A/N - This is a cookie written for my girlfriend, (Filia here at the Pit of Voles). She discovered the incredible cuteness of Momiji and demanded a cookie from me after winning a bet, I think. I believe a condition was that it include an apple. It'll be short, pointless, somewhat nonsensical, and it's a one-shot. Enjoy, E-chan!

I do not own Furuba, though sometimes I wish I did.

Teru-Teru Ringo!

Momiji was sad. No one wanted to run around and play with him: Kisa was off with her family, Yuki and Shigure were out, Hatori was on a doctor's visit, and Kyou had made it very clear that he didn't want to play. Momiji's head still smarted a bit from that.

He skipped through the yard at Shigure's house to see if Tohru happened to be around. When he got there, she was hanging laundry. He snuck up on the other side of a sheet and jumped, giving her an enormous hug, totally oblivious to the consequences for a member of the Juunishi.

Tohru squeaked and fell backwards, alarmed by the sudden appearance of a ghost in her laundry. She froze as the ghost appeared to lunge for her, and thought as it landed on her, It's so light! Well, it would be, if it were a ghost! Ahhh, it fell on top of me! Help! She was about to scream for help when she noticed that only one part of the sheet was moving. She lifted it gingerly, and saw a tiny rabbit nose peeking out. She pulled off the sheet and smiled when she saw rabbit-Momiji sitting on her stomach, blinking in the sunlight.

"Tohru-kun!" He shouted and bounced off her stomach to the ground. "Play with meeeee!"

"Gomen, Momiji," she said. "I have to do all this laundry and some of the cleaning today, so I don't have much time to play. Isn't there anyone around to play with?"

"No," Momiji said with a rabbit-frown. "The only one around is Kyon, and he hit me!"

"Oh! None of your friends from school, either? It's summer vacation," she said.

"No, they're all on trips or doing other things. I need something to do!" Momiji whined.

"Oh, that's so sad!" Tohru cried, picking him up and hugging him. "Well, I'll be done in a little while, do you think you can amuse yourself until then?"

"Hai," Momiji said, unconvincingly. She put him down, and he bounded off into the woods to look for interesting things.

He was hopping around, sniffing at trees and flowers, listening to the wind blow through the leaves, when suddenly he saw it.

An apple.

Not just an apple, but a bright red one with a green leaf coming off the top of it. It was perfectly round, as though it were made to be rolled around by someone his size. He pushed it with his nose, and off it rolled. He pushed it back to the house and flopped over onto his back, holding the apple on his tummy and nibbling at it while he watched Tohru finish her work. He sang his song, softly, as she cleaned:

Yuhi you yamani

Teru-Teru Momiji

Kaeru yatokage ga


Koi no arai go

Tabu no ko umani

Yuhi you yamani

Teru-Teru Momiji

Kaeru yatokage ga


He was so absorbed in nibbling on the apple and singing that he didn't notice at all when he changed back into human form. Only a scandalized shriek from Tohru, who was blushing like mad, reminded him, and he quickly hopped back into his clothes. He ran over and smiled at her.

"Tohru-kun! Want a bite of my apple?" He held it out to her, completely oblivious to her discomfiture, and grinned widely.

A/N - A translation for the lyrics to Momiji's song is available on animelyrics.com.