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Chapter Five

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Chris and the others didn't know how long they had been walking. Their feet were killing them, they were hot and tired, and having a hood had it even hotter.

JD wished that he could take the hood off so that he could breathe fresh air, he was begging to feel a bit claustrophobic. He wished that he could see the others, to see Buck encouraging him, to see the plans in Chris's eyes, to see the hope in Josiah's. He just wanted to see them.

Ezra was dying, his stomach ached where he had been punched, he was hot, and tired, and hungry. He would sell the clothes off his back for some food. He could just taste it.....


Ezra was just imaging the taste, when he stood on uneven ground. Pain flared up his leg as he fell to the ground.

Not prepared for anything, Chris fell backwards as the rope around his stomach forced him down.

Josiah who was thinking about a church heard the cry, just as the rope around his stomach tightened and dragged him down.

Josiah's fall caused a catastrophe moment as it pulled Buck, JD, and Nathan crashing to the ground where Josiah, Ezra and Chris lay.

Chris couldn't help but cry as he felt someone heavy fall on his ankle.

"Would someone please get off my foot!" Chris cursed.

"And would someone get off my head!" JD cried.

The enemy looked at the huge pile of tangled bodies and burst out laughing .

Chris glared with all his might, but knew it was hopeless since the hood blocked it. But if looks could kill, they would be six feet under.

Josiah could feel someone's elbow dig into his ribs, Ezra could feel someone's boot on his check, Buck could feel someone underneath him, and Chris could feel a heavy pressure on his foot, which he guessed was someone's body. Nathan felt squished, he was half on someone, and was being squished under another.

They could hear laughing, and knew that they wouldn't help them.

"Please, get off me!" Ezra cried.

They all tried to move at once, but because they were all linked by the same rope, it made life hard, It also didn't help that their hands were tied behind their backs, and they found themselves in the same position.

"This is not working. We need to do this in order. Now, Nathan, try and get up, once you are, tell the person in who is tied in front of you to go next!" Chris ordered.

Nathan nodded as he tried to squirm out the tangle of body parts. After a minute, he finally freed himself.

"JD, your up," Nathan said breathlessly.

JD began to untangle himself, as he tried to move his elbow accidentally hit Buck in the nose, which caused it to bleed.

"Ouch!" Buck cried as he felt his nose break.

He could feel the blood begin to flow from his nose.

"Sorry," JD apologised.

JD managed to get out of the heap and slowly got onto his feet.

"Buck," JD called.

Buck tried to move, he began to squirm from his prison. He was making progress till he fell.

"UGH!" He cried as he landed on his face, which made his nose burn as it moved out of shape.

"Buck you ok?" Nathan asked.

"My nose," Buck moaned.

"Would someone just take these dam hoods off so we can at least see!" JD yelled.

JD didn't normally yell, but right now, he was concerned about Buck.

This just caused the enemy soldiers to laugh harder.

Buck just bit his lip as he tried to get up. He used his forehead to push his upper body up, as he got onto his knees. Once he sat up, he felt a bit light headed. After a minute, he got up onto his shaky legs.

"J'siah," Buck called out aloud..

Josiah heard Buck's call, and began to move, as he did, he accidentally kicked Ezra in the face.

"AH!" Ezra cried out as the foot kicked out hard against his poor face.

"Sorry brother," Josiah said sadly as he tried to move, this time, much slower.

Josiah made slow progress, but he did manage to free himself. Only problem now, was to try and get up.

As he stood up, he felt his knees click as they weren't used to the pressure.

Everyone winced when they heard the bones click.

"Gross," JD moaned.

"My bones aren't used to this work out," Josiah joked as he managed to stand up.

"Your next brother Ezra," Josiah called.

Ezra was still feeling a bit dizzy from the hard knock, but he still tried. As he moved his foot, he immediately regretted it as he used the injured foot.

They all heard Ezra gasp, and immediately began to worry.

"What's wrong Ezra?" Nathan asked.

"I have seemed to have sprained my ankle," Ezra said as he felt pain grew.

"Damn it," Nathan cursed the enemy soldiers.

Ezra took a deep breath, as he stood up, trying to stand on the one foot.

Sensing that Ezra was up, Chris quickly stood up. He was lucky because he didn't have to try and free himself from everyone, and because his training came back and helped him.

"Take these dam things off. If we get hurt, it will take us longer to walk!" Chris demanded.

The soldiers, who were still recovering from their laughing, looked at Chris, and just burst out laughing again.

o o o

To be continued...