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Titan Tower

Robin is sitting at his desk when he heard a sound behind him. Robin grabbed his pole and elongates it (AN: his weapon…you know what I mean! ;-)). Robin stopped when he saw who is behind him.

"Blackfire. What are you doing here? And how did you get through without setting off the alarm?" Robin spat out in an angry tone.

Blackfire is standing at Robin's window. She has a one hand on her hip. She has a sinister smile on her face, "Just finishing up some business here. As for the alarm…well, I have my ways." Blackfire winks are Robin.

"Business. Like trying to frame your sister for your crimes?"

"Can't a girl have some fun around here?" Blackfire mocked.

"Shouldn't you be in jail by now?" Robin takes a few steps closer to Blackfire, ready to strike with his pole.

"Lets just say they let me out early on…good behavior." Blackfire smirked.

"Good behavior huh?" Robin skeptically approached Blackfire. "So, there won't be any of those octopus robots chasing you I assume?"

"Those drones? Don't worry. None will be coming…for a LONG time." Blackfire said with confidence.

Robin raised an eyebrow.


Smoldering buildings are everywhere. Half destroyed ships litter the world. Millions are dead by laser and bomb attacks.

A soldier tries to get up. "Must warn…" The soldier collapse dead.

Above the area, an alien ship stands above the thoroughly destroyed world. A blue man wearing a Greek-like helmet smirks at the job he has done.

Titan Tower

"What really happened Blackfire!" Robin's eyes narrow. "I seriously doubt YOU would change that quickly."

Blackfire gives a mock sigh. "If it makes you feel happy, I simply escaped when the planet was attacked." Blackfire flew a few feet closer to Robin. "An Anterian came to the planet and…well, let's just say it is wasn't pretty." Blackfire winked at Robin.

"Attacked you say?" Robin contemplated this for a few second. "Let me guess, you're not here to warn the world about this new threat?"

"Of course not. Do you think I care about this silly world? Especially my sister." Blackfire's eyes narrow at the thought of her sister. But her expression returned to normal. Blackfire took another step forward. "Well, maybe there is something on this world I care about."

Blackfire took a step forward. Robin, still holding his pole weapon, embraced Blackfire and they kissed. As the kiss ended, they reluctantly separated slightly.

"I missed you Blackfire." Robin looked at Blackfire's eyes.

"I missed you too Robin!" Blackfire smiled at Robin.

"Since you left, I just couldn't stop thinking about you." Robin continued.

"Does anyone else know?" Blackfire now with a slightly worried look on her face.

Robin shacks his head. "No one knows. Especially your sister."

Blackfire smiles.

"Despite all the things you've done…" Robin paused, "in a strange way, that makes me want you more!" Robin kisses Blackfire again. This time, the kiss is deeper and more passionate.

After what seemed like minutes, the kiss ended.

"How long are you staying on this world?" Robin asked as Blackfire heads towards the windowsill.

"A long time Robin." Blackfire smiles. "Especially…if you are by my side." Blackfire winks, blows a kiss, and flies away.

Robin waves. "Now, to makes sure the others do not find out…"

-------End of Chapter 1.

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