Ghost Story –Prolouge: The Awakening

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POV: Kagome Higurashi


My name is or was Kagome Higurashi. I was an average fifteen year old girl. Some might say I had a perfect life. My boyfriend was the hottest and richest boy in school. My parents were stinking rich. Some even said I was beautiful.

Well I think raven hair and chocolate-brown eyes is normal, not beautiful. I'm not saying this in a bragging sort of way but guys were after me, regardless of the fact that I had a rich, youkai, boyfriend.

You heard me. Youkai. My boyfriend was an especially strong youkai. Not to mention an Inu youkai and I had a weakness for dogs. His name was Sesshoumaru. Just thinking of him makes my heart flutter.

I just wish I could hold him in my hands once more. Well I think I will end my life's story here. So you see I had a perfect life, perfect boyfriend, and overall beauty. Why do I always use terms such as "had" and "was" instead of "has" and "is"??

The answer to that is I am dead. D-e-a-d. Dead. I've been dead for the past one hundred years. Do you think a hundred years ago there were no schools and mansions? There were. One hundred years ago was the year two thousand.

Now it's two thousand one hundred and I'm still dead. Dead as a door nail. I had my fantasies that I would come back from the dead and join my beloved Sesshoumaru. He would most likely be the same since he was a youkai and they could live long.

I bet anything you're wondering just how I died. Everyone's curious about how the death occurred. Every spirit I've met is full of stories and gruesome details on how he or she passed away.

As for me, I don't usually just randomly bring up my death. But today I just happen to feel like it. So just sit back and relax and listen to my story. It'll be over in a few minutes.


Kikyou stood behind Kagome and watched her brush her raven hair. Kagome looked at Kikyou's reflection in the mirror. Her eyes seemed so cold as she stared down at Kagome. Kagome sometimes felt uncomfortable in her older sister's presence.

Ever since Kagome had gotten with Sesshoumaru, Kikyou had been acting especially strange. Kagome knew Kikyou had loved Sesshoumaru and when she tried to explain how sorry she was for taking the heart of her beloved Kikyou didn't stick around to listen.

Instead Kikyou just followed Kagome like she was her shadow or something. Always there never leaving her be. Couldn't Kikyou get over the fact that Kagome had won and she had lost?

Kagome put the brush down and turned around to face Kikyou. She opened her mouth to speak and instead she came face to face with the front of a gun. Kagome's eyes widened in terror. She looked up at Kikyou.

Kikyou had her finger on the trigger and she was glaring down on Kagome coldly. "You took him away, you selfish bitch. I loved him with all my heart and soul. Suddenly you come in and think you can get away with having him?"

Kagome didn't respond for a moment. She stared forward into the gun. She could jus barely see the silver bullet, ready to shoot forward and into her skull. Unexpectedly to Kikyou, Kagome began to smirk.

Kagome's hands were folded calmly and settled on her lap. She didn't seem like she was going to struggle though if she tried Kikyou would pull the trigger.

Kagome spoke. "You can't kill me. You'll only be brought to court and tried for murder and then you'll sulk away in jail. Sesshoumaru will never love you. He'll hate you for murdering his girlfriend. I may be the selfish bitch to you but to him you'll be the bi—"

Kagome never finished her sentence as Kikyou pulled the trigger with angry tears streaming down her eyes and the bullet shot straight into Kagome's skull, instantly killing her and shutting her up too.


My sister murdered me. That's the truth. When I told this story to other people their reactions were always the same: I was the one to blame for my own death.

Pft they're all punks. They don't know what they're saying. I deserved Sesshoumaru and Kikyou just didn't. She was a brat to murder me.

So what do you think? Am I the one to blame or is it Kikyou? Some spirits even said Sesshoumaru was to blame for coming in between our sisterly bond. Ha what sisterly bond? Kikyou and I had always hated eachother.

Actually I can't even recall why I tried to tell her I was sorry for stealing her man. What happened to Kikyou you may ask? She got what she deserved. She didn't get sent to jail though. She would've if Sesshoumaru hadn't gotten to her first.

Sesshoumaru brutally murdered Kikyou and I was there to watch. I stood beside Sesshoumaru as his claws dug into Kikyou's flesh and tore her into bits and pieces.

I wasn't sure if Sesshoumaru sensed me or not. He most likely did though because when he was done I felt as if he was staring directly at me as his claws dripped with blood and both anger and pain shown in his eyes.

Sesshoumaru closed up after my death. He became cold and heartless to everyone and anyone. But I stayed with him. I watched over him. I was there when Sesshoumaru's younger brother I had never met came to town and had decided to live with Sesshoumaru and the family.

I watched Inuyasha too. He wasn't like Sesshoumaru. He had the same eyes and hair color but they just weren't alike. Inuyasha was more stubborn and hard headed. He didn't control his temper very well.

I wasn't and still am not font of Inuyasha. He doesn't bother to care about Sesshoumaru's past with me. He doesn't even want to hear about me.

Inuyasha doesn't know my name nor does he care to find out. When he heard about Sesshoumaru's tragic love life he couldn't care less.

I wanted to claw his eyes out or yank those annoying doggie ears off his head. I loath Inuyasha. I despise him. All in all I hate his guts. As much as I hate Kikyou. Speaking of Kikyou she's trapped in the fiery depths of Hell.

I don't know how I wound up in Heaven. I honestly don't think I'm the angel. I'm more in between.

Back to Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha. They both attend Jidai High (A/N: this has nothing to do with my fic, Jidai High) and won the hearts of many girls.

Inuyasha was a player. He at least slept with one each night then moved on to some other whore. But Sesshoumaru was worse. He actually found another girl to replace me.

The bitch's name was Rin. When Sesshoumaru asked her out on a date I screamed my lungs out. Unfortunately no one heard me save the other spirits but they didn't seem to care.

Rin, I had to admit, looked like me. Same eyes same hair. She just wasn't as rich as I was and she didn't have an evil sister. This girl was an only child and oozed of light, perkiness, kindness, and she was just.. an angel.

That's what Sesshoumaru calls her. His little angel. How disgusting can you get? First he stuffs the memories of our happy dates down the toilet and then he runs off with some hyperactive girl who stole my looks?

I guess you can call me a tormented soul. My heart is broken and it isn't exactly mending. Sesshoumaru had gotten with Rin two weeks ago. Ever since then I haven't been the same.

Now I have more longing to return to the real world. My ghostly hands balled up into fists as I glared at Sesshoumaru.

I sat beside him at a fancy restaurant on his date with Rin. Rin sat on his other side. I glared at both of them.

I wanted them to suffer and burn along with Kikyou in Hell. Tears spilled down my cheeks as Rin and Sesshoumaru began to make out.

Sesshoumaru's arms were wrapped tightly around Rin's shoulders and he was kissing her roughly and almost hungrily as if he wanted to suck the life out of her. If he sucked the life out of her I could torture her.

To me it looked like the two were going to mate right then and there. So I left. I flew through the doors and walls.

I didn't feel like returning to the clouds. Suddenly it began to rain. Of course I didn't feel it. I held my hand out and watched as the raindrops fell right through my hand.

I gazed at it sadly. I closed my eyes and let more hot tears leak down. I sobbed loudly but there was no one there to comfort me.

I opened my eyes and looked at the dark clouds. "Why can't I be held or touched? Why can't I return?" I sobbed out.

I whispered to myself as I bowed my head. "Why can't I feel the rain or smell my favorite food? Why can't I be heard?"

My hand fell to my side. I flew down to the ground and stood there in the unfeeling rain. I closed my eyes and closed off to the world.

I just stood there feeling sorry for myself which absolutely wasn't like me. Suddenly I was greeted by a voice. I can't describe the voice for I couldn't determine it. It didn't sound like a male or a female. I know it sounds odd to hear a voice like that.

The voice spoke in broken sentences that were hard to comprehend. "Life.... Birth..... chances.... Return.... Complete....."

"What are you saying?" I opened my eyes but of course no one was there. "... become." The voice disappeared.

I blinked. What was that all about? I sighed. I might as well go back home. I looked down at my jeans. "Oh geeze.." I grumbled. My jeans were soaking wet and my hair was slapping against my face as the cold wind greeted me.

I shivered. Why did it have to be so cold? I sneezed. I was probably going to catch pneumonia. I urged my body to fly upward. To my surprise my body didn't move. "Oh come on!" I groaned.

I spoke to the sky. "Its raining and I'm cold and soaking wet! Give me a break—"

I paused and listened to what I just said. I was cold and soaking wet. I was feeling the rain. I was shivering from the cold breeze.

I was wearing jeans and plain normal clothes instead of my white robes that I had been forced to wear since I died. My clothes. It was the same as the night I had died. I was wearing jeans and a black tank top.

I couldn't believe this. How was I feeling? Was I .... The air rushed past me and the sky seemed to spin as I fell to the ground.

Everything turned to darkness. I was alive.. !

Apparently I was about to sink into unconsciousness from the shock of being alive aga-- ........