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Summary: Short angsty/romantic fluff. TalimxYunsung

In Your Arms


I barely know you, yet you have left me more scars than all I have accumulated in the years before. I would make my way back to you, if my path was unshattered. It is as though I am gazing through a wall of glass, your face on the other side. When I see you, it's like every one else evaporates and it's just me and you. You turn away and the world goes back to normal, I go back to smiling. I look at you over the fire, through the rain, through all my hurt.
My friends hate you for the hurt you have caused me, but I can't bear to see you punished. Not even if it is because you broke me. I see other talk to me, try and flirt, but I only think of you. You are my Nirvana, but you are also my Hell. You are all the beauty and love I could want, but you are the roaring flame that consumes my soul. My love for you is unrequited.
Hold me. Love me. Need me. Want me. I would hold you. I love you. I need you. I want you. I would give everything and more to be in your arms again, to have you hold me one last time.