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NOTES: AUTHOR NOTES AT TOP AND BOTTOM, SINCE I GOT NO CLUE WHAT I'M GONNA WRITE. THIS is a multi-paring romance. It is Squall and Rinoa, Quistis and Seifer, Selphie and Irvine, and Zell and Ellone! I feel really REALLY bad for Zell, cuz in all those other fanfics he's alone and I'm like "poor zellie!" so enjoy, and those who are reading my Rikku Gippal fic, don't worry, I'm still gonna work on that one too! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

3 Years after Ultimecia's defeat.


Standing hand in hand, Selphie and Irvine stood waiting for the arrival of their good friends from their days as being SeeDs. It had been three years since they had all been together as a group. Things had changed in their world. No more sorceresses, no more danger to threaten their existence.
Walking over to the door, Selphie and Irvine kept their heads up high searching for Rinoa, Squall, and their little two - year old daughter Julia. They watched as the doors of the train opened and saw a crowd of people come out walking to there loved ones. Finally Selphie saw her friend holding a brunette child in her arms, smiling up at a tall man dressed in black pants and a white collard shirt. Jumping up, Selphie waved her arms up, forgetting that she was still clasping Irvine's hand in hers.
"Chill Selph or you'll hurt something." He said trying to stop her from lunging through the crowd.
"Hey Selphie!" Rinoa said as she approached them.
"See that you haven't changed too much." Squall said with a relaxed smile.
"Looks like you've brought a friend too." Irvine said as he tapped Julia on the tip of her little nose, making the small child giggle.
"Hi uncy Irvy! Hi auntie Sepphie!" the child squealed out, extending her arms out towards Irvine.
"Hey princess, how have you been?" he asked as she swung her in his arms, making her smile shine.
"I'm good! Mommy and daddy gots me this pretty dress." She said, pointing to the pastel pink jumper with white frills at the skirt.
"Well you look mighty sweet their pumpkin!" Selphie said as she gave her a kiss on the cheek.
"So how have you two been?" Rinoa asked Irvine and Selphie.
"We're good as we can be at the moment. I mean we've only been married for six months." Selphie said with a pleasant sigh.
"Yeah, I know what you mean. I felt the same way after Squall and I got married." Rinoa said as she grasped her husband's hand.
"So what are we waiting for now?" Squall asked as he looked down at his watch.
"We need to go to the light house now. Quistis and Seifer are at the docks waiting for Zell and Ellone to arrive. We're to meet at the light house where Cid, Edea, Laguna and Tiffy are." Selphie said with a smile.

Lounging in the sunlight, Quistis leaned against her husband's shoulder, enjoying the sea breeze as the waited for the cruise ship to dock.
"You know what, I can't wait to see everyone together again." Quistis said with a smile as she daintily placed her hands on her round stomach.
"Yeah, despite how much Chicken-wuss annoys me, it'll be great to see the entire gang." Seifer said as he kissed Quistis' neck.
Looking up, Quistis noticed a boat in the distance and pointed her hand at it. "Look Seifer, a ship. You think it's them?" She asked as she tried to get up, but gave up in no time.
"Yeah it's probably them, lets head to the docks." He said as he heaved his wife to her feet. He really couldn't believe that she was going to have a baby.

From the ship dock, Zell and Ellone held hands, as they enjoyed the sea breeze blow against their face. They were just coming back from their honeymoon and were just so happy to be together. Looking up, Elle noticed a blimpy looking blond with a tall muscular blonde. Giggling, she looked up at Zell, hoping he noticed their two friends in the distance.
"Wow so much has changed since we left for our honeymoon." Zell said as he took in the appearance of Quistis.
"Yeah she's huge!" Elle giggled out before hiding her face into his chest. The sight of Quistis was too much. She was wearing a yellow sundress, but the thing was that made her look like a lemon! Not able to contain her giggles, Elle burst out into laughter that lit up her indigo eyes.
"Now C'mon Elle, it's not that funny." Zell said, trying to advert his gaze from the gigantic yellow blob.
"Yes it is!" she choked out.
"Well it IS, but we can't let her know." He said before letting himself laugh along with Elle.

Seifer and Quistis watched as a laughing Ellone and Zell walked down the dock towards them, their laughter getting louder.
"Hey guys, what's so funny." Quistis asked.
Exchanging looks, Zell and Elle laughed even harder, unable to get anything out.
"Hey seriously what's the matter." Seifer said getting annoyed with the cackling.
"We're soooo sorry, but Quistis, you're so HUGE!" Elle gasped out before laughing again.
"Well that's what happens when you're pregnant." A miffed Quistis said.
"Well lets get headed towards the light house." Seifer said before smacking Zell on the head.

Outside, Laguna watched as two cars pulled up to the drive. Smiling, he walked up towards them and saw the entire gang pop out. The first car held a content Selphie, Irvine, Rinoa, and Squall with the toddler Julia. The second car contained a quarreling Seifer, Zell, Elle, and Quistis. Wow did he not think out the groups to pick up one another. When they all got out, Laguna stepped up to them, a huge warm smile spread across his face.
"Welcome, it's great to see you all together again!" he said as everyone said hi.
"Uncle Laguna! How are you?" Elle asked before leaping into his arms.

"Hey Elle, I'm great!" he said as he looked down at her flushed face.

"What were you guys arguing about?" Selphie asked with a tilt of her head.
"Well, Elle and I couldn't stop laughing at Quistis." Zell said.
"Why?" Irvine asked before Zell walked over to Selphie and whispered his reason to her. Everyone watched as her eyes bulged out before she turned to Irvine. When she told him, they both examined Quistis before their shouts of laughter came out.
"Now you guys have piqued my curiosity." Rinoa said with a smile.
"Yeah spit it out Irvine." Squall said before he took his friend's beloved cowboy hat.
"HEY give it back!" Irvine shouted at Squall.
"Tell us why you all are laughing." Squall said as she waved Irvine's hat around.
"Fine! Look at Quisty. Elle and Zell thinks she looks like a gigantic lemon in that dress." He said before snatching his hat back. Both Rinoa and Squall looked at their former instructor and then covered their mouth, trying to hide their glee.
"Shut the fuck up!" Seifer said as she walked Quistis into the lighthouse where the entire gang, minus Laguna and Rinoa, grew up.
"You guys are so mean to me sometimes." Quistis said over her shoulder.
They all continued to laugh themselves silly until Cid came outside.
"C'mon you guys, start acting like the adults you are." He said with a teasing smile.
"Hey Cid!" Selphie said with a smile.
"How's Tiffy?" Irvine asked
"Tiffy is inside waiting for you two to come and play with her." Cid said before giving the two a nudge towards the house.
"Whose Tiffy?" Julia asked her mother.
"Tiffy is Uncle Irvine and Auntie Selphie's daughter. That would make her your cousin." Rinoa said softly to her child, enjoying her toothy smile spread across her face.
"I wanna go meet Tiffy!" Julia whined as she reached for Squall to pick her up.
"Go on, she deserves to meet her cousin." Cid said before turning to Ellone and Zell.
"I see that you two made it back from your honeymoon safely." He said before chuckling out.
"Yes we have and we're so happy!" Elle said before launching herself into Cid's arms. Both Cid and Laguna had been like fathers to her. Same thing with Matron and Raine, they were just like mothers to her.
"I'm glad to hear that. Let's all go inside." Cid said as he led the newlyweds into the repaired home that had once been an orphanage.

Standing outside, Laguna looked up at the setting sun, smiling. 'Finally they're all together again as it should be.' He thought to himself before turning to go inside.

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