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She catches the change in his breathing just before he opens his eyes, flinching as they adjust to the afternoon light. Without thinking she moves forward, placing her hand against his forehead , assuring herself his fever has not returned, and flinches herself when he speaks.

"Chris? Nathan?"

There is such certainty in his voice that it would be one or the other that she is momentarily silent, struck by the shameful knowledge that she's sent them away, and the even more shameful recognition that she is spitefully glad she's, done so. This is her son, her only son, the only thing she'd counted worth keeping, yet when he awakens dazed and befuddled, it is not she he asks for but those men.

His friends.

His Family.

Of which she is not a part.

And then Chris and Nathan are there, as if summoned by Ezra's waking call, and she finds herself shunted to the side as the latter checks his temperature and his pulse, and the former stands just over his shoulder, watching Ezra with those cold and depthless gunslinger eyes, so still, so poised, that she could not say for certain that he was even breathing.

A second later Josiah enters the room, takes one look ( his eyes resting briefly on her person, a line of worry forming between his brows) before breaking into a grin and heading back into the front room. She hears the door open, the raucous call of a wolf-whistle, and from somewhere outside Buck's joyous shout.

Josiah returns and she can hear first one, then two, and finally three pairs of feet pounding up the stairs to the clinic.

Closer to hand Nathan's holding three fingers up and asking Ezra how many. She hears her son answer seven and a half, sees Nathan smile and tell him that's close enough.

Suddenly the room is full of bodies, Buck and Vin and J.D. have joined them, and everyone 's clustered around Ezra, jockeying and touching and otherwise assuring themselves that he is there, that he is awake and okay.

It seems that they have forgotten her, something she can't remember happening ever before and doesn't imagine will continue much longer. There is too much between herself, her son, and these men for that to happen; not the least of which the fact that three of these men very nearly hate her and the fourth she's no longer as certain of as she once had been.