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One week, four days later-

Nigel buried his head in his hands. He was tired, his eyes hurt from too much work in not enough light, and the library mistress was glaring at him. He had absolutely no idea of what he had done wrong; there were only about four books on his desk, he was being very quiet, and had put away all of the books he had already used.

He stood up to check out the final two books he needed – it was almost closing time, and he couldn't be bothered to wait for the librarian to throw him out.

When he made it to the bus stop, Nigel sighed, and sat down on the bench. He pulled out his mobile phone and speed dialled number three – the Ancient Studies office at Trinity College.

No one answered, and after a few rings the recorded message played. "I'm sorry, but neither Professor Sydney Fox nor Nigel Bailey can come to the phone right now, but if you leave your name and number they will try and get back to you." It was Claudia's voice, and he twitched slightly as he heard his name spoken as though he still worked there.

Taking a deep breath, Nigel spoke into the phone, "Hey, Claudia, Sydney. I just... rang to see how you were getting along. And I feel a bit homesick. Silly, really, considering I am home. Have you filled my place yet? Because... never mind. Listen; don't blame yourself for not stopping me from leaving, Syd. I know you found the letter. I... well; I'm glad you did, really. It stopped a bit of the shock. It's not really as rewarding here as they make it out to be. I want to come back, Syd. Let me come back? Please?"

Nigel sniffed back a sob. He couldn't cry. That would just be pathetic. The phone beeped again to say it had finished recording and a second message came on. "If you want to re record your message, please press one. If you want to delete your message, press two."

Nigel sighed, and pressed the number two on the keypad. He didn't want Sydney and Claudia to hear that message.

There was a squeal of brakes, and the bus pulled to a halt beside him, the doors hissing open. Nigel turned the phone off and tucked it back in his pocket and climbed on board, slinging his backpack onto his shoulder, trying to ignore the feeling that in the last few days he had made an enormous mistake.

= = = = = = = = =

Ancient Studies office-

Sydney raced into her office, just in time to hear a message be deleted from the phone. Cursing, she pressed redial, but the phone at the other end had been turned off.

She slumped back into Claudia's chair, annoyed. Claudia was off with flu, which she had caught from Nigel, and the replacement should have arrived half an hour ago.

Gazing around the office Sydney suddenly realised just how empty the room was without Claudia and Nigel there, bantering and laughing. "Oh, Nigel. I wish you would come back... for all I know that could have been you on the phone there, and I could have just missed my only chance of talking with you. Please come back, Nigel."

= = = = = = = = =

Pitt Rivers Museum, a few hours later-

Nigel screwed up the piece of paper and threw it in the direction of the bin. It fell right into the basket – quite a good shot, considering it was taken over his shoulder about three metres away. Mind you, he had had quite a bit of practice over the last few hours.

Sighing, he put down his pen, and muttered aloud, "Why can't I write this stupid letter? All I need to say is that I made a bad choice, and I want to come back to Trinity. That's all. Simple. Shut up Nigel, start the letter.

Ten minutes after that, Nigel ended his letter with a pleased flourish. Sealing and addressing the envelope, he stood up and made his way to the museum post box. Only seconds after he had posted the letter, a thought struck him.

'Why can't I just go and turn up? They can always tell me to go away, and I think I might have left something there anyway... lets see, I think my hat has gone missing, I had better go there and see if I can find it.'

Satisfied that he had a watertight explanation of why he was back in his old office, Nigel grabbed his laptop bag off the floor and his jacket off the chair, then marched out the door, determined to not come back until he had at least apologised to Sydney and Claudia.

= = = = = = = = =

Ancient Studies office a day later-

Sydney glared at Claudia. "Send the next one in!" Claudia nodded and poked her head round the door to the waiting room.

At her call, a solidly built young man walked through the door and took the seat in front of Sydney. "Hi there. I'm Tommy. I have an A-level in religion, one in history, another in ancient history, focussing on the third and fourth dynasties of ancient Egypt."

Sydney nodded. "Nice array of qualifications, Tommy. Where have you worked before?"

"Uh... I worked with a Californian professor of Archaeology for three years, then with the Royal Nevada University for another two years."

"How many languages can you speak?"

"Uh... Old and Middle Gaelic, ancient and modern Egyptian, and a little Spanish."

"Thanks. I'll ring you if I need you for a second interview." They shook hands, and the brief interview was over.

Claudia led Tommy out of the office as Sydney slumped back into her chair, fed up. When the younger woman returned, Sydney spoke in a quiet, sad voice. "Claudia, I don't think anyone here is as good as Nigel was. Most of the men are only here because... well, because they like the looks of us, and want to be famous. The women only want to be up there on the podium, and only have a basic study of anything we need. How on earth are we going to find anyone to replace him? Maybe I could just go and beg him to come back. That might work."

Claudia joined her, flopping down in the interview chair. "No, Syd, I don't think it would. And you know that. If Nigel wants it back, he'll want to come of his own accord, not because you asked him to."

"Stop out-thinking me. It's depressing." Claudia laughed, and Sydney sat up straighter in the chair. "Call the next one in, would you? The sooner we carry on, the sooner we can get this over and done with."

Claudia nodded, and peered round the door. "Next!" Then she frowned, and walked round the corner, out of Sydney's hearing.

A few minutes later, she returned, and let the applicant into the office. Sydney jumped to her feet, crying, "Nigel! You're back! Didn't you like it there? Are you just here for a visit? Are you going to stay?" Claudia slipped away, realising that the two Relic hunters might like a few minutes to themselves.

Nigel took a step back. When Sydney finally stopped talking, he stared at her for a few moments, then sat down and buried his head in his hands.

"Nigel? What's wrong?" Sydney knelt down beside him and put a hand over his shoulders. "Are you hurt?"

"No, no, nothing like that. It's... it's just that I missed you so goddamned much that I'm back here, begging for my job back. I loved it there, at first. So quiet and sedate, and plenty of books... but them I hear two people arguing, and it reminds me of Claudia, and then I see a girl in a martial artist's kit, and that's you, Syd, and I had to come back. Have you filled my job yet?"

"Nigel, there's no one here with even half as much experience as you. I need you back, or I'll never get any work done. Plus, me and Claudia miss you."

"You do?"

"Nigel! Of course we miss you! You're intelligent, you have a sense of humour, you don't mind getting thrown about... If you're sure about coming back, you have the job right here, right now. You do want to come back, don't you?"


"Then you're hired. Glad to have you back, Nigel." Sydney turned Nigel to face her, and slowly pulled him into an embrace. She mumbled into his shoulder, "I missed you, too."

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The end.