Tread carefully Young Crouch

Chapter 2


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A/N: I feel that I must warn you. This IS a fic about the Death Eaters and it may be a dark story though I'm not sure to what extent.  


Previous Chapter: Speaking of illegal things…Barty let out a sigh of frustration. He had to get something for Severus Snape and drop it off at his house. Barty got into a running position before taking off. He closed his eyes for a moment to relax. He couldn't help but love the feeling of the wind in his face. Well now he was going to get a bit of exercise and then he was going to visit Diagon Ally.


Severus Snape sat in a one of his father's old labs, completely engulfed in perfecting the potion that he was attempting to brew. The Dreamless Sleep Potion was one of the easiest potions to make in Severus's opinion, but he was bored and because he was still awaiting Barty's (or B.C's) arrival he didn't have the ingredients he needed to make anything else that wasn't first year material. Besides that complication Severus couldn't think of any other potion that would come in handy more often for him than the Dreamless Sleep Potion.

Pop! Severus turned around and saw the family house-elf standing before him. Jeremy's ears were like those of a bat's and he had a pointed nose that was narrow but not all that long. The elf's skin itself was green, very much like the color of the pillow case that he wore or his dull grass colored eyes. "Master Severus is having someone at the door for him, sir," Jeremy said, his hands were playing with part of his pillowcase. Severus wasn't stupid. He knew that the elf was afraid of the cold dungeons which so happened to be where his father's lab was.  

The Snape heir stood after he bottled the finished potion. "Thank you, Jeremy. Now return to your work," Severus said in an oily tone. The elf bowed so his long ears nearly touched the ground before disappearing with a second pop!

Just as Severus considered cleaning up the mess he dismissed the thought and he ran a hand through his now greasy hair. He was defiantly going to shower as soon as Barty left. Severus carefully placed the new potion in his pocket and headed out of the door and down the hall until he reached a spiral staircase. The walls on the first floor of the manor were no different from how they looked on the floor that he had just come from.

It was covered with paintings of various members of his ancestors and but not of anyone that he could recognize without starring at the picture for hours on end. The only difference was that the bottom level had stone walls and all the others did not.

Severus placed one hand on the door and as he opened it he said, to the visitor, "You're lucky my father isn't back from his little business trip yet. I swear though, B.C if you took any longer I was going to-" Severus was cut short when he finally noticed that it wasn't Barty who was standing in the doorway but a smirking Lucius Malfoy was.

Lost for words all Severus could do was wait for Lucius to talk. "Hello, Severus," the sixth year Slytherin said. He forced his way in and looked about a bit, though his face showed that he wasn't at all interested in the manor.

"What do you want, Malfoy?" Severus sneered. The older boy had never been anything close to nice to him, and Severus wasn't about to start kissing up to him when he showed up unexpectedly at his house.

"You're a rather straight forward teen, aren't you, Snape?" Lucius said in a uninterested tone.  

"You may not know me very well but I'll be polite and inform you that I'm not one to repeat myself so either leave or state you reason for standing in front of the doorway," Severus said smoothly as he allowed the front door to close.

"Very well, Snape. I heard from a very reliable source that you were great with potions. Is that true?" asked Lucius, almost lazily.

Severus fought the erg to raise an eyebrow at the Malfoy. He couldn't be serious. There were probably dozens of professionals out there that Lucius could hire to make a simple potion for him and with only the snap of his fingers. There was some reason that Lucius would come to him, Severus Snape, when he knew that he wasn't going to get what he wanted very easily.

"It's true. Why?" Severus replied.

"I need a simple potion brewed actually and I've decided to just drop by and see for myself if the rumors at school are true," Lucius said. "And if they are you wouldn't mind taking on a challenge." Severus forgot his suspicion when Lucius said the words "a challenge" and he gave Lucius his full attention to show that he was listening.     

"Do you think you can attempt to make the Draught of Peace without blowing yourself up?" asked Lucius with a sneer.

Severus wanted to snort out loud and boast that he could make that any day but instead he pretended that this simple task interested him. "When o you need it?"

"The next time I see you is when I'll pick it up but until then good bye, Snape." Lucius left o the front door without offering any explanation as to what he was going to do with it.

"Malfoy trouble?" joked a voice from behind. Severus recognized it easily and said, spinning around to face him, "It's dangerous for you to just come right inside without being let in first."

"Ahhh, come on, Sev." Barty smirked as Severus flinched at the nickname. Severus wasn't surprised at his punk look that almost no one approved off. His muggle pants that he chose to wear instead of wizard robes were cut and patched up to make them look older than they were. His shirts were baggy and way to big for him. The only way he could recognize Barty was because of his crystal blue eyes that were showing from behind a pair of muggle sunglasses, his spiked, straw colored hair, and his arms (like always) were covered in too many things for Severus's liking (black leather arm bands and other creative, self-made items).    

"Please use my full first name in public and while we are at the manor. How many times must I say that before it sinks in?" Severus inquired, raising an eyebrow.

"Okay, okay," Barty said, holding his hands up for defence. "I'm sorry."

"I bet you didn't even have time to get me the ingredients I need."

Barty smiled sheepishly. Severus groaned in frustration and Barty jumped to his excuse, "I was busy! Plus it's daylight! I could easily get caught stealing at this time of day!"

"Just make sure you get them soon. I have to make a potion for Lucius Malfoy," said Severus.

"Severus, the potion's maker to all," Barty mused.

"Stuff it," snapped Severus. "You can't stay here long. Father will be home any minute and you know what will happen to me if he finds out that we're anything closer than wanting to rip out each other's throats."

"Yeah," sighed Barty. "I'll get those ingredients later, OK?"

"Just make sure you aren't seen when you drop them off," ordered Severus lightly.

Barty grinned as he clutched his medallion and showed it to Severus. "I won't be." With that he took off running in a blur of light and Severus knew that he was far away, most likely back at his house.


It was around mid-day when Severus was told to report to his father's study by Jeremy. His only guess as to why was that his father and mother was home. He wasn't looking forward to talking with his father but with his mother…that was definitely a different story.

Severus's relationship with his father was strictly adult-child and nothing more. The only time he was in the company of his father was when he was training or being forced to attend one of those parted where the adults showed off their children. It was like a dog show only more boring.

As he entered the study he bowed slightly at his mother who was sitting in an expensive chair across from his father. She nodded in approval then his father spoke. "Severus, we are going to the Malfoy Manor for a little- a get together should I say? We will be meeting with our Lord there so you'd better stay out of the way and behave. I will need you ready to go within the hour." Severus waited a bit longer unit his father dismissed him. "You may leave." Nodding as he left, Severus headed to his room.

He should have known. They were going to another show-Off-Your-Mutt and My-Family-Has-More-Influential-Power-Than-Yours party. But why tonight? He needed to complete the potion before he met up with Lucius Malfoy again. If they were going to the Malfoy Manor tonight then surely he would see Lucius.                  

"The next time I see you is when I'll pick it up…"

"Perfect," Severus said to himself as he entered his room. His eyes fell upon his bed where a bag sat alongside a small folded piece of paper. "You're a lifesaver, B.C," Severus said though he knew that Barty was long gone. He sat down on his bed and unfolded the card.

Dear Severus,

I heard about the party and wish you luck with surviving the night. Try not to get in your parents way like you did last time.

See You Soon,


Severus read the last three words with dread. See you soon. That could only mean trouble. If Severus hadn't known Barty that well he would have dismissed the words as nothing more than ink on paper but he did know Barty ad it meant that he was going to stop by again soon. Soon to him was within the same day.

"Please don't get us into trouble," Severus wished aloud.


In the cold stone room of an extremely old manor, passed the shadows made by the dull glowing of the many torches that lit the narrow hallways, a dark figure knelt; hi face was completely covered by a mask and a black cloak. Before the servant stood a tall man with jet black hair; he was wearing a expensive, velvet green robe that made his crimson eyes stand out.

"You're sure that this child is the one that we're after?" the man asked his lowly servant.

"Yes, My lord," replied the cold voice of Lucius Malfoy.

"And the trap has been set?"

"Yes, my lord."

"Then you may leave. I'll see you at tonight's little gathering," Voldemort said, an evil smile spreading across his face.

"You are much clever, master," Lucius praised the Dark Lord.

"That's enough, Lucius. Inform your father in the change of plans and the prepare the old room for our guest," ordered Voldemort.

"Yes, my lord," Lucius said with a bow. He got to his feet quickly before leaving the room in a rush.