Never forget to say "I'm sorry"

"I swear I didn't say a word, Aragorn! You know me!" Legolas tried to reason with his friend. "Apparently I don't know you well enough! It had to have been you! You're the only one who knows!" Aragorn yelled. Aragorn was blaming the Elf for snitching to Elrond that Aragorn deeply loved Arwen. Aragorn had only told one person about this. Legolas, who swore he didn't say a word. "I wouldn't do that! I don't share secrets!" Legolas said, hurt by accusing words. "Well, Obviously." Aragorn said sarcastically.

"Go and ask your Father! If I truly said something to him, he would tell you! If I didn't, then he would say so!" Legolas said. "No, I don't have to because I only told one person!" Aragorn said, sounding more irritated and angry than explosive. Legolas frowned. "You don't actually think I told on you, do you?" Legolas asked softly. Mild rage filled the Man's eyes. "Why do you think I've been yelling at you this whole time? Well, it's not for anger management, thank-you-very-much!" Aragorn said, half-rolling his eyes.

"Do you think it was me? In your mind, do you believe I told?" Legolas asked. Aragorn paused, a void of silence falling between them. Then, the Ranger locked eyes with the Elf and said, "Yes"

Legolas stepped back. He turned, muttered something that sounded close to, "Well, believe me, I would not betray a friend." and walked solemnly down the grassy hill. Aragorn turned, not wiling to watch him go, and faced the tree behind him. He was one hundred percent sure that it had been Legolas who told. He turned again. Legolas had just mounted his white Elven horse. Legolas leaned forward and said something in his horse's ear and dashed off toward his home.

Aragorn sighed, not liking the fight, and went inside. Elrond, his adoptive father, had just sat down to a meal. "You and Legolas may join me." Elrond welcomed. Aragorn sat and Elrond frowned. "Is Legolas injured?" Elrond asked. Aragorn shook his head. "He left." The Human said. Elrond narrowed his eyes. "Why?" He asked. "Because," Aragorn said. Elrond raised an eyebrow. "Because why?" Elrond tried. Something was wrong. Usually, Thranduil had to pry Legolas away from Rivendell and the Prince's second family. "We fought." The future King of Gondor replied simply.

Elrond sat back in his chair and looked questionably at Aragorn. "He told you about my feelings for Arwen ..." Aragorn started. Elrond shook his head. "No, Legolas wouldn't have done that to you, Aragorn, and you know it. It wasn't even him. I got a note on my desk." The Lord of Rivendell said. "Then he wrote the note." Aragorn protested. Elrond tilted his head slightly. "Aragorn, I'm surprised at your behavior! You know Legolas al too well! He is your best friend and hasn't betrayed you once! It wasn't Legolas' handwriting, either." Elrond said, half-shocked.

It wasn't him? Aragorn beat himself up inside as he remembered the hurt look on Legolas' face. Aragorn stood up, the chair scratching the wood floor. He ran out to the Stables. Legolas was a fast rider when he wanted to get away and he could be as far as half a day away from Aragorn. Aragorn took the fastest horse they had and dashed after his friend.

Legolas' horse started to tire and Legolas was forced to stop and give his horse a break. "Aye, Arrow, just a quick break." He said and leaned against a tree. Arrow sipped at the water and Legolas waited for the white head to pop up, showing he was done. Arrow was very loyal to Legolas. About two years ago...


Thranduil watched the wild horse thrash at any of the Elves who approached it. The King stood his distance. "Adar, shall I try to calm him?" A voice behind him said softly. Thranduil turned. Legolas, his only son, stood there with his arms hanging by his sides. Thranduil considered this. Legolas WAS good with animals, but Thranduil also had to send three Elves to the Healer with serious wounds. Thranduil nodded reluctantly. "Be careful." The King warned. Legolas nodded.

The Prince walked over to the Stable doors. He avoided a hoof that was headed for his face. The Prince placed his hand on the horse's back. "Calm down," He said. The horse continued to thrash. Legolas motioned for the others to leave. They obeyed. Legolas held the horse's reins. The other Elves had tried to use rope and Legolas gently untied the horse from the ropes. The horse calmed down a little. Legolas whispered Elvish, which seemed to calm the creature even more. "Im Greenleaf. Lasto beth nin." **I'm Legolas. Hear my voice.**

The horse walked around aimlessly now, pulling Legolas with him. Legolas said something else in Elvish and the horse stopped. The horse licked Legolas' face and the Prince, Thranduil and some servants laughed. Legolas walked out, but the animal was determined to follow it's new friend. Legolas pretended not to know the horse was there and walked closer to his father. The horse nudged the back of Legolas' head, in order to get the Elf's attention. Legolas turned around and the horse snorted, making Legolas' audience laugh. "Well, nice to see you too." Legolas said playfully.

The horse licked Legolas' face. Legolas blinked and then grimaced, but the group behind him laughed. Legolas patted the horse's head and then wiped his face. "I'll call you Arrow." The Elf Prince said. The horse snorted in agreement.


Arrow put his head up and walked to Legolas. "You look so guilty." Legolas laughed. They took off again. They would arrive in Mirkwood in about half a day.

Aragorn passed the small creek and saw hoof-prints. The Man jumped off his horse and examined the prints. "Arrow," He whispered. The Elf was already a half a day ahead of them. Aragorn jumped onto his horse and they took off.

Nighttime fell quickly and Aragorn's horse stopped after becoming too tired. They would have to stay the night. Legolas was probably already in Mirkwood. Aragorn leaned against a tree. He got lost in thought...thinking about what he would say to Legolas and wondering if the Elf could/would forgive him. The sound of hooves hitting the ground pushed him out of thought and into reality. He thought it was his horse, but when he looked wasn't.

Arrow darted towards him at an alarming speed, but slowed to a stop by Aragorn. The Man could now see that it was Arrow (he wasn't sure before because the horse was coming too fast) and it looked terrified. Arrow only stopped by Aragorn because it knew the Man well. The only problem was that Legolas wasn't there. "Aye, Arrow, where is Legolas?" Aragorn tried, petting the horse's nose.

The snow-white horse neighed and stomped his front hooves. Aragorn examined the horse, thinking it was injured. If it was a bad injury, the horse might die and then Legolas wouldn't EVER talk to him again. Aragorn found blood, but no injury. Plus, the blood had a silver tint to it. Elven blood, Aragorn realized with horror. "Arrow, take me to Legolas!" Aragorn commanded. Arrow neighed, shook his head with a snort and lifted his front hooves.

Either Legolas had been captured or he was in safe hands. "Arrow, go home!" Aragorn commanded. Aragorn climbed onto his horse and went as fast as the tired horse would go. Arrow dashed ahead. They were only riding for about 20 minutes when Arrow stopped and lowered his head to something on the ground. Aragorn jumped off his horse and went to Arrow.

On the ground lay the Elf Prince of Mirkwood. Well, Aragorn thought it was Legolas. The Elf was so badly injured that Aragorn wasn't sure it was the Prince. Aragorn dropped to his knees by Legolas, tears falling from his eyes. He took Legolas' hand and the Prince stirred. Legolas opened his mouth to say something, but he couldn't. Aragorn noticed something around the Prince's neck. It was rope. Aragorn slid a finger under the rope very gently to give Legolas air, but the Prince's breathing increased. Aragorn cut the rope and then found blood on his fingers. Legolas' throat had been cut.

Aragorn wrapped Legolas' throat after applying a paste. "Not too tight?" Aragorn asked. Legolas mouthed the word 'No'. "Don't try to talk, mellon nin." Aragorn soothed. Legolas looked at him with question in his eyes. 'Friends', the Prince mouthed. Aragorn nodded. "Only if you still want to be." Aragorn said. Legolas' eyes closed. Aragorn found blood spreading on the Elf's shirt. Aragorn lifted the shirt to where the blood was spreading and gasped. A deep gash covered the Elf's stomach. Aragorn cleaned it, applied a paste and then wrapped it.

Aragorn found a nasty wound on the back of Legolas' head. "What happened to you?" He asked softly to the sleeping Prince. 'Whatever it was, it was my fault', Aragorn thought. He also found a shoulder wound, caused by an arrow, which he fixed too.

Aragorn found some parchment and ink and wrote to his father. He slipped it into Samilis' (his horse) saddle and commanded the horse to go back to Rivendell with no stops.

Aragorn felt Legolas' forehead. It burned under his touch and Legolas' hands were cold. He couldn't move was too dangerous. The horse ride would surely kill him. There was a small shelter of bushes and trees about 50-feet away. They needed to get there, for, surely, whatever attacked Legolas was not far. Aragorn had to attempt this.

The Man picked the Elf up into his arms and ran steadily to the bushes. Aragorn set Legolas onto the grassy terrain and Arrow hid himself a few feet away. Aragorn found a blanket and covered his friend with it and the gray cloak that he'd been wearing was used as a second blanket. Aragorn placed a thin pillow under Legolas' head so that the head injury didn't become worse.

Aragorn wetted a cloth and wiped away blood and dirt from Legolas' face. "My Ada will come and everything will be okay." Aragorn said to the sleeping Elf. If only he knew what had happened...


Arrow put his head up and walked over to Legolas. "You look so guilty." Legolas laughed. They took off. They would arrive in Mirkwood in about half a day. When they arrived there, Thranduil would send them off to some place far away so they could talk with the inhabitants or make Legolas do boring "prince work" that would take all day.

Legolas' keen ears heard something coming after them. The Elf turned around and saw a group of about 15 hooded figures. "Oh, great..." Legolas muttered to himself. "Noro lim!" Legolas commanded. **Ride fast**

The figures were riding either really dark brown or black horses and they wore black cloaks. By their build, Legolas guessed they were Men. The Prince was sure that his father hadn't sent for someone to come. They were following him. Nearby he saw some bushes and a tree. He didn't much further after he saw the bushes. An arrow slammed into his shoulder. Legolas winced and pulled it out.

Arrow dashed as fast as he could, but more arrows came and the horse became frightened. Legolas fell off, hitting his head on a stone. Arrow stood by the Prince, loyalty still in his heart, until some Men scared him off. Arrow dashed away.

"An Elf! Lookie what we found! An Elf!" One hooded figure said. Legolas got up, ready to defend himself, but a Man came from behind and made a clean slice across the Elf's stomach with his sword. The sword had been tipped with poison that was sure to kill an Elf within a matter of days. Legolas still stood. He felt something connect with the back of his head and he was on the ground again.

One of the Men made a swift cut across Legolas' throat, missing anything major and only making blood pour from the wound. They tied some rope around his neck and left him.


"You're getting a really awful fever, Legolas." Aragorn said softly, applying a wet cloth to his friend's forehead. Friend? He had no right to call Legolas his friend! He said some mean things to the Elf. How could Legolas, the ever forgiving and good-tempered Elf, forgive Aragorn? 'After all, It is my fault he is injured', Aragorn thought.

Aragorn hoped that his father would arrive soon.