Ghost Story – Chapter 5: Scented Candles

(Disclaimer: see prologue.)

POV: Rin


An hour. It had been an hour since Kyoko left and it had been an hour since I called Sesshou-kun and asked him to come over. What could these people be doing?

I got up from the futon and put on my coat. Kyoko had walked so I'm sure I'll bump into her. I grabbed my cell phone and stepped out of the apartment.

I rubbed my shoulders. Oh Kami it was cold! I dialed Sesshoumaru's number as I walked. "Sesshou-kun?"

"Hai Rin?"

"Ano… where are you?" I heard the sound of a cha-ching! in the background. "I'm at a liquor store." I almost fell over. "Dooshite?! (A/N: why?)" Sesshoumaru chuckled. "Just picking up something."

"At a liquor store???" This didn't seem like a Sesshoumaru thing to do. "I'll call you when I leave," he said and hung up. I blinked. Well whatever then. I put away the phone and realized I was nearing the homeless.

I regretted forgetting to bring my wallet tonight. These people deserved something during the holiday. I almost tripped over a woman lying right in the middle of the sidewalk.

"Oh dear, let me help you up!" I took the woman's shoulders and was about to turn her over when she did it herself. I gasped.

"Kyoko-chan what on Earth were you doing??!!!" I had mistaken her as a homeless person! She grumbled something incoherent.

"I beg your pardon?" I tilted my head. She sighed. "I was looking for my contact." I immediately looked down at the floor. "Oh no! I wasn't aware you wore contacts! Here let me help you…"


POV: Kagome

Talk about naïve. For one thing, did I seriously look like someone who'd get on their hands and knees and look for a missing contact?

Apparently that description fit Rin. I merely stared at her as she actually fumbled around for a contact that wasn't even there. The sight was simply pathetic.

Not to mention amusing.

A good ten minutes had passed when I finally decided it was enough. Rin was whimpering. "I can't find it anywhere!" she sat at her heels. "I'm so sorry Kyoko-chan…"

I shook my head. "Lets go. I'm freezing my ass off." I began walking back towards the apartment. It would seem I'd be trapped there. Ugh.

Maybe I'll get lucky and there'll be a fire.


"He'll be here soon. He just called actually. He's on his way. Ooh I can't wait 'til you two meet!" Rin was ecstatic. Introducing me to someone I know all too well really brought a smile to her face.

Then again she didn't know I was Sesshoumaru's dead, ex-girlfriend. Of course, I wasn't exactly dead anymore. My face was red from shock and from something else that I couldn't quite determine.

How do I weasel out of this? I looked around nervously. "Um… Rin I'm really tired from tonight's events. You know, meeting you, losing my contact (I winced at this), deciding to move in… would it be alright if I just overlook this meeting?"

Rin didn't even hesitate to answer. "Oh my, of course!! I'm sorry I should've thought you'd be exhausted. I'm so stupid, forgive me! Well I'm sure you'd like some privacy so why don't you rest in my room while Sesshoumaru and I chat out here?"

I nodded and made my way to her room. She called out, "Kyoko would you please light the scented candle in my room? I just love the smell of cherry blossoms."


POV: Sesshoumaru

I knocked on the door after shushing away the limo driver. Why had the nut followed me anyway?

The door unlocked and Rin stepped out. "Sesshou-kun!" she squealed. She wrapped her small arms around my shoulders and tiptoed to give me a sweet kiss.

It was quick and didn't give me time to return it. "Come in, come in," she said cheerfully. I stepped inside her small apartment as she closed the door behind me. I was immediately bombarded with the smell of cherry blossoms.

"What the hell?" I muttered under my breath. "Rin, where's your roommate?" I eyed the futon. It was decorated with pillows and comforters.

Rin was shuffling about behind me. "Oh Kyoko? She's resting in my room." I looked towards the end of the hall where Rin's room was.

The door was shut but it failed to hide the fact that the scent was definitely coming from there. I thought back to the incident at home.

Rin didn't keep a painting or picture of my half-brother's disgusting mother. Rin appeared by my side.

"It smells nice, doesn't it?" She smiled gently. I nodded. Images of Kagome flooded my mind.

Rin took a seat on the futon. "It's a new scented candle that I keep in my room now." I had to rest a hand on the wall to keep from falling over… hard.

I sat down beside Rin on the futon. "I see… well, will I be meeting this Hirayami-san tonight?" Rin shook her head.

"I doubt it; Perhaps some other time. Sorry for calling you over here for nothing." She bowed her head and wrung her fingers. I reached out with my clawed finger and lifted her face up by her chin.

"Have I told you you apologize too much?"

She nodded dumbly. I smirked and kissed her for all my life's worth, ignoring the sound of the bedroom door shutting.