Short Merry and Pippin light-hearted adventure, told in poetry form, from
Merry's point of view.


Pippin and I sneaked out fishing one night,
But with no success, not a fish in sight.
The water still, the bait was wriggling,
But as for the fish, they just weren't nibbling.
I close my eyes tight, and I try, and I wish,
And just at that moment, I spy a fish.
"Pippin!" I cried "A fish, look just there!"
We sit very still, we wait and we stare.
"Please take the bait, come on!" Pippin said,
But it seems that the fish had already been fed.
Away from our lines it started to swim,
"Come back!" Pippin cried, and promptly fell in.
Spluttering and splashing, he's soaking and wet,
I'm laughing and calling "You catch the fish yet?"
No answer from Pippin, he knew just what to do,
He grabs hold of my line, and pulls me in too!
It's dark in the water, the moon shines above,
He gives me a splash and I give him a shove.
"What shall we do? We're not supposed to be out
If she finds wet clothes my mama will shout."
I pull myself out till I'm back on dry land,
Then reach back behind to give Pippin a hand.
"Don't worry Pip, we'll be dry by the morning"
We set back off home, sighing and yawning.
Early next day I heard my mum scream
For she'd pulled a fish out of my trouser seam!
"Look Merry!" Yelled Pippin "It's the fish from last night!
It's given your mum such a terrible fright!"
"You sneaked out last night?" my mum angrily said
"Then you'll miss out on supper and go straight to bed."
Sent up to bed, my friend Pippin and me
While the rest of my family hand fish cakes for tea!

Bit different to what you have all come to expect from me, but hey, I quite
like it. Decided to post this today to wish you all happy February 29,
which I can only do every 4 years, and also to say "Happy Birthday to me!"
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