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When the Dawn Breaks-Chapter 5: When the Dawn Breaks

I never knew that this would happen. I never dreamed that my physical death would affect them like this.

Maybe if I had trusted them, told them, then they would still be together.

I would still be alive.

Beast Boy would have had the chance to find Terra again. He would have moved on from his childhood and have remained with his sanity. Then maybe he would never have hated one of his best friends.

Cyborg would realize that friendship was the greatest gift that could be given, that no matter what, it could endure pain. That it was beyond boundaries.

Starfire would never have learned to hate.

And Robin…

And Robin would have seen what really mattered.

For all these years I've stayed here, tormenting my old friends with the past.

It's time I let go.

They never deserved to suffer for my mistake.

For years, I've been in their dreams, in their nightmares. Halloweens, Christmases. I was the undercurrent of every move they made. To Beast Boy, I was still there. To Starfire, I was the enemy. To Cyborg, I was a car. To Robin…..

To Robin, I was some fading undine, something that wouldn't let him breathe.

By morning, they'll be able to really live. They won't have the guilt, the anger. They'll be able to start over, get the chance I never had. No ghost holding on to them, no memories of me. One last night to really say goodbye, one last night to ask their forgiveness.

One last night to love me.

When the dawn breaks, I'll leave them forever. I've already gone in body, it's time to go in mind.

Every little thing of me will be gone. No more breezy touches, no more shooting star smiles. No more falling rain tears.

Beast Boy will look out the small window of his room and see a black bird dart by and remember the joy of freedom.

Cyborg will find an old picture, one of us all, being friends. He'll smile, and something inside will tell him to get a move on with things.

Robin will wake up from the last dream of the past to haunt him, and swear he saw me, standing there beside his bed, telling him I love him.

There'll be no-more pain, no-more grief. They'll have forgotten me. The clear gold hues of a new day wiping away all thoughts of Raven, the girl that destroyed their lives.

When the dawn breaks.