back. I have no idea how that works either; maybe his wiring is coming loose. Stupid metal head.

He's not the only one who's upset.

I bought you daises Raven. They look too happy among all the dark roses, but they mean more than Wonder Boy's orchids. Look at the pretty boy. He's crying.

So am I.

I look up at Cy. He's staring straight ahead, not letting his tears out. He should. He'll rust if he's not careful.

Starfire is blubbering all over Robin's shoulder. He's just letting her. What did you see in him? What did he have that I didn't? A tan?

Raven, don't go.

The priest has finished his prayer. People are throwing dirt on you. Someone nudges me to do it but I can't. The daises will be crushed if I do. See? They're not smiling anymore.

Neither am I.

People are whispering. Someone is trying talk to me, but all I see and hear is you.

Why Raven? Why? First Terra, then you. Why Raven? Why?

Is it just me?

If you had told us we would have helped you, and you wouldn't be 6ft under.

I stumbled closer to the open ground and fall to my knees

Look Raven, there are tears falling on your grave.

They're mine.