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It was early in the morning and she stood in the window looking at the fog which surrounded The Golden Gate Bridge. She had actually left Las Vegas, it was still hard to believe. The morning when she told Grissom she was going to leave she would never forget. He had just looked at her with a expression she didn't understand. He said just three word to response: 'Sara...don't, please..' Her answer became something like: 'Sorry Grissom, but I have to' Then she had left his without giving him any chance to say anything. Two days later she gave him her resignation, then left in the same day.

In Las Vegas Grissom had taken his first days of in almost a year. Cathrine had forced him to when she saw how tired and over-worked he was. He had insisted to stay but she didn't let him. He knew that being home and not occupied with work just would make the pain grow stronger. He stood on his balcony and stared at the view of Las Vegas while tears slowly ran down his cheeks. There wasn't a minute without her face and her smile flying through his mind and made his heart break into a thousand pieces. When she told him she was going to leave he just wanted to scream. He tried to tell her what he would feel if she left, tell her that he loved her but the words just wouldn't come, and two days later she was gone. Now it was a little more then a month since she had left and he didn't know how much longer he could stand being without her and not going crazy.

"Late an night when all the world is sleeping, I stay up and think of you,
And I wish on a star that somewhere you are thinking of me to."

In that moment the doorbell rang. A few weeks ago he would have run to the door with his heart pounding and hoping so much that it would be Sara, but now he just wiped the tears away and walked heavily towards the door.

Outside the door Cathrine waited for Gil to open the door. She heard heavy footsteps coming towards the door and in the next moment Gil opened the door for her. "Hey Cath" he said and tried to smile at her, but it became more like a twisted grimace. When she saw him she was about to start cry. His eyes was filled grief and pain and they were slightly red as like he just had cried. He looked so much smaller then before, and the awake facial expression was long gone. "Oh my God Gil, what happened to you?!" He didn't say anything, just looked down at the floor as the tears where coming again. Cathrine didn't say a word just took a step forward and held him in her arms. As she felt a sob shake his body she held him tighter and rocked him back and forth like a little child. For what seemed to be for ever they just stood there, Cathrine holding Grissom close to her as he sobbed into her coat. It felt so good to be held and for the first time since Sara left he allowed himself to truly let out his feelings. When she slowly let him go and looked at him he suddenly felt embarrassed and looked down . "Grissom, look at me" she whispered and slowly wiped away his tears. "I'm sorry Cathrine, I shouldn't have done that" he said and turned around but she grabbed his arm. "Yes you should, even you have to let out your feelings Gil" With a sigh he turned to look at her and he looked so helpless. "Cath, it doesn't help how much I cry or scream, it's not going to bring her back." With a small gesture he showed her into the apartment. "Gil, you have to let her know that you love her , and if you do I have a feeling she will come back. " "No Cath, I have lost her for ever" "Don't you dare say that Gil Grissom, you are going to tell her, even if I have to drive you all the way to San Francisco" He couldn't help but smile to her serious tone. But then it hit him. "San Francisco, has she gone back to San Francisco?" "Yes, that is what she told me. What, didn't she tell you where she was going?" Grissom shook his head slightly and seemed to disappear into what Cathrine used to identify as LittleGrissomLand. After a while she tapped him on his shoulder. "Earth to Grissom, what are you thinking about?" "Nothing.... Would you like some coffee?" "I would love to, I haven't had a cup since I dropped Lindsey of at Eddies and that is about 10 hours ago". "Then I'll better make you one before you go insane," he said with a smirk. "You know me to well" she said with a smile.

She watched him disappear into the kitchen and realised with sadness that she was never going to be able to hold him and love him as much as she wanted. She must be very foolish to not take advantage of the situation and keep him to herself, but she loved and respected him far to much for that

"As long as the stars shine bright from the heaven,
As long as the rivers run to the sea
I'll never get over you."

Her thoughts were interrupted by Grissom sticking a cup of hot coffee under her nose. She gave him a huge smile and gratefully took the cup with the hot black coffee, he still remembered how she wanted it, just black. "Thanks, you are my god among men" she murmured as she sipped on the hot liquid. "You're welcome my dear" he said and gave her the first real smile in a long time. For a while they just sat there, Catherine enjoying her coffee and Grissom just looking out into nowhere.

"She is a lucky woman you know" Cathrine suddenly said. "What do you mean?" "I mean what I say Gil,. She is lucky to have a man like you in love with her" "A man like me?" Grissom echoed and raised an eyebrow. "Yes a man like you ,Gil" "And how is a man like me?" "Now you are being so Grissom again, and that is exactly what I mean. You are curious, intelligent, you are a good listener, you care for other people and you are handsome." For a moment they just sat there looking at each other. "Thank you Cathrine..." "For what?" "For making me feel that I'm not totally worthless." "Hey that's what friends are for, right?" she said and putted her arm around his shoulders.

For at least the millionth time Sara twisted in her bed, trying to find a convertible position. At last she gave up and got out of bed. She knew why she couldn't sleep, it was because of Grissom. Every time she closed her eyes she saw his clear blue eyes with the curious, caring expression an his boyish smile. 'No Sara, don't do this to your self. You left Vegas and you just can't go back, because he will trap you again and you'll be hurt when he doesn't notice you. No Sara don't think of him....' 'Yeah, like that's going to work.' She sighed and drank a little more of her hot chocolate as she sat down at the kitchen table. It didn't make any sense, why couldn't she forget him, now when she had a good job at the San Francisco crime lab and had met a really cute guy. The answer was simple, she was in love with him, very in love with him. "But he doesn't love me, he doesn't even notice me" she whispered as tears ran down her cheeks. Hours later she woke up at the table with a stiff neck after a dreamless sleep. It was time for work. She got dressed and 30 minutes later she entered the Crime lab. "Hey Sara, how are you?" It was Joseph Bronson, the really cute guy, the last person she wanted to see. "I'm fine thank you" she said and tried to smile. "Well, you look a little pale" "It's okay, I just couldn't sleep that's all" "Okay, but you know you can talk to me" "Yeah" she said and gave him the best fake smile she could manage.

About 9 hours later she had solved a case, read several forensic magazines and took an overdose of black hot coffee. She was bored, and it was still a couple of hours left until her shift ended. This never happened when Grissom was her supervisor, he always had a book, a mind game or something like that for her when she was bored. But that guy Stevenson who was her supervisor now was not exactly intelligent. He did even buy the mind game with: silk, silk, silk, what does a cow drink? The man had answered milk, only that showed how "good" he was as an investigator.

In Vegas Grissom had come back to work, although Cathrine wasn't to happy about it, but he knew he couldn't handle another lonely night. A new case with a dead 10 year old girl made Cathrine in a bad mood, those cases always made her think of daughter Lindsey. Grissom knew all about this and did his best to make her feel better, although his sad eyes made her feel even worse, but she didn't tell him. After a couple of hours the shift ended and Cathrine felt relief to go home and see her daughter. She putted down some case files on the table in the break room and got up of the couch. "Hey guys, I'm going home, need to get home to Linds" "Need a ride?" Warrick asked with a slightly hopeful voice. Everyone knew he had a crush on Cathrine except Cath herself. It was a wonder she didn't notice those shy, in love looks he gave her. "Sure, then I don't have to take the bus again, my car broke down yesterday – again" she sighed. When the two of them had left Nick shot a look at Grissom. "Hey Griss, you okay?" "I'm perfectly fine Nick." By his hard tone Nick knew he should leave the conversation where it was. "Found somebody to replace Sara with yet?" he asked. "No, but I'm working on it." with those words he left the room.

Nick turned to Greg who entered the break room in time to hear the conversation. "He misses her" was Greg's simple statement. "We all do" "But he loves her." "True, but why doesn't he go after her then?" "Who knows, maybe he is afraid of getting a no or he just denies it." "He won't get a no, she is in love with him to, it's been so obvious." Nick said with a little smile. "Maybe we should get Cathrine to talk him into follow her"

None of them knew that was what she had been trying to do the last days, but he still didn't believe that Sara shared his feelings. When he now was home alone he considered his possibilities which he thought was equal to zero. She had probably already met some new gorgeous guy, and why would she want him then. To try to remove her from his thoughts he decided to do some cleanup in his drawers, this was a trick Lady Heather actually taught him – clean and forget. Sounded very strange to come from a woman like her, but she had a lot of different sides. When he had finished the first drawer and putted some magazines in alphabetical and numbered order and threw away some old crosswords he started on the second, but after a while something stopped him completely. Under and old magazine about bugs he found a picture – of him and Sara. They were both smiling. He remembered when Nick took in on their last Christmas party at the lab. He had made Grissom put his arms round Sara from behind and Sara was leaning on to him and holding his hands on her stomach. She had some glitter in her hair, wore a white shirt and around her neck she had a piece of jewellery he had got her as a Christmas gift. It was a little clear dark blue stone shaped as a heart with a golden band that framed it. He wore a midnight blue suit with a very red tie with reindeers on it. It was playing Jingle bells in a very loud tone. She'd gave it to him mostly as o joke but he appreciated it (even though the tone of the song cut through every ones eardrums). For what seemed to be an eternity he just stood there, holding the picture, looking at it. When the doorbell rang he knew it was Cathrine with Lindsey, because he had promised to be her baby-sitter since Warrick had asked Cathrine to come with him to the opening to his brothers jazz-club. He let mother and daughter in and Lindsey at once ran over to look at Grissom's pet tarantula Fluffy. "Gil, what's that?" she said and took the picture from him. She smiled widely and looked up at him. "Here you have it." "Have what?" "The reason why you should go after her, look at you two. Your a perfect match, she fits great into your arms." She couldn't help but say this with slight sadness. She knew she never was going to get over him completely, but maybe she would be able to be satisfied with just his friendship. For some reason he believed her words, it seemed like seeing the picture had lighten up some hope inside him. But he couldn't help but hear the sadness in her voice. "Maybe..."he still was a little unsure. "But why do you sound so sad Cath?" She didn't think he had noticed. Nothing passed that man. "Nothing.. just... no, forget it, I'm fine." He gave her a glare in suspicion, but left the conversation where it was. "Well I have to leave now or I will be late." "Have fun" he said and smiled to her. "Yeah I will, and be nice to uncle Gil Lindsey" She kneeled down and hugged her daughter. "Promise, bye mum."

When Cathrine had left Grissom lifted Lindsey into her arms and swung her around, making her giggle. "So, little bug, are you hungry?" "Yes, mum told me I was going to eat here, what are we getting?" "Well, that is up to you,. What do you want?" She thought for a while, then she said: "Pizza, please can we have pizza uncle Gil. Mum will never let me eat that, she says it's unhealthy." "Sure we can have pizza, I'll order right now" He putted her down and made the call. When Cathrine came to pick her up about 5 hours later they had eaten lots of pizza, watched a movie and Grissom had taught Lindsey how to play chess. "Hey sweet did you and uncle Grissom have a good time?" "Yeah, very, we had pizza, watched a movie and played chess." "Played chess. really".. she smirked at Grissom. "Yep, uncle Gil says I'm talented." "She almost beats me, you know" Lindsey looked like she was going to explode with pride. "Great, now you have created a new Grissom" Cathrine said and laughed. "Of course. Did you and Warrick had a nice time?" "Yes" She smiled and blushed. "Oh, THAT nice time" he said with a knowing look and smirked. She just glared at him. "Well Lindsey, it's time for us to go home. Thanks for taking care of her Gil." "No problem, I had a nice time" "Me to, Uncle Gil" Lindsey said and gave him a huge hug. That night he want to bed with a smile on his face.

But in another city somebody didn't sleep at all, she just kept thinking about the man she loved so much her heart was about to explode. Sara reached out her hand and found a little piece of jewellery on the little table beside her bed. It was a dark almost midnight blue stone shaped like a heart with a golden band that framed it. She suddenly started humming Jingle bells.

A week had passed since Cathrine had gave Grissom a reason, and he was sitting in his office being far away in dreamland. "Hey Griss, tell Tinker bell hello from me" Grissom jumped at Warrick's voice. He looked up at the mans smirk. "What do you mean by that?" "Well it looked like you had flew away to never-never land." Grissom just looked at him. "What can I do for you? "Need an advise, have a little trouble with the case with the little girl" He sighed and rubbed his forehead. "I can't find anything and the mother is acting... weird" "Weird?" "Yeah, it seams like she is being... hateful and scared in the same time." Grissom shook his head. "I have seen this before. My advice is: ask her what she does when she gets mad." "Already done, she is hitting and kicking on things. And that is just when she types wrong." "Then imagine what she could do to a child that is painting on the walls." "Oh my God..." With those words Warrick left the office. Good thing Cathrine wasn't there.

Grissom's advice broke the case and the mother were put in jail. The rest of the week didn't have much interesting to offer, just a homicide and lots of paperwork. On Friday night Cathrine walked in on Grissom's and made him snap his head up from deep thoughts. "You know you better go after her" "What?" "The others has been on me telling me to tell you to go after her and I'll get all the crap if you don't." "I thought nobody else knew.." He gave her a suspicious glare. "Please Gil, did you really think I had to tell them" "Is it that obvious?" Grissom looked down at his hands. "Yes, if you thought that you could fool them, or me, that would be an insult against us as investigators." He smirked at her and said: "I guess they learned from the best." He covered his face with his arms when she tried to hit him. They both laughed for a while, something none of them had done in a long time. "So, are you going to go after her?" "Yes."

On Monday morning he sat on a plane to San Francisco, his whole body was shaking. The stewardess had asked him if he was alright, he only managed to nod. The flight took about 4 hours and at 8.00 o clock in the morning he was at his hotel in central San Francisco. Cathrine had told Grissom that Sara worked day shift from 9.00 p.m. until 9.00 a.m. so he still had some time to prepare in. He had no idea what he was going to tell her, but he knew some of that must be like- 'Sara, I need you by my side' and finally 'I love you'. For over an hour he walked back and forth in his hotel room becoming more and more nervous. Suddenly he realised what he was doing, and he felt so stupid. How could he actually believe that she would come back to him, that she loved him. He shook his head, this whole thing was a stupid idea. Then he came to think about Catherine's words a couple of days earlier - 'Your a perfect match, she fits great into your arms.' Was it true? Did she love him back as much as he loved her, with all his heart and soul. He shook his head, it was no turning back now, he was here and he had to do it. If he would hesitate more, it was possible that he just would go back to Vegas and be lonely until the day that his life ended. With a deep breath he left his hotel room, still don't knowing what he was going to tell her.

At San Francisco Crime Lab Sara was working on a case with a dead prisoner. The guy was found in his cell with a bullet in his head and the guards suspected homicide so the crime lab was called in. Her work with some fingerprints was interrupted by her cell phone. "Sidle" It was Mariah from the front desk. "Miss Sidle, there is a mr Gil Grissom here to see you." The phone slipped out of Sara's hand and hit the floor with a crash. She didn't bother picking it up, she just left the lab and almost ran to the front desk. The thoughts was whirling around in her head. What was he doing here, what did he want her? When she reached the entrance she stopped dead. He stood just a few feet away looking at her with his clear blue eyes. "Sara.." he started, but no words were needed. She threw herself into his arms with tears streaming down her cheeks. "Sara, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry...." He murmured into her hair while he held her close to him. "Grissom you don't have to apologise" she said while she pulled slightly away from him and wiped the tears away from her cheeks with the back of her hand. "Yes I have to, I should never had let you leave, I should have told you how I feel" "Will you tell me now?" she asked gazing straight into his blue eyes. "Yes I will.. Sara I love you, with all my heart and soul and I always have and always will." Without knowing why, Sara started to cry again, maybe it was because of relief. "Sara..?" he asked holding her face in his hands. "Grissom, I love you too, I always have" she said through the tears. He looked deep into her eyes and pulled her closer, brushing his lips on hers. She leaned into his embrace and they both deepened in the kiss. The kiss seemed to last for an eternity and none of them noticed that everybody in the hall was now looking at them, including Joseph Bronson, who didn't look too happy. "Who's that" he growled to Stevenson next to him. "I think that's the guy with the bugs from Vegas, Sidles former boss. They seem to be close." Bronson just muttered an answer and left. During the discussion Sara and Grissom had pulled slightly away from each other. "I think you just broke a heart", she said and looked at Bronson's back. "Me? I wasn't his girlfriend" he chuckled. "Neither was I, or at least I don't think so" she said an blushed a little. "He obviously thought you were, judging by the look on his face before. Maybe you should talk to him." "I think I should. And Griss...?" "Yes?" "Can I come back to Vegas?" "Of course, thought you would never ask." They kissed once again before Sara went after Bronson and Grissom talked to Stevenson, he was going to take his Sidle back to him.

They spent 3 days in San Francisco, acting like in love teenagers, going to the movies and sitting in the back kissing, walk around holding hands, standing in the middle of the street kissing, not caring that people were looking because there were some that thought that Grissom seemed to old for Sara. Sara didn't care what anybody thought of their relationship, she was so happy and no one could destroy it, not even the accusing look on Bronson's face 3 days ago.

On Thursday afternoon they sat on the plane back to Vegas. Sara was going to live with Grissom in his townhouse and her furniture was going to get sent later. "So what do you want to do when we get back?" he asked and putted his arm around her shoulders. "First I want to eat and then I want to see the team." Suddenly a little evil smirk appeared on her face. "What?" Grissom said suspiciously. "Does anybody in the team know what happened in San Francisco?" "No" "Not even Cathrine?" He shook his head. "We could have a little fun with this you know...." "What did you have in mind my dear?" he said with a smirk. The rest of the trip they used to prepare their plan. None of them noticed the stewardess who observed them with a smile.

When he stepped into the break room that night Cathrine, Warrick and Nick practically jumped on him. "How was the trip, did you bring back our Sidle?" "Well.. she is engaged" he said barley able to hide his smirk. "WHAT?!" they screamed in unison. "But it has only been what, a month from when she left?" Nick hissed. "Yeah, and it wasn't soon enough" a voice said from the door. All the eyes were turned to Sara who now had left the door and walked over to Grissom and gave him the most tender kiss all of them had ever seen. They just stared. "Hey guys, pick up your chins from the floor.... Oh hello Sara" Greg said from the doorway and smiled. Warrick was the first one to receive the ability to talk, although not in full sentences. "But, you said.... engaged.. Sara.." "I didn't said to who, did I?" Grissom said an smiled. "So during four days you guys been able to get together AND get engaged?.... Impressive" Greg said. By now the rest of the team was able to talk. "Congratulations!" Cathrine said and gave Grissom a huge hug. "What did I tell you," she whispered in his ear. It was strange, she wasn't so jealous as she thought she would be. It could have something to do with Warrick asking her out to dinner for the second time.

"So, now I wanna see your ring Sara" she said after letting go of Gil. Proudly Sara held her left hand out to Cathrine. "Oh my God Sara, it's beautiful" she gasped and smiled. It was a thin silver ring with a single diamond on it. "He got down on his knees asking me to marry him when we ate dinner at a restaurant and he got the band to play my favourite song" "Aww, that is so cute" Warrick and Nick said with grins on their faces. "I'm proud over you, boss" Greg said and grinned towards Grissom. "Thanks Greg"

"What is so cute?" Brass asked from the doorway. "Grissom", Warrick said and burst into laughing. Brass raised his eyebrow to the Graveyard team, who all had silly smiles on their faces. "Sara, you are back" he said and suddenly he understood what this was all about and smiled. "Wondered when you were going to go after her" he said and patted Grissom's shoulder.

A week later Grissom called in his team (including Greg and Brass) to give them their assignments, but he was going to give them other news too. "Is everybody here yet?" "Sure thing boss, all ready for some work" Warrick said "Before you get your assignments Sara and I have got something else for you." "You guys set a date?" Cathrine asked with a smile. "Yes, it's next Saturday 2 o'clock at a little chapel in the outskirts of Las Vegas." "I think I speak for all of us when I say we'll be there" Nick said and smiled to his co. workers. "Sure thing, man " "Cathrine, could you ask Lindsey if she want's to carry the rings?" Grissom asked. "Sure, I'm sure she would love to." "And Cath, would you be my maid of honour?" "I'd love to, thank you Sara" Cathrine said and hugged her friend.

2 weeks later wedding bells rang and after years of hidden passion and hearts broken more then one time, they finally had each other, for ever.

*The End*

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the lyrics are from the songs "Dreaming of you" and "I'll never get over you" by Selena