Note: I have added a new character and I don't like the Proluge that I origanally was going to put up So I'll just tell you about this character. His name is Michael Ethan Knight and he is the only son of Theressa and Chris Knight. His siters are Snid and Mian Knight. That's all I'm going to tell you for right now. So with out further adu let the story begin!!

The lone mutant Wolverine lay awake in the dead of night. He had been tossing and turning for hours on end. He got out of bed and began to pace the floor.

"Things have been slow lately. Maybe, this is my chance to tell her? Then again how is she going to react? I don't want to upset her but she needs to know. Man, I should have told her the first time she ran into Sabertooth." Wolverine sighed.

"Tomorrow." He concluded as he climed back into bed and turned the lap out.

"Tomorrow, I will tell her every thing she needs to know."

Logan had only been asleep for a few hours when he was woken up by Andi and Mian. The two girls came barging into his room.

"Uncle Logan." Andi and Mian said in a panic. That was about the only thing he could understand. The girls were talking so fast that it was making his head spin. Logan stood up and threw some blue jean pants on. He didn't bother to change his under shirt.

"Whoa girls. Slow your yappin' down and one at a time. Andi you first. What's going on?"

"There's a weird looking space ship in the danger room! Mian Mickey and I were going to practice but when we got to the danger room we saw a weird looking space ship. It evidently crash landed."

"Where's Mickey? He wasn't stupid enough to stay down there was he?" Logan asked.

"No." Mian replied. "He wanted to but Andi and I dragged him up here. He went to wake mom and dad."

"Andi get Jean, Scott, and Storm. Mian go tell your parents to meet me in the danger room."

"Can I come?" Andi asked.

"No!" Wolverine said.

"Why not?" Mian wined.

"Because we don't know what is down there. Secondly we don't know what kind of people are on that ship. For all we know you two could represent an enemy of theirs. I don't want to see you girls get hurt. So the answer is no. Now go do what I told you to do."

Andi ran across the hall to Jean and Scott's room then to Storm's room. Mian went to her mother's room to tell her and her dad where to meet Logan. Mian opened her parents' door and saw Mikie standing in front of Theressa and Chris. Her mom was dressed in blue jeans and a black tank top. Chris was in jeans and an undershirt.

"Did you tell her Mikie?" Mian asked as she came into the room.

"Yeah." Mikie replied.

"Mom, Uncle Logan says that he wants you and dad to meet him in the danger room. Andi is getting Uncle Cyke, Auntie Jean and Auntie O." Mian informed her parents and younger brother.

"We were just headed that way." Chris said as he and Theressa walked out of the room. Mikie started to follow when Theressa stopped him.

"Michael you stay here." Theressa told her son.

"But mom Andi and Mian get to go."

"No we don't. Uncle Logan told us to stay here too. You guys better get going." Mian said.

"We're as good as gone." Theressa said as she closed the door behind them.