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(The Author's Notes):
I've like to give thanks to Squaresoft for Chain of Memories, a KH game soon to be released, and for the concept of the 'heart'. I also give the following for inspiration: Final Fantasy, my history teacher, my school, Shaman King, Dan Brown (Author of "the Da Vinci Code"), my friends and their hidden roles in this story, CLAMP, and the music world for their awesome songs.

Any references to California are true, but the school is entirely fictional. :P

Chapter 1 Stats: Revised (x 1)

Chains of Memories

By Dragon of Courage

Death, Rebirth

A wretched blue figure appeared into dim light emitted by nothingness. The body was in shambles with broken hydraulics and missing chunks of pieces.

Cold…it's too cold…

She was wrapped in heavy pitch-black chains. She was falling, falling forever in the abyss of darkness and insane torture of sadness and loneliness. She was still in shock from her latest defeat. A defeat so drastic, it killed her.

I-I can't feel anything…

She was unprepared for this new chaos over her island. She couldn't find the weakness; neither can she rid herself of something that she committed everyday.

"Gali…" A voice echoed.

Her dim yellow eyes opened. Her face was gray for her proud mask was ripped into shredded metal as she was caught in crossfire to defeat this new malice.

"Wha-?" She wheezed. She had not spoken for a long time.

The same voice responded, "Gali…"

"Yes?" Her voice was firm.

A beam of light shot through the darkness and engulfed the mangled body. The pitch-black chains responded by tightening their grips on their prisoner. She gave a cry of pain.

"Oh, Gali. You have suffered so much."

"Mata-Nui?" She queried, barely holding on to her sanity.

"I am no Mata-Nui. Rather of a lesser being, Gali."

"What do you want of me? I must be alone in my sufferings and pain."

"All I ask of you…is for a second chance."

"What? A second chance?" Her eyes flew open in surprise.

"A second chance of living once more…becoming a living being."

"A living being? What is the catch?" Gali knew that in every deal, there was always a consequence.

"You acknowledged the death of your other brethren, right?"

"Yes," she sighed in sadness.

"All I ask of you is to find their souls."

"What? Where?"

"In living world, Gali."

"But-I can't do this alone!"

"You'll have new friends. They will help you." The light shimmer as the darkness started to seep through the beam. Her chains glowed a brilliance of white light and fell to pieces. Butterflies bloomed from the broken chains and fluttered around her as she started to change.

"What's this?" Gali looked at her hand as its twisted blue metal changed into a softer, organic material. The color paled into a semi-tan color. Her arms followed suit in this transformation.

"It is only a mere power of metamorphosis."

She brought her hands to her face as she felt her head growing smaller and softer. Hair fell through the gaps of her formed fingers.

Then the changes stopped.

She opened her eyes and looked at herself. Gali wore a white cloak over her pure white dress. Her aquamarine hair dangled near her hips. She was completely different. The girl had been reincarnated into a whole new creature.

Gali was amused by the fragility of her hands, but her mind was clustered with questions.

"Who am I?"

"You are you, Gali, as a mere human teenager but with great potential."

"…why must I change?"

"The world where your friend's souls are in is not your own."

"But- how?"

"You'll have new friends. They will help you."

Gali smiled at this newfound hope. A butterfly of white radiance landed on her delicate finger and then dispersed into sky blue particles. Suddenly, her body jerked as something rumbled. The seeping darkness broke through the tunnel of light. The voice became urgent as it faded to nothingness.

"Hurry, Gali. The way out of death is receding. You must follow the light and always remember this at any cost…"

The girl broke into a run in panic as the dark swirls shot themselves at the girl. She saw an opening of great brilliance and leaped into it.

"…Your heart is your final weapon."

Gali woke up, sweating. Delirious, she sat up and looked at her white surroundings. The respirator beeped in its little corner and she was confused. She smelled a scent of sterility dispersed about the room. The girl looked at a mirror positioned at the opposite wall. Her entire hair was aquamarine, with hints of light blonde. Bangs drooped over her unrecognizable face. "What a rather interesting style," she thought.

Then she peered closer and saw bright eyes, eyes like color of the morning sun and intense as an owl.


Memories of this new life passed through her like a current in the ocean. People. Many people she knew so well. Her memories were mixed feelings. Some expressed joy and some of sorrow, hatred, and loneliness. Gali wondered. What did she do to deserve such loneliness?

The memories of this former past were clouded, but then she heard a loud cry echoing in her ear.

…Gali stood on the battlefield. Only she and the toa of fire were left. Her spirit was burden and drained from the earlier deaths of her friends. The atmosphere on Mata-Nui was intense, and her life, friends, everything fell apart like a poor built hut.

She looked onwards at the ominous clouds streaked with blue lightning. The toa of water heard a scream of anguish as the red figure beside her leapt towards the dark mass and shot a massive tornado of raging inferno at it…

"Mata-Nui…" Gali had nearly forgotten her past as the toa. She gazed at her pale, soft hands with long firm fingers, contrasting on the white bed sheets, and sighed, "What did I do to deserve this life."

The scream of anger had haunted her in the afterlife of torture. The anger itself had told her that all morality was lost on her beloved land, only fear and hate thrived there now. She had wondered what had happened to him. After she died, he was the last.

Now, she started anew, a new life and a new identity. There was a new quest for her out there. She had to find her comrades. Or die trying.

"My name… is Gali Nubano."


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