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Okay so I apologize for not updating in like what almost a year? Hehehe, my bad. Okay, Zell and Ellone.

"Okay chicken-wuss it's your turn." Seifer said with a totally un-sexy smirk touching his lips.

"Okay our story is like this…" Ellone said

The past

"Zell don't leave!" Selphie said as she chased her blond friend around Garden.

"No I'm leaving! I'm sick and tired of all of you guys getting all lovey dovey!"

"It's not my fault you big meanie!"

"Well I'm sick and tired of it! I'm leaving to Balamb and finding my own "life mate" to fuck."

"Hey but…"

"What ever." Zell said as she ran out of Garden.

He ran out into the night without one glance back at the place that he had called his home. He was so sick and tired of everyone getting together, leaving him in the dust. He ran into the woods leading towards Balamb. He knew it was a bad idea with all the fiends out and about searching for their own prey.

A scream drew him out of his own senses and made him aware of his surroundings. It sounded like a young girl being attacked. He ran in the direction of the cry and saw a young girl with short brown hair being backed into a tree by a huge dinosaurous creature. "Help me someone!" she cried as tears streamed down her face.

"I'm here, just be careful not to make sudden moves." Zell said as he spread his arms out calling upon the Guardian Force of Shiva. "Shiva come and aid me!" a bright and brilliant blue light came shooting out and attacking the dino. In just seconds the monster was no longer alive. Zell took it upon himself to check up on the young girl. When he got to her he was able to recognize her. "Are you Ellone?"

The young girl looked up, damp eyes glowing with relief. Her white dress was stained with dirt and there were a few cuts and bruises blooming on her shoulder and legs but nothing serious. "Are you okay?"

She could only nod yes as she allowed him to lift her to her feet. "C'mon I'll talk you to my place." She again nodded yes as she let him lead her towards Balamb.

"Zell honey why are you-." A homely looking woman asked before she saw her son with a young girl. "Now who might this girlie be?"

"Hey ma, this is Ellone, she got attacked by a monster tonight. I left Garden cuz I'm sick of all that bull."

"What bull honey?"


"Oh you're time will come soon sweetie."

"Shut up ma."

"Excuse me?" Ellone asked, her head down.

"Yes?" the two, asked.

"Can I possible use your bathroom to clean up?

"Oh of course dear. Up the stairs and to the left. I'll bring up a clean dress for you."

"Thank you."

When she came down after cleaning up she seemed to be more relaxed. " Thank you so much."

"No problem dear."

"Hey can you tell me Elle why you were out in the woods." Zell asked

"I ran away from Balamb. Uncle Laguna and Uncle Cid are my guardians. They decided to find me a husband. But the man they found I didn't like. But they just insisted."

"Oh you poor dear."

"Yeah that sucks."

"Yeah the only way I can get out of it is if I find myself a new guy to marry."

"Oh how about you marry my Zellie?"

"What!" Zell exclaimed with gusto.

"That would be better than that old guy."

"Seriously?" Zell's mom asked.


"Okay then you and Zell can get married."

"That's okay with me, what about you Zell?" Elle asked, her aqua eyes meeting his blue ones.

"Sure why not. I can't say no to a beautiful young lady."

"Great! I'll make you a dress dear and at the end of the week we'll let you get married at the local chapel."


The days went by, and Zell was getting stuff ready for his new bride. He always had liked Elle, and it would be just for a short while. "Excuse me Zell can I talk to you?"


"Can I sit?" she asked.


They both sat down on his bed. To Zell's surprise she leaned her head against his shoulder. " Do you feel okay about his marriage?"

"Yeah, I really like you Elle."

"Yeah, to tell you the truth, I've had a crush on you for a long time."

He looked down at her head. "Really?"

"Yeah. I think we should get to know each other."

"Okay what do you like?"

"I like music and dancing and singing. I've got a power to take other's to the past. I like reading and movies and jokes and laughing."

"I like you. I like sports and martial arts and I like laughing and movies and dancing."

"Guess we might make a great couple huh?"

"Do you like Seifer?"

"What! He's mean."

"Okay I think you're my perfect lady." And with that he gazed down at her beautiful face. He saw a scar under her eye. "What happened here?" he asked as he traced a finger over the scar.

"An accident when I left the orphanage."

"From who?"

"The man that wants to marry me."


"He raped me when I was younger and now he wants me for himself." She ducked her head down, ashamed of what she was. "I know I'm tainted."

"No you're not. You're beautiful. I'll show you when we get married Elle."

"Why not now?" She asked as she reached up to cup the side of his face, tears filling up her eyes.

"Because I want to show you how I feel."

"Show me now." She whispered as she pulled his mouth down onto her own. His lips were soft and gentle as they brushed against her own. He seemed to hold himself back as he pulled her against him more.

"I love you Zell." She said as he pulled back.

"Yeah." Was all he was able to say.

Suddenly his mom burst through the door. "Okay Elle it's time to get dressed. The priest is only free today to perform the ceremony."

Elle nodded and followed Mrs. Dincht. "Zell go to the chapel and wait for us."

When Elle arrived she was clad in a floor length white satin dress with a shimmering aqua ribbon around her waist. The bell sleeves were made of delicate lace. She was a picture perfect bride.

As for Zell, he was wearing a tuxedo that the priest made him wear. But it was good because Zell didn't feel stupid when he saw Elle. As she walked towards him in that glowing dress he couldn't help but grin. And as he grinned he saw her blush.

After the vows were said, the two left the chapel and headed to the local hotel. Of course out of tradition, Zell cradled Elle in his arms as he walked up the steps to their wedding suit.

"So you wanna…?" Zell asked as he gently placed Elle onto the bed.

"Yeah." She said as she pulled Zell's face towards hers and kissed him with all the love in her heart.

The two made sweet love on and off throughout the night. In the morning it was totally wonderful. Zell woke up with this lovely lady in his arms and the warmth from it was just bliss.

All of a sudden there was a huge banging on the door. Elle shot up and went white as a sheet. "It's him.," she said as she shot up and slipped back into her dress as Zell put on his normal clothes. "Okay Elle, I'll set the bed up and make it look like we're still here. We'll leave from the window. We'll snag a ship and head off for our honeymoon."

She complied, and when Zell told her to hop onto his back, she hesitated before she climbed on. "Who got the ship?" Elle asked.

"Ma did." Zell said as he ran towards the dock. When he stepped on, he ordered the captain to lift anchor and head off immediately. Once the boat got going, Elle saw that man coming after her. Zell smiled and flipped him the bird.

"Sucker you ain't gonna get my wife!" and to piss the guy off even more he grabbed Elle and kissed her passionately. "I love ya girl." He said as the two-waved farewell to the skank.

End flash back

"And then when we got back this evening was the first time we got back." Elle said as she laid her head onto Zell's.

"I'm sorry Ellone. We didn't know about that man." Laguna said with a sad sigh.

"Yeah we were mis-informed." Cid said with an apologetic smile.

"Well it ended up okay though! I fell in love and got married!" Elle said as she looked up at Zell.

"Guess things are per…," Quistis said before she trailed off.

"What's wrong Quitsy?" Seifer asked.

"Contractions." Was all she was able to say.

"Okay Seifer, carry Quistis upstairs and everyone stay here. It's time to deliver a baby." Edea said with a smile.

After many many hours of labor, Quistis delivered a healthy baby boy. Seifer was glowing with fatherly pride as he carried his son down to show the gang.

"He's so kawaii!" Selphie said as she gazed down at the boy.

"What's his name?" Rinoa asked.

"It's Yuya Rei." Quistis said from the doorway.

"You should be in bed Quitsy!" Elle said before gaping at her.

"You're floating." Zell said.

"Yeah Edea cast float on me so that I could come down here without using too much energy."

"Guess it's a happy ending!" Selphie said as she hugged Irvine.

"Guess so." Squall said as she gazed down at his wife and daughter.