Tread carefully Young Crouch

Chapter 1

*Antonin Dolohov*

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Antonin Dolohov sat quietly in the locked room, right in the center of the Ministry's headquarters. He, like so many other servants for the new Dark Lord, tried something stupid to prove himself worthy to him.

He and two other Death Eaters had tried to kill a very important Ministry official. But the second they stepped in some sort of alarm was set off. The other two scattered, leaving him alone and the next thing he knew he was hit by the stunning spell.

Now he was in literally in hell. The Ministry was probably going to sentence him to Azkaban for life. Shuddering at the thought, he lay down on the cold, hard floor and drifted off to a dreamless sleep.

Around an hour later he was awakened by the sound of the door clicking and creaking open. He slowly sat up as a boy around twelve entered the room. Muggle sunglasses hid his eyes, and his straw-colored hair was spiked into five parts so that it was coming of his head like the spikes on the back of an porcupine.

"I'll tell you one thing the security in this place S-U-C-K-S," the boy said to no one in particular. As he crossed the room he continued to mutter, "I mean come on a crazy man with an ax could come strolling in hear and no one would notice." Then before Antonin could say anything the kid pulled off a backpack and took out a metal object.

"Hold on! Wait one minute!" exclaimed Antonin. "Who are you? What is that in your hand? And what the hell is an ax?"

The boy took one look at the thing in his hand and turned to Antonin, laughing, "I should have guessed. You're a Death Eater and most of them are pure-bloods. This is a screwdriver, a muggle thing. An ax is a thing crazy people use to kill someone or non-magical folk use to cut wood. And my name is something you won't learn."

"Oh, I see what's going on here. Old Crouch is getting too lazy to sentence his prisoners so he figured he'd start training children to take his place," said Antonin.

"Uh-huh…well, sir, you're not even close," Barty responded absentmindedly, staring at the ceiling. He crossed the room again, appearing to be looking for something. Continued to walk around the room, he was directly under a vent in the ceiling.

"What are you doing?" Antonin asked, annoyed.

Ignoring Antonin Barty went back over to his backpack, pulled out a long piece of rope, and returned to his spot under the vent. Biting his lip, he threw one end of the rope up and through one of the bars in the vent. As carefully as he could he pushed the one side he was holding up and made the two ends equal with each other. After putting the screwdriver in his mouth he began to climb the rope. When he reached the top he held onto the rope with one hand and pulled out the screwdriver with the other then began to unscrew a few bolts.

In seconds Barty had the vent off and dropped down to the floor. With his face full of triumph he said, "Sorry that took so long, Mr.-"

"Dolohov. Antonin Dolohov," Antonin told Barty in complete shock.

"Good luck, Mr. Dolohov," Barty said, embarrassed as he picked up his backpack and pulled something out. "Umm, here take this and here's your wand." He handed Antonin a sack of galleons along with his wand that had been confiscated by the Ministry only hours ago.

"What's the money for?" inquired Antonin.

"Knight Bus fee," answered Barty.

"But won't the Ministry be after me?"

"They might have been if they got your name, but they didn't."

Antonin looked up at the vent, "Where on Earth did you learn-" he started but when he turned around he was shocked to find that that Barty was gone.

"Might as well get climbing," he decided and he started to climb the rope and crawl through the small vent. Now all I have to is figure out a way to tell the master that I was rescued by a kid I've never seen.


"What do you mean a mere child got by the Ministry's wards, rescued you, and then just disappeared?" hissed Voldemort, advancing on Antonin. He pulled out his wand and yelled "Crucio!" He left the curse on the Death Eater for a few seconds before lifting it. "Care for another go?"

Antonin scrambled forward and grabbed onto the hem of his master's robes, "Please, my lord, it's the truth," he pleaded.

Voldemort kicked him aside and sneered, "Get off of me, Dolohov."

A Death Eater who couldn't have been older than fourteen stepped forward and out of the circle cautiously, not wanting the same treatment as Antonin, "It's true, my lord. A child around the age of twelve has rescued many Death Eaters from Aurors, but this is the first time that he has ever snuck someone out of the Ministry's main base."

"Then why haven't I been informed?" asked Voldemort.

"Well it sounds pretty embarrassing. I mean having to be rescued by one kid," the Death Eater responded.

"Is it as embarrassing as this Lestrange?" inquired Voldemort. "Crucio!" As the Death Eater fell to the ground screaming and twitching Voldemort turned to Antonin, "Did you think to get his name?"

Antonin bit his lip as he shook his head. "No, master. He was smart enough not to give it to me."

Voldemort cursed something under his breath. "We will worry about this another time." He turned to the three youngest Death Eaters, "Bella, Rabastan, Rodolphus, I want you all in the meantime to continue your search for promising Death Eaters. Try to focus on those that are young."

"Yes, my lord," they said in unison, bowing slightly.   


"Going out, mum!" Barty called as he swung his backpack over his shoulder. The sun was shinning brightly considering that it was early in the morning.

"Okay, but eat something first!" his mother responded

"Alright, mum! Hey, Winky, get in here!" he called the house-elf.

""Yes, Master Barty?" the female house-elf asked, appearing right in front of him. Her ears were hanging in her face and she smiled up at him nervously. 

"Something to eat. And can you hurry? I'm in a rush," Barty said in a bored voice.

"Right aways, sir," Winky squeaked, disappearing with a pop! Seconds later she returned with two pieces of toast on a plate. "Here it is, sir."

"Umm…thanks, Winky," Barty said, unsurely. He grabbed the toast and fled out the Manor's front door.

Summer time…

It was Barty's favorite time of the year. Not because there was no school; he loved to be at school and to show off how intelligent he was. It was because there was lots of time for him to run around and be-well be him. It was only the middle of July and Barty found that he was spending most of his time doing things that wizards his age didn't.

For one he loved to skateboard and rollerblade. They were, as his father put it, "unfit for upcoming wizard children" and fit more for "useless squibs and muggle children". Barty rolled his eyes at the thought of his father.

His father was an entire subject that he would rather avoid on such a nice day. Barty Crouch, Sr was always too busy to say hello or better yet even goodbye to his son. His schedule was always work, work, and then work' nothing more and nothing less.

Barty's walking slowly decreased until he stopped completely, brows furrowed. "Stupid father," he mumbled.

"Can you believe him?" demanded a voice from across the road. Barty's brows returned to normal as he looked to where the shouting was coming from. Then he saw them: Bellatrix Black, Rodolphus Lestrange, and his older but just as wild brother, Rabastan Lestrange.

Just his luck. He had to run into the only three people he hated more that the merry Marauders. Immediately after he decided to just leave them alone Rodolphus's voice called, "Hey! Look, Bella! It's the goodie-goodie from Ravenclaw!" Barty gritted his teeth as he turned to face them again.

"Shouldn't you all be off drinking the blood of muggles?" Barty spat at the Slytherins.

"Aww. Were sorry, Barty," Bellatrix said in a mock voice. "Are we bothering the poor baby?"

Trying to end the fight before it got physical, Barty turned to leave but he was pushed to the ground from behind. He groaned to himself before getting to his feet and secretly grabbing a hold of his blue necklace.

In a flash he dashed past them and when he stopped running he was miles away from where Bellatrix and the Lestrange brothers stood. The thought of their stunned faces brought a smile to Barty's determined face and he couldn't help but chuckle to himself. Without thinking the Crouch heir clutched his medallion tight in his hand. 

The medallion that wasn't at all ordinary. Just to make it so that it could contain s much power took him three years. The medallion itself was a symbol of freedom for both sides of the war that was only beginning. A simple green dragon charm on a silver chain that had the power to help him to be faster than the speed of light was how he had managed to help many Death Eaters escape Azkaban and death. With his ability he found that he could train himself to specialize in being stealth, sneaky, and athletic. Whatever the situation was he was sure to escape it without a scratch whether he was doing something illegal or just playing around.

Speaking of illegal things…Barty let out a sigh of frustration. He had to get something for Severus Snape and drop it off at his house. Barty got into a running position before taking off. He closed his eyes for a moment to relax. He couldn't help but love the feeling of the wind in his face. Well now he was going to get a bit of exercise and then he was going to visit Diagon Ally.


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