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Titan Tower

"I knew it." Raven looked down in disgust. "Blackfire and Robin were lovers!"

"They are?!" Beast Boy and Cyborg were shocked into utter disbelief.

"You mean boyfriend girlfriend kind of thing?" Beast Boy tried not to think of what Raven was implying.

Raven frowned deepen as she recalled the memories given to her by Blackfire. "Much deeper then that BB."

"My sister?!" Starfire glanced at Raven completely shocked and heartbroken. "No! It is not true! None of that is true!"

"I can't believe it…" Cyborg thought about their previous dealings with Blackfire. Specifically the time before she tried to have Starfire taken to prison in her place. "Robin didn't show any interest then did he?" Then Cyborg thought of Robin's recent actions. "But it does make some sense of his recent actions…"

"That's right…" Raven tried to contain her anger from affecting her powers. "Ever since Blackfire came back, Robin has been acting funny. Especially concerning Blackfire."

"Maybe she's controlling him somehow!" Beast Boy offered an explanation. He still couldn't get over the fact that Robin would be with Blackfire. 'Doesn't he have a major crush on Star?'

Starfire was in total denial. 'NO! HE CAN'T BE IN LOVE WITH MY SISTER! HE CAN'T!' "Yes! Blackfire is manipulating Robin! Her vile claws must've washed his brain…"

Raven shook her head. "If Blackfire was controlling Robin somehow, I would've detected something. Instead, all I felt from Robin was him hiding the truth. If anything, Robin was doing this on his own free will."

"Lies! All Lies!" Starfire was in tears. "I must find Blackfire to clear this up!" Starfire flew out of the Titan Tower.

Cyborg took a step towards the disappearing Starfire. "Starfire! Wait! We don't know…" But by the time he reacted, she was already gone.


Robin frantically ran towards the main room. 'They can't kick her out! I love her!' Robin stopped a bit. 'Do I love her?' Either way, the thought of never seeing her again didn't sit well with him. The door flew open and he came face to face with the rest of the team. "BLACKFIRE!" Robin frantically looked all around the room.

"She's gone." Raven replied with a little disgust in her voice. "Robin, we need to talk."

Speedy ran in behind Robin. Before he entered the room, he felt atmosphere of the room darkened considerably. 'This isn't going to end well.'

Outside Jump City

Starfire looked in one direction, then another. All she could see were forest, rivers, and mountains. 'She's here, somewhere. I can sense it!' "BLACKFIRE!!!" Starfire yelled from the top of her lungs. Her voice echoed throughout the valley. Birds flew from the treetops somewhere in the middle of the forest. Starfire continued to scan the area. "I know you are here! Tell me it isn't true!"

"Tell you what isn't true?" Blackfire smirked and flew around Starfire a few more times. "Tell you that your Robbie already had the time of his life with someone else?" Blackfire flew up. At first, Starfire couldn't see her until Blackfire appeared on her other side, upside down.

"I do not understand!" Starfire closed her fist and gritted her teeth. "Tell me that it isn't true! That none of it is true!"

"You still refuse to see it?" Blackfire continued to taunt Starfire. "You are truly blind little sister!" She flew around her a number of times, in a complete joyous attitude. "Hahahah!"

Starfire was reaching her breaking point. "Stop it. Stop it. STOP IT!!!"

Blackfire stopped flying around Starfire and instead, hovered in front of her. "Why? Because you can't handle the truth?"

"No! It is not true!" Starfire continued to tell herself. Her arms started to glow green. She shut her eyes that also started to glow green.

Blackfire was on cloud nine right now. Watching the suffering of her sister gave her such a euphoric feeling. 'And now, for the final nail.' Blackfire crossed her arms. "Oh little sister, it is true. Your little prince in shiny armor loves someone else. Had FUN with someone else! Kissed someone else. FUCKED someone else!" Blackfire backed up a little as she sees Starfire shaking with rage. Even so, the smile on Blackfire's face refused to budge. "The one he loves is ME sister!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Starfire blasted Blackfire with everything she had with powerful starbolts and her laser eyes.

Blackfire was caught in total surprise by her sister's attack. Even when she instinctively blocked Starfire's attack, the force of Starfire's blast sent Blackfire crashing down to earth, leaving a Blackfire shaped creator. She slowly got up. As she looked up, she saw another blast from Starfire coming her way. She instantly rolled to the side. The attack hit the ground, sending dust flying everywhere. Yet even then, with all this going on, Blackfire was in high spirits. "So, you want to fight me sister? Good! You were lucky last time Star when the Centarians came. You won't be so lucky this time!"

"It is YOU that will suffer from your treachery!" Starfire no longer held back as she did with previous villains. Pure hate consumed her as she sent another wave of starbolts at Blackfire.

Titan Tower

"I wasn't sure what you'd all think about it." Robin quietly responded to Raven. He held his head down in shame.

"Well, now you do. AND NONE OF US LIKE!" Raven fired back at Robin.

"How could you keep this from us?!" Cyborg yelled at Robin. "And may we forget what Blackfire did to her sister, OUR friend Starfire, the first time we met her?!"

"I KNOW CYBORG!!!" Robin got into his face. "But, something about her…"

"How could you, how could you be with her?!" Raven pushed Robin a bit. "She almost had Starfire sent in her place to some far away prison!!!"

"That isn't the only side of her!" Robin got into Raven's face. "Yes, I know all that Raven! I knew all that when I discovered these feelings for her! There's more to her then what any of you know! There's another side to her!"

"Like what side?" Beast Boy jumped into the conversation. "The really evil side? Or the less evil side?"

"NO! There's another side to her." Robin continued. "When I was talking to her in that club. I knew she was planning something…"

"You knew then but you didn't do anything?" Cyborg growled at Robin.

"Hold on Cyborg! I'm getting there." Robin growled back at Cyborg. "It was at this time when I felt that there was more to this girl. I knew she was bad so I allowed the Centarians to take her. Maybe a little jail time would help her reform. Still, I also felt that there was a connection between us. She must've known it too since the next time I saw her…"

"She used you." Raven finished for Robin.

This made Robin's blood boil. "LIAR! She…" Robin was stunned quiet when Raven slapped him hard. The SLAP echoed through the room. Cyborg and Beast Boy's jaws dropped. The sting tingled as the cool air hit it. Robin gently touched the area where Raven slapped him. He gave Raven a cold glance.

"You have no clue what that woman is capable of." Raven used her powers to push Robin up. Robin struggled a bit as Raven continued her speech. "She hated her sister. And what better pawn to get to her then you!"

"No! That is not true!" Robin continued to struggle against Raven's power.

"She used you to get to Starfire!" Raven tightened her control over Robin. "She knew that Starfire had a crush on you. When she saw that you felt something for her, she used YOU to get to her! And you played right into her hands."

"No! That can't be…" Robin looked around the room. Realization hit him. "Where's Star?!"

"She left to find Blackfire." Raven replied. "She might even be fighting her for all I know."

"NO!" Robin made contact with one of his exploding disc. He activated it. BOOM! The explosion, while destroying his utility belt, and causing considerable pain to himself, it did succeed in making Raven break her grip on him. Robin took out some Red Xs from the remains of his utility belt, and threw them at Raven.

Raven stood dumbfounded as Red Xs confined her. She struggled to break free of the Red Xs but failed.

Cyborg took out his sonic cannon. "I thought you got rid of them?!"

"I couldn't simply get rid of all of them since I used Synopium." Robin pushed a button on the Titan wall, and took out a spare utility belt. "I'm going to get Blackfire. I don't want to fight any of you, but I will if I have to." Robin looked at Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven.

"You're not going bring her back here!" Warned Cyborg.

"I won't!" Robin took his communicator out and threw on the ground. "I'm no longer a Titan!"

"What?!" Cyborg lowered his sonic cannon. "Robin…"

Robin stormed out of the room. Leaving a shocked and confused group behind him.

"What just happened?!" Beast Boy stood stunned as silence descended the room.

Outside Jump City

Blackfire and Starfire were locked in a fierce battle. Blackfire fired a volley of starbolts at Starfire. Starfire avoided every single one of them. She flew close to Blackfire and gave a punishing uppercut. Blackfire spun back as Starfire prepared another hit. Blackfire spun and kicked Starfire who dropped a few meters down.

"Have to admit, you have gotten better." Blackfire fired another round at Starfire who took the attack head on. "But not good enough!"

Starfire dropped and moved away from Blackfire's attack. Her blind rage took a hold of her and she blasted her eye beams at Blackfire.

Blackfire was stunned and instantly activated her eyebeams, stopping Starfire's beams from reaching her. She was stunned by the intensity that her sister was fighting. She now knows what her sister was holding back all this time.

Starfire and Blackfire continued this little tug of war with their eye beams. Suddenly, Blackfire started to lose power. "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Blackfire was hit with the full blast of Starfire's eye beams and fell. BAM! Blackfire found herself on the ground again. 'This can't be happening! My sister, is beating me!' She raised her head up to look at the still enraged Starfire. Her sister launched another volley of starbolts at her. "What? You're not supposed to…" But Blackfire didn't get to finish her statement. POW! POW! POW! One after another the starbolts hit Blackfire. Blackfire crashed through a few trees, a few boulders, and a few more trees before stopping. Blood was seeping through her mouth.

Starfire landed in front of Blackfire. "Your treachery ends now!"

Blackfire gave a weak smile. "Does it feel good Star? To have someone's life in your hand?"

Starfire didn't give an answer as she raised her arms again, ready to fire again.

"BLACKFIRE!!!" Robin yelled as he approached the scene. He saw the battle take place in front of him. In the back of his mind, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Starfire was attacking Blackfire, her sister, his lover, with power and brutality that he had never seen before.

Robin's voice snapped Starfire out of her rage. "Robin?"

"He called for me…" Blackfire rolled on her side. She held her chest in pain.

"You stay out of it!" Starfire was about to attack Blackfire again when Robin launched a few exploding disc at her. BOOM! The exploding disc sent Starfire crashing to a nearby tree. This action sent shockwaves in Starfire's mind. "Robin?"

Robin got up from his position. He turned away from her. "Go home Star."

"But…" Starfire could only watch helplessly as Robin helped Blackfire to her feet. "Robin…" She held a hand out to him.

"Let's go Blackfire." Robin led her to his R-Cycle.

"Robin!" Starfire was in tears.

Blackfire waved goodbye with the arm that wasn't holding her side, and grinned. She held onto Robin tightly as he drove away.

Titan Tower

"Robin…is never coming back?" Beast Boy looked down, depressed.

"It appears that way BB." Raven put her arm around Beast Boy in an effort to comfort him. Normally she feels uncomfortable doing such a gesture, but in the back of her mind, she felt that she needed to do it.

Starfire flew in. Brushed, and hurt physically and emotionally.

Cyborg looked at Starfire. "Star…"

"Robin…where is Robin?" Starfire started to cry again.

Raven looked at Starfire with sad eyes. "He's not coming back."

"No…" Starfire sniffed. "Without Robin then…"

"There is no Teen Titans." Cyborg lowered his head.

"Not necessarily." Speedy walked out from the shadows. "You can be the leader Cyborg. You can be the leader of the Teen Titans from now on."

Cyborg smiled a bit, but frowned. "Thanks but…I don't know if I could handle being leader at a time like this. With my best friend…" He stared at the door that Robin went through.

"Raven then? Beast Boy? Starfire?" Speedy looked at the three. Beast Boy and Raven shook their head. Starfire was too distraught to respond. "Then I will be the leader. Until you feel ready Cyborg." The team looked at Speedy. "Look, this city needs a team like the Teen Titans. I'm staying if it means keeping the team together."

Starfire sat down and started crying her eyes out. "Robin…"

Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy looked at each other and nodded.

Cyborg became the spokesperson for the group. "Agreed. You will be the new leader for the Teen Titans."

"Thank you. I am honored to lead this group." Speedy sat down next Starfire and tried to consul her. "I'm sorry, if there is anything I can do…"

"Robin our enemy now?" Starfire sniffed. She placed her head on Speedy's shoulder.

"If it comes to that..." Speedy replied somberly.

The other Titans looked at each other sadly.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" Starfire cried some more. 'This is all Blackfire's fault! Robin would still be our leader if it wasn't for her.' Then something new popped into Starfire's mind. 'If it wasn't for Blackfire, Robin would be good again. Blackfire must be eliminated.' "I will kill Blackfire!"

Warehouse District

"So, you left the Titans?" Blackfire snuggled closer to Robin. "I'm sorry…"

"They didn't understand. None of them do." Robin stopped his bike at a red light. As he waited for the light to change, Robin revved up his bike. Suddenly, something moved from the corner of his eye. "What could that be?"

"Maybe we should check it out!" Blackfire eagerly smiled.

"With you hurt?" Robin patted Blackfire's arm. "I'm not sure that would be such a good idea in your condition."

"Looks like I made the choice for you." Slade jumped down in front of Robin.

"Slade!" Robin jumped off of his R-Cycle and took out his Bo-Staff. "What are you doing here?!"

"I'm just here to talk Robin." Slade stared at Robin.

"I have to…" Robin instinctively grabbed for his communicator, but he discovered that it wasn't there.

"Forgot that you weren't a Titan anymore Robin?" Slade walked closer to Robin.

"How did you know that?" Robin returned his attention to the approaching Slade. "Don't come any closer!"

"I have my sources." Slade continued to walk closer to Robin. "Besides Robin, I am not here to fight. In fact, I have a proposition for you."

"So, you're Slade!" Blackfire got off the bike.

"Stay back Blackfire!" Robin yelled back. "Slade is dangerous!"

"Am I Robin?" Slade stopped his advancement. "Especially with what Starfire almost did to your girlfriend?"

"I…" Robin looked at Slade.

"You've seen how brutal Starfire attacked Blackfire." Slade smiled under his mask as he saw Robin remembered the battle. Robin looked up at Blackfire who was still nursing wounds from the battle. "She didn't hold back. Imagine if she actually killed her."

"Starfire wouldn't have done that." Robin was shaking as he tried to deny what he saw.

"But she almost did." Slade crossed his arms. "Imagine if you weren't there to stop her. What would've happened to Blackfire?"

Blackfire gave a somber expression and looked away from Robin who was now staring at her. Internally however, Blackfire was intrigued with Slade. 'Whatever helps the process…' She internally grinned.

"She…she…" Robin narrowed his eyes and closed his fist. "She would've killed her!"

"That's right Robin. She would've killed her. And chances are, she will if she has another chance." Slade took another step forward. "But I can help prevent that from happening."

Robin looked at Slade. "What are you proposing Slade?"

"Become my apprentice again. With our help, we can stop Starfire and anyone that helps her, together. I can provide the training, and I could provide the equipment." Slade looked at Blackfire. "And as for your girlfriend, I can help her train. Next time, Starfire attacks her, she won't be caught off guard again."

Blackfire smiled. 'I think I like this Slade guy.' "What do you think Robin?" She pretended groan in pain.

Robin looked at Blackfire, then back at Slade. A dark smile appeared on Robin's face. "You have a deal Slade."

'Everything worked perfectly!' Slade thought. "Terra, you now have some new teammates."

"It is so good to work with you again Robin." Terra, with half her face covered, darkly smiled.

-------End of Dangerous Love Affair

It is OVER!!! Dangerous Love Affair is complete! That is the end of Dangerous Love Affair. Robin is no longer a leader of the Teen Titans, and is now working for Slade along with Blackfire, and Terra. Speedy is the new leader of the Teen Titans, and Starfire is out for revenge! What a great ending huh? Now, when will the sequel be out? Ummm…well, never? I never planned a sequel for this story. I obviously left room for one. Just that, well, I never planned to go beyond it. Maybe one day I will get a sequel out, but at the moment, I have too many stories on my plate to think of one. I hoped everyone who read this enjoyed this story. See you on the next story! And please, read my other stories if you have the time!